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Achieve architectural ceiling views and maximum sun protection with Kensington System’s Skyshade range. Clients can choose from dimout and blackout fabric options for the atria and skylight glass openings.

[BRISTOL, 19/02/2019] – Kensington Systems, a UK-based world leader in shade and shelter solutions, offers maximum sun protection with their skylight and atria blinds. The blinds come in various colours, fabric types and other features that maintain or enhance the visual appeal of any structure.

Kensington’s Skyshade Range

Kensington’s Skyshade range features large glazed atria and glass openings that come in both vertical and horizontal planes. According to Kensington, their atria and skylight glass openings are purposefully large to add character to a structure while providing solar shading benefits. These benefits include sunlight and heat protection, worker comfort and productivity, lowered energy costs and an attractive architectural finish.

Dimout and Blackout Shade Fabric Options

Kensington’s atria and skylight blinds come with two types of fabric options. Clients can choose between dimout blind fabrics and blackout blind fabrics.

The dimout blind fabric range is a fire retardant that has glare reducing properties beneficial in any commercial environment. It is made of 100 per cent polyester that presents excellent colour-fast properties.

Kensington’s blackout blind fabrics are ideal for laboratories, darkroom workshops and other applications where total darkness is required. Clients can use between the 100 per cent polyester fabric and the PVC variant which contains ultraviolet protection.

After Sales Customer Service

Working with architects, project managers and other discerning clients, Kensington Systems offers guidance and assistance to clients, from choosing the right design to helping with installation. The company is available for site visits and inspections, which allows them to prepare the standards and requirements of the client.

About Kensington Systems

For over 30 years, Kensington Systems has been committed to providing continuous attractive installations inside and outside an establishment. In line with the demands brought by climate change, the company aims to reduce environmental impact by offering sustainable and biodegradable solutions.

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