The Secondary Marketplace denotes purchase of tax lien or deed certificate from a non-government substance. Acquiring tax liens or deeds directly from the State County auctions is called Primary Market investment. Therefore, when a tax lien certificate initially acquired by large investment banks or financial institutions from the State County auctions, they are sold to small scale investors as Secondary Market Investments.

Here are some of the benefits of acquiring tax lien certificates from secondary market,

Discounted Rates

Financial institutes, who sell tax liens or deeds through Secondary market, have high rated property inventories. This enables individual investors to buy valuable and guaranteed properties to earn more ROI. Auxiliary Tax Liens (otherwise called Bank Owned Liens) are tax liens which have been bought and held by monetary foundations. Financial institutes selling lien certificates in secondary market have connections with these monetary foundations and acquire them for limited rates. Due to this, small scale investors can buy the tax lien certificates for most discounted rates spending less capital.

Safe and Guaranteed

Tax liens are imposed by State County authorities over delinquent tax properties. They are sold at the auctions with legal procedures and are fixed with guaranteed high interest rates. The liens or deeds sold at secondary market are guaranteed assets, which are brought by renowned monetary foundations. Investors buying tax lien certificates from secondary market can earn huge interest amount. In case, if the home owner fails to pay back the taxes, the investors have legal right to foreclosure the property.

Investment Portfolio

Financial institutes offer individual investment portfolio for investors to track their investments and ROI. Professional workforce will be assigned to manage your investment portfolios and advice you to take certain steps to achieve your investment goal.


REI Holdings is an established financial firm and legal advisors providing secondary market tax lien certificates. They help small scale investors to acquire best tax lien properties without any difficulties. Their experience and valuable connections among reputed monetary foundations has made them to sell tax lien certificates at very low prices. REI Holdings have a large inventory with tax lien properties like a storefront, single family residential, apartment buildings and many more. For more information about tax lien certificates, visit

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