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Proctoring during exams must ensure unbiased testing and scholastic integrity. To realize this, Online Proctoring Platforms should be equipped with embedded security checks that limit human intervention as much as possible. Alternatively, online proctors must also be trained and certified to use the platforms efficiently, so that any suspicious activities are flagged correctly. Below, we discuss the prerequisites and guidelines that should be recognized to successfully proctor online exams.

Types of Online Proctoring

Online proctoring is a form of testing that is digitally monitored. It involves supervising an online exam that is generally conducted in a remote location, such as a test taker’s house.

These services are usually achieved with the help of Proctoring Solution Providers. They provide basic tools, applications, and other programs that assist in monitoring the students. Listed below are the three main categories of Online Proctoring:

Live Proctoring-

The test takers are monitored in real-time by a proctor across the screen. The proctor verifies the surroundings and identity of the student to ensure a clean exam. They constantly supervise the student’s audio-video feed and computer activity for any dubious behavior. This type of session must be reserved in advance.

Subsequent proctoring-

The examiner can review the test anytime since the session is being recorded on video. This allows the proctor to evaluate the video, later on, to identify and flag anything unusual.

Automated proctoring-

The audio-video and screen share feeds of an ongoing online exam are monitored automatically through a software. Technologies like Biometric Identity Verification, AI-based Behavioral Analysis, and Advanced Audio-Video Evaluation are used to detect and deter cheating.

Online Proctoring Computer Attributes

The software is pre-programmed to detect any unauthorized actions like opening a third party application or talking to someone in the room. These events are tagged by the software so that the Proctor can analyze it later.

If need be, the test takers can communicate with the proctor through an easy setup consisting of a webcam, microphone, and speakers.

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