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“Sahel Rafael Tamayo believes that Square will become the pivot point of bringing the United States into cashless society status. The current financial trends support this fact strongly.”

Square, Inc. (NYSE:SQ) faced some serious condition in the past year which causes their stocks falls significantly. Early this month, this company also has to deal with the lawsuit because of the mistake or more to an error that let the personal information from their product user spread out. Many people see it as the start of the Square, Inc. fall. However, the cuban american entrepreneur, Sahel Rafael Tamayo, said differently about this company.

According to his perspective regarding Square, this company has a promising future. Even though they are still struggling to reach the main goal of their stock market after the fell, but their product and service will become the most important elements for the future financial world. Sahel said that the service and product that square provide until now can lead the financial world into a new and innovative way of the payment system.

Square, Inc. itself is well-known for its mobile payment system called Cash App. This application is so popular and even beat the popularity of other mobile payment systems from big players, such as Venmo from PayPal. This is also the reference and base that Sahel uses to see the future of Square. He even said that this company will become an important figure that can change the United States financial environment into a state that is called cashless society.

As an experienced entrepreneur that also run a successful credit service at, he has the knowledge that can show the potency of this company to make a big impact in the financial world. Therefore, with Square’s stocks condition that is still very difficult to bounce back today, he sees it that many people still undervalued this company capability in changing the financial world in the future.

With today’s trend that tends to move to the digital currency and payment, Square’s product can become a big part of this new trend. Moreover, other countries have applied this system in their payment system. For example, China shows its transaction value using mobile payment is around $15 trillion, or 40 times than the U.S. mobile payment system transaction value. So, the world will go there eventually, and Square, as Sahel said, will become an important player in it.

About Sahel Rafael Tamayo

Sahel Rafael Tamayo is a Cuban American entrepreneur and investor that run He also experienced in this field and successfully bring his business to be one of the leading companies in the credit service industry.

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