Select Page Announces Christmas Discounts on its Sponsored Post Prices

The world is gearing up to celebrate the Christmas times, once again this year. However, Christmas 2020 may not be the same this year due to the Covid 19 pandemic. There will be joy, festivity and celebrations, but with safety precautions.

Christmas is the time when millions across the world shop online and look out for the best deals. This is the time when businesses need to focus on digital marketing efforts in order to boost up their sales. One of the reliable methods to drive sales and draw the attention of the customers is by publishing informative sponsored posts on reputed websites., the leading press release distribution platform, is now accepting guest posts and  sponsored posts at discount prices. The website is offering a 20% off on its sponsored post prices till December 31, 2020. Interested businesses, digital marketers, SEO professionals, writers and others can contact them to get the Christmas discounts and publish their guest posts on

The Christmas shopping season witnesses a retail ecommerce business not less than USD 100 billion. This is the reason why online businesses need to adopt a Christmas season digital marketing strategy that can bring results. Sponsored posts could prove an ideal way to approach the target audience in a convincing manner.

So, how to find the best best website for sponsored posts ?

It’s not a difficult task anyway. With the help of a simple research, one can shortlist a website for publishing a sponsored post and give a boost to the digital marketing efforts. Here a few important points to keep in mind:

1. Alexa Ranking: A website’s Alexa ranking tells us about its popularity on the web. A website with a global ranking less than 0.1 million could be the best pick for a sponsored post.
2. Domain Authority (DA): Developed by Moz, the domain authority of a website reveals the website’s search engine ranking. Any website with DA above 40 is the most suitable option for a sponsored post.
3. Daily Traffic: Checking daily traffic of a website isn’t difficult these days. There are third-party websites, like that can give a precise idea of a website’s traffic. A website that has a daily traffic of over 10,000 should be chosen for a sponsored post.

One can check the status of on the basis of above the parameters and can find it a suitable option for sponsored posts. More importantly, the website is open to a limited number of sponsored post opportunities and will publish high quality articles only. The editorial team will review each of the posts sent for publishing and will choose high-quality and informative articles only. Interested people can email their articles at

About is the leading press release distribution site with a huge traffic pool and around 70,000 registered users who regularly posts their news and stories for creating a mass awareness. The website is very popular among business people, PR and marketing professionals, journalists and others.

DIY: How to Run An Influencer Marketing Campaign

Let’s face it …traditional ways of marketing such as television, radio, print magazines, and good old fashion grassroots advertising are not the most effective methods anymore. Sure they still work to a degree, but It’s not where most of your consumers hang out these days.

Right now, Social Media is the Kingdom, Influencers are king and queens, and Social Media Marketing is the number 1 process for generating sales leads, increasing revenue, and growing companies today. The thing is, you must know how to master the equilibrium that consists of followers, likes, comments, engagements, views, reach, and impressions. These are all fundamental calculations, and the perfect influencer already has the keys to the kingdom.

We are living in a period of uncertainty. Many people are losing their jobs because of the economic strain that is taking place around the world. Many companies were struggling with their jobs due to brick and mortar stores’ closings, print magazines, and closings in many other industries. They grew tired and frustrated because they now had limited budgets, had to make revenue quotas, or now have more responsibility and less help to consistently hit their company goals.

Because of all this going on, entrepreneurs and marketers quickly discovered the value and extreme importance of why a company has to position their products and their brand online effectively. This was the only way to keep the companies they worked so hard to build from shutting down!

“So Combining 10 years of experience working with celebrities, the film industry, and with placing products right on the red carpet, I’ve been able to develop a course where I show companies from start-ups to fortune 500, Ceos, and innovative brands how to build a global presence, increase their impact, their influence, and income all through influencer marketing. And today, I want to show YOU,” says Alessia Moccia, founder of Americanoize “even if my company was born as an influencer marketing agency, I want to add the service DIY to help millions of entrepreneurs realize their dreams.”

Working with influencers on your own has two major benefits.

#1. It usually has one fixed cost. One of the only costs is paying the influencer themselves, and this is often negotiable with upfront payment or a percentage of sales revenue from the company on the backend.

#2. And it has little to no management costs or extra costs for additional staff. Because of their large platform and audience, you don’t have to invest in several different marketing campaigns or hire tons of sales reps to prospect, be salesy, or convince people to buy your product. If they know, like, and trust the influencer, they will try whatever product or service they recommend. It’s that simple! I’ve helped many companies save 10s to hundreds of thousands of dollars alone by enlisting influencers and reducing company costs. That’s really the power behind having the right influencer that supports and endorses your company. This was really a breakthrough for so many businesses, and I believe every brand should have the opportunity and has the ability to take their company to the next level.

“So Combining 10 years of experience working with celebrities, the film industry, and with placing products right on the red carpet, I’ve been able to develop a course where I show companies from start-ups to fortune 500, Ceos, and innovative brands how to build a global presence, increase their impact, their influence, and income all through influencer marketing. And today, I want to show YOU,” says Alessia Moccia, founder of Americanoize, the digital influencer marketing agency.

