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Quality and Manufacturing Consultants Guberman-PMC believe in putting their all into showing support for their clients whenever needed, even more so during a stressful time like a Customer Audit. They are the rare firm where even the CEO is available seven days a week.

New York, NY – USA, July 19, 2019 — There’s a certain irony in the fact that the quality consulting industry has many companies, with a lack of concern with the quality of support they provide, stacked on top of thin ethics. Daryl Guberman ( has over 30 years working in the world of quality and take a completely different approach, He is the Founder and CEO of Guberman-PMC, LLC, Quality and Manufacturing Consulting experts who recently celebrated the fact that their United States-based, registered and certified, patriotic firm makes its professional team, including Guberman himself, available to clients whenever needed seven days a week, This benefit and willingness to prove Guberman-PMC has ìskin in the gameî is discussed in the latest Guberman-PMC video, ìG-PMC Supports Customers During Customer Auditsî (, that can be seen on YouTube, a platform Guberman has used to educate both businesses and individuals on the need to make wise, ethical decisions on who they use for their Quality certification needs.

ìI have been on the other end of things and been disappointed myself when turning to a Quality Consultant so I knew when we launched Guberman-PMC over eight years ago, I would never attach my family name to something with such disregard for clients,î commented Guberman, ìWe want our customers to know we are there for them and can be trusted to provide next-level support and service when they need us most, even if it is on a Sunday.î

Guberman-PMC offers Quality Consulting that covers areas like ISO 9001 ñ Quality Management System; ISO 16949 ñ Automobile Related Products; ISO 14001 ñ Environmental Management System; ISO 13485 ñ Medical Devices; AS 9100 Rev C ñ Aerospace Industry; GMP 2015 ñ Good Manufacturing Practices; VOB 9009 ñ Veteran-Owned Business; CWOB 9009 ñ Woman-Owned Business; MOSB 9009 ñ Minority-Owned Small Business; ARM 9009 ñ Firearms and Armoring Systems; CAN 9009 ñ Medical Cannabis Testing; and many more.

The consulting firm is happy to offer a free ten-minute phone consultation to discuss ISO compliance or certification, or any other needs a company may have that Daryl Guberman and Guberman-PMC could help meet. An appointment can be made by calling 203-556-1493 or sending an email to

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