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Brooklyn, NY – Aug 1, 2019 – If you’re looking for a full-service solution package to protect your business from the damaging effects of fire, then you need to dip into the experience offered by the experts at A&J Fire Extinguisher.
The Brooklyn, New York-based company – – is one of the few around the city to offer not just the right fire extinguishers, but the right advice on everything from licensed inspections to repairs and maintenance services.
Everything that guards your property, assets and, in some cases, life are covered from fire.
“Our technicians have the experience and knowledge database to outfit the proper equipment and placement for maximum protection,” commented an A&J press officer.
“We provide a comprehensive report explaining all the relevant information with clarity after every installation. Our focus is always to provide a quality service.”
A&J Fire Extinguisher is one of the first companies to utilize a digital tracking/reporting system. “This system manages everything from asset placement, scheduling, and managing of monthly and annual inspections,” the spokesperson added..
“This ensures we keep track of all clients’ fire extinguishers at their properties for the duration of its lifetime. And they will know exactly what was done and why.”
The company also works hand in hand with the Fire Department New York (FDNY) and local fire departments to ensure equipment is always covered and in service.
Their service ( also extends to keeping track of all clients’ fire extinguisher equipment and scheduled maintenance regularly. The spokesman commented: “Fire department inspectors visit periodically to ensure all extinguishers are installed lawfully and have been serviced within the specific period.
“We maintain fire extinguishers and will never let them fall out of service as they must be maintained in a state of readiness, so you don’t needlessly accrue violations them being out-of-date.”
They are also licensed and approved to run exhaustive tests on fire extinguishers, such as hydrostatic testing, as well as offering extensive insurance policies on projects no matter how large they are.
“We are also well versed in offering refills for empty extinguishers, so bringing them back into a productive life.”
They are also uniquely placed to offer rental options for events in the NYC area, and all the signage, such as those for fire extinguishers, OHSA Compliance and safety signage.
The company, which is also industry-accredited with several associations, is available for free quotes. So give them a call (718) 852-2762 or 718-831-6514, or email them at for further information.