So here’s what you’re going to learn, subscribe to the course:

You’re going to learn how to exactly identify the perfect influencers for your brand so they absolutely will love your product, and they will get their audience to love it too.

What tools you need to research specific influencers and how to use them. You need to make sure that influencer has the right audience and they are ENGAGED. This is important because numbers mean nothing. An engaged audience means everything.

#1Next, you’ll learn how to actually reach out to the influencer in a way that gets their attention, their response and creates interest in your products. This is done using a proven method we use in actual emails and direct messages. I’m going to show you how to get them to reach out to YOU.

#2 You’ll learn how to join together with your influencer to create custom promo codes, giveaways, and contests to invite new customers to experience your brand and purchase your products.

#3 You’re also going to learn how to measure the return on your investment. You need to be able to see if you’re leveraging your influencer marketing campaign effectively. The only way to do that is to set goals, watch the numbers, track the engagement, and then adjust if needed. You’re going to learn how to do all of this independently without the big price tag of a marketing department or team of analysts or sales reps.

By the time you’ve finished this course, you will be able to manage an influencer marketing campaign from start to finish. You’ll be able to target, engage, and attract the right social media influencer. The visibility, brand recognition, and momentum you will give your brand from influencer marketing will quickly gain sales and become that hot new company everyone keeps talking about!

And especially in these times, what I teach in this course has helped so many of my clients turn their brands around, generate thousands in revenue and create solid relationships with some of the top social media influencers online. Just think about what one endorsement or relationship with a celebrity influencer could do for your brand. You’ll finally be able to hit those yearly revenue goals all because you’ve created a seamless social media marketing system with some of the world’s most impactful influencers.

This is your opportunity to finally share your brand with the world, and achieve those ultimate goals for you and your company.

Americanoize LLC

Northern VA Benefits Consultants Educate On Long Term Disability Insurance

Business Benefits Group (BBG) recently released a new educational resource on its website that answers the question, “what is long term disability insurance?“. The new article is guided by the benefits consultants at BBG who have extensive experience helping clients establish comprehensive and forward-thinking benefits packages through their Northern Virginia benefits consulting services. They have designed this new article for business owners who want to learn more about how to properly set up long-term disability insurance plans for employees.

BBG offers readers valuable information regarding setting up and implementing long term disability insurance plans. In the article, they go over some of the most common reasons for disability claims and also some of the factors that influence the cost of long-term disability insurance. Their team hopes that this article will highlight the importance of long term disability insurance and how to properly establish a mechanism that will benefit both your employees and your business. BBG takes pride in helping provide sound advice and services that ensure your business is equipped with the right coverage to handle any situation that may arise.

While this new article focuses on explaining the details surrounding long-term business insurance, BBG’s website also provides information regarding their mission, team, experience, as well as a full list of service offerings. BBG offers comprehensive benefits consulting services surrounding business insurance, HR compliance, executive planning, as well as wellness and advocacy in the workplace. BBG takes pride in having the bandwidth and care to support smaller organizations while having the depth of knowledge and scalability to support employers looking for advanced concepts and efficient out of the box solutions.

With the addition of this new article, BBG hopes that readers will have a better understanding of long-term disability insurance and the factors that may influence the cost of this type of benefits insurance plan. For more information on how BBG can help build a more secure future for your business, contact them today at 844-201-3612 or visit their website at Their offices are located at 4069 Chain Bridge Road in Fairfax, VA 22030.


The Easiest Vegan Cinnamon Roll Recipe Ever @ Tasha’s Artisan Foods

You understand what smells totally astounding on Christmas morning? Cinnamon rolls. You realize what is surprisingly better than a cinnamon roll? Veggie lover nutella cinnamons roll. These children are delightful and just flawlessness. Regardless of whether you need to heat them for breakfast, dessert or a nibble you will be an upbeat camper.

Having an inclination that cinnamons roll (or whatever you decide to fill it with!) yet searching for a lot less complex variant? This is it! No yeast included, these simple fixing vegetarian rolls are speedy and delectable!

Did you realize that vegetarian cinnamon rolls aren’t that simple to stopped by? For a brief period currently I’ve been taking a shot at a formula that catches the ooey gooey cinnamon goodness we as a whole love. Today I am SUPER eager to share what I thought of I guarantee you won’t be disillusioned! Make proper acquaintance with Vegan Cinnamon Rolls!

I selected to go with spelt flour (not without gluten but rather numerous gluten-delicate individuals can endure it) since it gave the mixture a more pliable, rollable quality. The first occasion when I attempted the formula I made the rolls very enormous (around 8 in the preparing dish), which was scrumptious however I felt like the filling to batter apportion was somewhat off. The second time I turned the mixture out a little more slender and cut the rolls more modest so that around 16 fit in the preparing dish and the filling to batter apportion was greatly improved. I suggest keeping the moves on the more modest side (hello, you can eat more that way!) however don’t hesitate to go with your profound longing!

At the point when I served the rolls warm I showered a little coconut whipped cream on top. It added an incredible taste however dissolved rapidly! Remain adjusted for a follow formula with the ideal cinnamon move besting.

