Car repair and customization businesses can turn to Dover-based JMC Equipment for all high- quality automotive equipment that they need.

[DELAWARE, 7/11/2019] JMC Equipment has all the automotive equipment that businesses specializing in car repair or customization require. The Dover-based company offers high-quality automotive equipment, such as tube benders and spray paint booths.

High Quality Equipment for Every Occasion

If an auto repair business needs a new Baileigh tube bender to fix a client’s exhaust pipe, JMC Equipment can provide them with both manual and mechanical models that can increase their productivity. These machines are not only perfect for repairing and maintaining cars, they can also help in manufacturing hand rails, bike racks, and pipelines.

JNC Equipment has many kinds of car rotators and tower frames from big brands that can make repairing and customizing cars easier and safer. It carries multiple equipment for spray paint booths if an auto shop wants to expand to custom car painting. Owners and operators of these businesses can purchase these machines and furnishings from JMC Equipment at competitive prices.

Proper Pricing for Effective Equipment

One of the missions of JMC Equipment to is to provide affordable automotive equipment to businesses. That is why clients who want to buy machinery they need for their operations can count on JMC.

If a business prefers, they can apply for financing options to get the equipment they need with zero down payment. For example, if a business applies for financing, JMC Equipment can offer them a Baileigh CNC Roll Benders for as lows as $1,868 per month.

About JMC Equipment

Founded in 2013, JMC Equipment is a fast-growing family owned and operated business with two decades of experience. Its automotive equipment has helped thousands of car repair businesses and owners with their projects.

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