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Paul Hangan; founder of Premium Australian Chilli Lime Black Garlic, is looking to upscale his product from bench top to factory production capacity with a $150,000 donation sourcing. The donation will be committed to the commercial production and sale of Chilli Lime Black Garlic Hot Sauce. This will not only provide relief to the financial challenges with which Hangan had confronted since a severe Haemorrhagic Stroke in 2017 got him wheelchair bound, but also serve as a highly modified stroke diet therapy. Speaking about the Chilli Lime Black Garlic Hot Sauce therapy, Paul Hangan said “if humanity smile on me and make this project a reality, chilli lime hot sauce will not only aid mental hot recovery; it will also donate a percentage of its profits to an organisation in charge of stroke and mental health issues”.

Prior to his 2017 experience, Hangan had proved his innovative capability in bringing out the uniqueness in food ingredients by winning 1st Prize in a 2015 Nationwide Chill Foods Competition for his Himalayan Chilli Salt Blend. Based on years of personal experimentation and consumption, the Chilli Lime Black Garlic Hot Sauce had been certified as a tasty nutritious diet for weight loss, reduction of blood pressure and inflammation, clearing up congestion, enhancing eye health, reducing risk of cancer, reduction of ache and pain, and also helping against stress and depression. Made of 100% Australian ingredients, the Chilli Lime Black Garlic Hot Sauce sale will help complement the effort of the Australian struggling farmers with a reasonable percentage of profit realised on every bottle sale committed to stroke recovery and mental health programs.

That ability is a superior motivation which adversity can never subdue, is a personal conviction Hangan hold so dear; and a few donations from you all is all he need to make this dream a reality. No amount is too small to make this dream of a $150,000 commercial production fund sourcing for Chilli Lime Black Garlic Hot Sauce a reality and every donation of above $75 comes with a complementary bottle of Hot Sauce and a genuine personal thank you note from Hangan himself. For further information on this go-fund-me project and to donate a token, kindly visit