New Shopping Cart Armrest Handles for Mobility-Impaired Shoppers

 Byrd Enterprises recently announced the availability of their new Shopping Cart Armrest Handles for integration into the existing shopping carts of major retailers. Shopping Cart Armrest Handles are patented shopping cart implements designed to improve the shopping experience of in-store retail customers who are mobile enough to use a shopping cart but suffer from impairments and/or pains that may limit the amount of time they can spend upright and the distance they can cover. This solution protects customers’ dignity and promotes self-reliance while giving them extra confidence due to improved stability and balance. It also provides comfort and relief for able-bodied shoppers who become fatigued during extended shopping excursions.

Shopping Cart Armrest Handles are designed to be user-friendly, comfortable, durable, and easily maintained. A push-button latch mechanism allows for the quick adjustment of the armrest height in one-inch increments to accommodate a range of statures. The wide, rounded armrests provide an ergonomic surface upon which to transfer a portion of a customer’s body weight to the shopping cart to reduce the load on their lower extremities and back. They allow the customer to easily steer the cart while staying engaged with the supportive armrests.

Armrest Handles can be incorporated into new or refurbished carts with minimal disruption to current production or remanufacturing lines since the outer telescoping tube is the only part that interfaces directly with the cart. The armrest T-handle (with inner telescoping tube) and latch assemblies can be manufactured in parallel and combined with the cart downstream.

Product justifications:

– Accommodate explosive growth of “Baby Boomers” needing assistance

– Provide functional mobility for moderately-disabled shoppers

– Increase dwell time and promote impulse spending potential

– Create differentiation and competitive advantage for retailer

Exclusive rights

Byrd Enterprises is seeking an exclusive rights licensing agreement with a major retailer or shopping cart manufacturer. Their intellectual property includes a US utility patent (#11,059,508, issued July 2021) along with a pending US design patent and several pending international design patents. As a condition of a licensing agreement, Byrd Enterprises is prepared to work closely with a cart manufacturer to provide a full transfer of technical knowledge and lessons learned to guarantee the best possible final product and seamless integration into current carts.

About Byrd Enterprises

Byrd Enterprises is a father-son design team from Victoria, Texas with multiple patents and four decades of combined product development experience.

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SHKP Shopping Malls Clinch 1 Gold and 3 Silvers at 2022 ICSC MAXI Awards

Twelve major shopping malls under Sun Hung Kai Properties (SHKP) including East Point City, Harbour North, Landmark North, Park Central and Mikiki have been flexing their creative muscles amid the pandemic with out-of-the-box campaigns as well as all-encompassing promotion and marketing strategies both online and offline. Their outperforming promotion campaigns have gained recognition at the 2022 MAXI Awards with one gold and three silver awards, and are the only winners from Hong Kong among the global application.
The MAXI Awards given by the International Council of Shopping Centers (ICSC) have long been regarded as the ‘Oscars of shopping centres’ – coveted industry awards bestowing the highest honour. For this year, eligibility for the awards has expanded to cover shopping centres all over the world, pitting them against each other for the same awards.

‘LINE FRIENDS WORLD FEASTival’ by eight of the SHKP shopping malls, ‘City Escape – Korea Winter Carnival’ by Park Central and ‘ULTRAMAN Experience Lab’ by Mikiki, were each a silver winner in the Experiential category. Harbour North was awarded a gold winner with its critically-acclaimed campaign ‘Let’s Paw-ty in Art Gallery: Cat Art & Dog Art Series’, marking the only Hong Kong shopping centre for the gold trophy in the Experiential category.

Fiona Chung, Director of Sun Hung Kai Real Estate (Sales and Leasing) Agency Limited, was delighted by the results. ‘The 12 major shopping malls of SHKP embraced the challenges posed by the pandemic and turned them into opportunities. We formulated campaigns which were as innovative as they were attention-grabbing. We offered a quality and novel customer experience to attract footfall. We stepped up promotion efforts and expanded the coverage, which in turn brought a significant increase in business takings. The international recognitions are a great encouragement to the teams. The 12 shopping malls of SHKP will continue offering brand-new interactive experiential activities in the future, bringing a better leisure and shopping experience to customers.’

SHKP created buzz and charted a way out of the pandemic through campaigns that captivated Hong Konger
Informed by aptly formulated strategies, SHKP’s 12 major shopping malls launched campaigns geared towards popular tastes and preferences to stay ahead in the local market. Through twin promotion efforts from both online and offline, the shopping malls harnessed the power of digital marketing, social media and membership programme ‘The Point App’ to promote their campaigns.

Harbour North was aware of the topic that is near and dear to Hong Kong people – their love for pets. It, therefore, launched ‘Let’s Paw-ty in Art Gallery: Cat Art & Dog Art Series’, which curated renowned artwork reimagined with cats and dog portraits from America. The campaign introduced pet art to the community and raised public awareness of loving cats and dogs. KOLs catering to different audiences were invited to check in with the art installations, which garnered momentum on social media and became the talk of the town. The snowball effect helped establish the pet-friendliness for the shopping mall.

