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Infinity Energy Solutions helps builders get rating services who verifies that the home meets Residential Energy Services Network (RESNET) standards. Once a builder is done with the construction, the final findings of the building are then sent for approvals. Only once everything meets the required standards, the inspection team officially certifies a Home Energy Rating System (HERS) Index Rating in Florida to a house.

The HERS Index is the industry standard wherein the home energy efficiency is measured by third-party inspectors. It is a nationally recognized system to inspect and calculate the energy performance of a house. It can help an occupant know about the house he is living in, measure its efficiency and work on modifications if required to make the house energy efficient. This helps in greater energy savings by the owner. The HERS Index Score can vary from the basic rating shown in the base plan. It depends on the changes you have made on the relevant home plan, including changes done in the interior as well as the exteriors of your house. It also includes appliances, location, orientation as well as the manner in which the house is built.

At Infinity Energy Solutions, a certified Home Energy Inspector assesses the energy efficiency of a house, while accordingly assigning a relative performance score. To know more about the service, you can visit their website: