Paul Mitchell presents to you the best gifting options for your mother. This mother’s day, pamper your mother with these products that can be added to their grooming rituals. So get going and honor your mother with the below mentioned gift guide from Paul Mitchell:
Keratin cream rinse – Detangle and Revive (250 ml – Rs 2160)
It is used for daily conditioning and, strengthens and protects the hair while detangling. KeraTriplex technology protects every strand and repairs and restores hair with Keratin Cream Rinse.

Keratin intensive treatment – Enrich and Repair (10 ml –Rs 360)
It is used as a weekly deep conditioner that delivers intense hydration and protection to hair that is weak and vulnerable. The proven performance of KeraTriplex works to repair and rebuild while transforming dull, lifeless hair for a hydrated, shiny and smooth appearance.

Mirrorsmooth conditioner – Eliminates frizz, Superior softness (200 ml – Rs 2160)
It is used as a conditioner and instantly hydrates and detangles hair making it easy to comb. The exclusive KeraReflect blend with natural Abyssinian oil helps smoothen, soften every strand while fighting frizz, and creates a gorgeously shiny and reflective finish.

Mirrorsmooth shampoo – Frizz control, Moisture balance (250 ml – Rs 2160)
It is used to hydrate hair while protecting against frizz and unruly hair. It is gentle with rich foam that works to restore the hair’s optimal moisture balance. The advanced KeraReflect blend with natural Abyssinian oil helps replenish moisture, smoothen the cuticle and boost shine.

Instant Moisture Shampoo – 300 ML – INR 900; 1000 ML – INR 2160
Pump hair with the perfect amount of hydration with the perfect moisture shampoo. The Instant Moisture Shampoo is a color-safe formula that works to hydrate and revive hair by plumping hair strands and repairing damage. Vulnerable hair is protected from the sun’s harmful UV rays with Instant Moisture Complex while panthenol adds body and helps repair hair from the inside out.

Instant Moisture Conditioner – 200 ML – INR 1170; 1000 ML – INR 2880
It provides your strands with the perfect moisture balance that hydrates and detangles moisture-starved strands for hair that is gorgeously shiny and manageable. With soy proteins, shea butter and Instant Moisture Complex, hair receives the most necessary nutrients to give it that beautiful shine and radiance every woman desires.

Super-Charged Treatment – 7.5 ML – Rs 45; 500 ML – Rs 2340
Damaged hair can benefit from regular deep conditioning treatments. The Super-Charged Treatment from Paul Mitchell provides an intensely rejuvenating dose of moisture for dry, dehydrated hair, while boosting shine and improving elasticity. Live with incredibly beautiful hair that is healthy, radiant and more easily manageable using Paul Mitchell products.

Tea Tree Special Shampoo – 300 ML – INR 1170 ; 1000 ML – INR 2880
Winner of Harper’s Bazaar 2017 150 Beauty Must-Haves for Best Scalp Treatment, Tea Tree Special Shampoo gently washes away impurities. Great for all hair types, this invigorating cleanser leaves strands refreshingly clean and full of shine. Natural tea tree oil and peppermint soothe the scalp, while light notes of lavender leave hair smelling fresh.

Tea Tree Special Conditioner – 300 ML – INR 1170; 1000 ML – INR 2970
Winner of’s 2018 TotalBeauty Award Reader’s Choice for Best Conditioner, Tea Tree Special Conditioner keeps hair healthy, manageable and soft. This soothing formula contains natural ingredients like tea tree oil, lavender and mint that leave you feeling refreshed while restoring essential moisture and nutrients to strands. Light enough to use daily and great for detangling.

Tea Tree Hair & Scalp Treatment – 500 ML – INR 2530
Winner of Esquire’s 2018 Grooming Award for Best Healthy Scalp Product, Tea Tree Hair and Scalp Treatment® repairs and moisturizes damaged, dry hair while soothing the scalp. A unique combination of conditioners and nutrients replenish hair’s moisture, repair damaged strands and protect from further harm. Plus, a soothing mix of ingredients invigorates and nourishes the scalp.

Tea Tree Hair & Body Moisturizer – 7.5 ML – INR 45
Imagine a moisturizer so versatile that it could be used for skin and hair. Winner of Men’s Fitness Magazine’s 2017 Look Great Award for Best Natural Grooming Product, Tea Tree Hair and Body Moisturizer® is a leave-in conditioner, after-shave cream and body lotion all in one. Enriched with jojoba seed oil, tea tree oil and peppermint, it leaves hair and skin feeling silky smooth and smelling fantastic.

Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo – 300 ML – Rs 1170; 1000 ML – Rs 2700
Lemon Sage Thickening Shampoo® is the perfect way to thicken strands for a clean and healthy look. The formula provides a boost of volume, while also helping to protect against split ends. Strengthen every strand while you enjoy the lemon, sage, peppermint and tea tree aromas.

Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner – 300 ML – Rs 1260; 1000 ML – Rs 3150
Hydrate, detangle and add volume with the Lemon Sage Thickening Conditioner. This lightweight formula moisturizes strands without weighing them down. Rich thickening ingredients add fullness to thin, fine hair while refreshing lemon and sage extracts add a smile to your face.