Why Make These Vegan Cinnamon Rolls?

There’s something so fulfilling about attacking a delicate bread roll, no? That fulfillment is intensified when the move being referred to is coated flawlessly and is inconceivably gooey and rich. On the off chance that you are looking for comfort food, a treat for the family or simply a pleasant heating venture this Vegan Cinnamon Rolls  formula considers every contingency! You’ll begin to look all starry eyed at, I guarantee. To make these wonders, you need a couple of essential fixings and a little persistence. For more information visit here:

Morning Lazziness- Calling entrepreneurs to share their leadership tactics.

Morning Lazziness is a millennial magazine that provides tips about self-improvement, living a healthy lifestyle, strengthening relationship bonds, and leadership tactics.


Are you an entrepreneur? Are you also one of those who planned 2020 is going to be their year, but the year itself taught us a new way of living. COVID has changed our way of living. The year brings the families together, intensifies joy and happiness among families, and taught us the real meaning of life. 


We know 2020 has been a rough year, but that doesn’t mean you move away from your business goals and dreams. If you are an entrepreneur who has set-up business goals but could not make to fulfill them, then not to worry, Morning Lazziness is calling all the entrepreneurs/leaders to share their stories about what they planned for 2020 and what advice they like to give to the beginners-entrepreneurs? Moreover, what are their plans for the next year? 


Share your leadership tactics, entrepreneurship tips, and success stories with everyone. 





About Company: Morning Lazziness is a young millennial guide. We believe in enduring relationships, living a happy-life, & strengthening the parent-kids bond. We also aim to educate people about- healthy food, the qualities of entrepreneurship, and how to be mentally & emotionally strong.


SmartOwner strengthens offering, announces launch of Ultra-luxury apartments in Bangalore

SmartOwner, Asia’s fastest-growing real estate investment marketplace, today announced plans to strengthen and expand its offerings in the ultra-luxury home segment, to cater to growing demand for large spacious homes. SmartOwner announced its foray into the ultra-luxury home segment with the launch of The Treeline, limited-edition, ultra-luxury apartments in Jakkur plantation in Bangalore, by its development management wing Prime One Corp. The Treeline is an addition to SmartOwner’s two other ongoing projects – Centreo on Kanakapura Road and Beverly Woods, off Sarjapur Road, in the luxury apartment and villa segments, respectively.

Blue-printed by Jeff Kiser, an acclaimed US based architect, The Treeline brings international standards to Indian homes, and is India’s first truly vertical forest. There are 17 large apartments offering luscious green views from every window and a full sized tree in every deck. The internal specifications are top-of-the-line with high end imported fittings from leading brands across the globe. The project, located in the highly desirable location of Jakkur plantation – the preferred residential destination of a number of CXOs and MDs in Bangalore, has one of the highest per capita amenities for a project of this size, in addition to spacious floor plans, and a stunning terrace level with a clubhouse and infinity pool.

SmartOwner’s expansion in the segment is driven by a growing demand among both NRIs and top business executives looking to invest in larger, spacious homes in prime locations with advanced specifications such as home offices, large outdoor areas, more greenery, and top-quality amenities. These are homes that would allow residents to spend a relatively longer time at home in greater comfort. Needless to say, the purchase of a home is considered among the best and safest investments as we continue to grapple with the COVID impact, considering that this is one of the few asset classes that has behaved predictably and strongly during this period.

Vikram Chari, Founder, CEO of SmartOwner explains, “With the new norm becoming more time spent at home by multiple residents, business executives and professionals are aware they need to invest in larger and better homes to be able to spend comfortable family time, while also  allowing for luxuries like more green spaces, foliage views, and outdoor entertainment areas. As a result, we are seeing an increase in demand in the past few months and this is expected to further increase by the first half of 2021. Considering luxury and international designs are our forte and specialisation, The Treeline is a logical addition to the portfolio of the company.”

Diana Mathew, Director of Operations adds, “The combination of our project locations, the emphasis on luxury and the meticulous attention to detail, combined with international design and features will make all Prime One Corp projects in this segment very attractive to both home buyers and investors alike. A significant portion of both Centro and Beverly Woods, that are scheduled for a launch in a few weeks, have already been booked and we expect a similarly strong response to The Treeline, which is our top-of-the-line offering.

About SmartOwner

SmartOwner offers discerning investors an online marketplace that enables them to participate in highly curated real estate investment opportunities in the fastest-growing markets of the world. Drawing on its experience of having funded projects by some of the leading developers in India, SmartOwner ventured into real estate development management in 2018. Its in-house development management arm, Prime One Corp, aims to bring international standard high-quality homes within the reach of the Indian home buyer; setting new quality benchmarks in the real estate market in Bangalore. Prime One Corp’s projects are executed by a cadre of internationally experienced architects, engineers and designers. The team members bring rich experience to the table, having worked for leading property and construction companies in marquee projects throughout Asia and the U.S.

For editorial enquiries only, contact: Harish, PRHUB @ 9538897080 or email