June 27, 2019 — ChristianSteven Software is proud to announce the new release of its powerful automation tool for MS Access – MARS Version 7.0 Build 20190612. This version provides performance enhancements along with software fixes to boost your performance and productivity. With MARS 7.0.20190612 on your side, business intelligence and data analytics become easier than ever before.

Reelase notes:

– Annual Service Release
– Additional performance improvements & minor bug fixes

About MARS Automation For MS Access

MARS is a business-intelligence tool that integrates with the world’s leading database – Microsoft Access – to deliver important insights in real time. Its automation and scheduling features help you to act upon data as it’s gathered, rather than missing out on opportunities by waiting too long. MARS parses data from your Microsoft Access databases and sends scheduled reports per your requirements.

Leran more and download the latest release by visiting https://go.christiansteven.com/ms-access-reports-query-macro-automation-scheduler-mars .