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Elision Technolab LLP is a leading VoIP company based in India. The company has many amazing products and solutions developed in different VoIP technologies to offer. One of the most renowned VoIP products of the company is its call center software, which is more popularly known as Dialshree. The Dialshree in existence for many years and many popular companies in India and worldwide use this omnichannel call center solution. The expert VoIP developers of the company also offer some additional add-ons and modules which can be integrated within this call center software to take benefit of the contact center solution.

Recently, the spokesperson of the company has announced the launch of the new version of this call center solution. The company has launched the Dialshree Version 4. The new version of this call center software has all features it had in its earlier version. Along with those features, the new version of Dialshree has enhanced the existing features as well as added some new features in it.

“Call Center industry changes rapidly. The technology inventions, consumer behavior, and many other factors impact call centers. As we all know, the changes in the call center industry demand change in the call center software as well. We understand this demand very well and that is why we have developed the most advanced call center solution. Not only this, we do not stop ourselves at this. We keep on developing new features and modules for the call center solution. Some of the features get available by default to our users / customers of the Dialshree: Call Center Solution and some of the features are made available as add-ons. They need to get integrated in the call center software: Dialshree. This is to make the add-ons available to those who need it and not enforce them”, shared spokesperson of the Elision Technolab LLP.

He further added, “Our Dialshree: Call Center Solution is furnished with all required features. We can also integrate SMS, Email, Fax, CRM system, etc. in the Dialshree. As per the increasing demand, we have launched the fourth version of ASTPP 4.0 which has the WhatsApp integration support. The agents can now use WhatsApp messaging as a mode of communication while using the Dialshree: Call Center Software.”

As per the shared details, the version 4 of Dialshree offers many new features. The list of key features available in the Version 4 of Dialshree: Call Center Solution is listed below:

• TTS (Text to Speech) integration
• WhatsApp integration
• Max hopper priority lead addition
• Pause code alert
• Live call timer
• Inbound email report customization
• Change log report
• New reports
o Inbound queue report
o TTS log report
o Hang up cause report
o Chat log reports
• And more

More information about the Dialshree: Call Center Software Version 4.0 is available here: