RAPIDTOOL, Australia’s leading supplier of rebar tying machines, rebar bender and rebar cutter is offering portable rebar benders. Now, get a killer combo of performance and portability in rebar handling operations with the help of excellent portable rebar benders of RAPIDTOOL.

Portable rebar benders offered by RAPIDTOOL are outstanding in terms of quality, reliability and productivity. They put every rebar bender through a series of stringent performance evaluations and assessments. RAPIDTOOL’s portable rebar bender plays an essential role in construction. It solves the difficulty of workers in bending reinforcing bars. These rebar benders give an extreme level of accuracy to ensure a great outcome.

RAPIDTOOL offers superior quality hydraulic and electric portable rebar benders that are tough, consistent and delivers outstanding performance every time they are switched on. Their range of hydraulic and electric rebar benders is capable of executing accurate rebar bends on construction sites that need a smart solution to the problems of handling rebar. These portable rebar benders are easy to use, carry and store, makes them a completely hassle-free addition to your construction site.

With high-quality rebar benders, RAPIDTOOL also stocks the highest quality range of rebar tier and rebar cutter. They ensure providing tradespeople with reliable, high performing and most of all affordable products. They pride themselves on quality and customer service. All the products offered by RAPIDTOOL promote health and safety on the construction site.

So to avoid extra time and efforts wasted in rebar handling operations, go for RAPIDTOOL’s portable rebar bender. It will also help minimise resource on the construction site. To buy portable rebar bender, contact them today at 1800 046 778. Visit their website https://rapidtool.com.au/ for more details or mail the queries to sales@hoppt.com.au

About the Company:
RAPIDTOOL is Australia’s leading supplier of the reinforcing tools such as rebar cutters, rebar benders and rebar tiers. We provide high quality and innovative concreting construction solutions to the steel fixers (tradesmen who install rebar), concreters, builders, construction companies and concrete pool builders. We have the largest range of portable, electric and hydraulic rebar construction tools in the market. We have a strong, expanding international division and are looking for more reputable power tool distributors to partner with internationally.