The bailiff and security consultancy company has a range of resources at its disposal and upholds the highest standards of professionalism, resolving matters in an efficient and peaceable manner.

[United Kingdom, 03/07/2019] – Malcolm Webb founded MS Webb & Co. in 1994. Since its inception, MS Webb & Co. has had 25 years to hone the skills and gather the assets needed to provide their clients with trustworthy and qualified bailiffs and enforcement agents.

Trust Built on Experience

Twenty-five years on the job has given MS Webb & Co. the time to increase the skills of their personnel and build up resources. Thanks to their training, bailiffs and enforcement agents from MS Webb & Co. can carry out their designated assignments professionally and within the limits of the law. Their experience gives them the insight to formulate effective strategies and anticipate problems.

They can also call on a network of intelligence agents and law enforcement connections that the company has been cultivating over the years to assist in their responsibilities. These assets allow MS Webb & Co. to perform their duties consistently and earn their client’s trust.

Professional Services Rendered

MS Webb & Co. has experience in all major services bailiff companies offer. Their employees can recover rent from former tenants, evict squatters from private property and protect premises from trespassers and vandals. MS Webb & Co. can also ensure the return of repossessed objects amicably and efficiently.

Their staff can further locate missing property and assets with the help of their in-house intelligence network and undercover personnel.
Should any urgent matters arise, the company’s service hotline is open 24 hours a day. Clients can contact MS Webb & Co. and expect them to deploy relevant personnel with haste.

About MS Webb & Co.

MS Webb & Co. caters to the needs of clients in England and Wales. The company covers England and Wales. MS Webb & Co. has worked with various organisations and individuals, such as banks, law firms and private property owners.

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