Eight shopping malls across Kowloon and the New Territories, namely East Point City, Landmark North, Mikiki, PopWalk, life@KCC, Chelsea Heights, K-Point and Blossom Garden, jointly launched the wildly popular ‘LINE FRIENDS WORLD FEASTival’ amid the pandemic, where customers could enjoy the famous sights from around the world. Innovative interactive mobile games with AR technology brought an exceptional virtual world public with generous prizes attracting footfall. These events, which spanned various shopping malls, created synergy and buzz.

Mikiki’s ‘ULTRAMAN Experience Lab’ was launched to coincide with ULTRAMAN’s 55th anniversary and to rekindle the fond memories of the superhero character. The event space was transformed into the training ground of ULTRAMAN, with classic scenes from the animation and interactive experiences connecting ULTRAMAN fans of all ages. Customers could take the slow-motion videos shot on 360 degree panoramic camera and shared on social media, thus achieving word-of-mouth publicity.

In view of the travel ban, Park Central launched ‘City Escape – Korea Winter Carnival’ where Korea aficionados were able to experience the romantic Korean winter in Hong Kong, extending the trend of ‘pseudo-tourism’. The virtual reality games enhanced customers’ experience, and the usage of technology added to the enjoyment while minimising physical contact in times of pandemic.

Four Awards Won by 12 SHKP Shopping Malls in 2022 ICSC MAXI Awards
‘Let’s Paw-ty in Art Gallery: Cat Art & Dog Art Series’ – Harbour North
Experiential > Shopping Centers under 500,000 sq. ft. – Gold
‘City Escape – Korea Winter Carnival’ – Park Central
Experiential > Shopping Centers under 500,000 sq. ft. – Silver
‘ULTRAMAN Experience Lab’ – Mikiki
Experiential > Shopping Centers under 500,000 sq. ft. – Silver
‘LINE FRIENDS WORLD FEASTival’ – East Point City, Landmark North, PopWalk, Mikiki, life@KCC, Chelsea Heights, K-Point and Blossom Garden
Experiential > Joint Centers – Silver

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New Sustainable Shopping Platform Bagboard Rewards You for Giving Back to People and the Planet

The app and smart bags launch today in London with conscious brands like Georganics, allplants, TALA, Birdsong, Kind2, TOTM, Votch and UpCircle

Use your bag around London & earn conscious coins

Use your bag around London & earn conscious coins

SHOREDITCH, U.K.July 27, 2021PRLog — People across London can now earn as they walk to make shopping everyday sustainable products more affordable.  All while contributing to ocean-plastic removal. This is all thanks to a simple reusable ‘smart bag’ by tech startup Bagboard, connected to its new sustainable marketplace app, which will roll out across the capital from today.

Bagboard helps people become more sustainable in their everyday choices. Each time someone carries a free, carbon-neutral, reusable, water-resistant, paper ‘smart bag’ and scans it within the Bagboard app they are rewarded with points – or conscious coins (CCX) – that can be directly applied as money off sustainable brands including plant-based meal service allplants, planet-friendly period care TOTM, ethical skincare UpCircle Beauty and canned water brand CanO Water, along with 32 other conscious brands at launch. 25% of which are female-founded, and 15% led by people of colour. What’s more, Bagboard additionally rewards people by removing ocean plastic on their behalf each time they reuse their smart bag, via a partnership with innovative NGO Plastic Bank.

Smart bags are more eco-friendly and cost-effective to produce than traditional canvas totes. Unlike single-use plastic alternatives, they’re biodegradable and can be recycled with no harmful waste.

From today, Bagboard ( smart bags are posted out completely free to Londoners after being requested via the Bagboard app and will be distributed from September via Bagboard’s network of 2000+ independent retailers across London, helping these retailers switch from the cheaper and more readily-available single-use plastic alternatives they currently rely on.

Ashleigh Bishop, co-CEO and co-founder of Bagboard comments: “We all want to make a positive change towards the future of our planet, but in today’s climate it can often feel like the individual changes we make as consumers are futile in the face of a problem so large-scale. We’re here to remind people that your small changes add up to something bigger. We’re all already carrying reusable bags; so why not carry one that gives back to you and to the planet?

How Bagboard works:

  • Download the Bagboard app for free on Android or iOS and request a free Bagboard smart bag to be posted to you
  • Link the Bagboard app to your smart bag by scanning the QR code on the side
  • Reuse your bag around London (anywhere within the M25) – scanning it in the Bagboard app at the start and end of each use
  • Earn reward points (conscious coins or CCX) to spend on eco-friendly brands featured in the in App marketplace
  • With every use and reuse, Bagboard removes ocean plastic on your behalf via the Plastic Bank

The cost of bag production, conscious coins and environmental plastic waste removal is covered through advertising from sustainable brands. What’s more, for the first time, people are being personally rewarded for their role in promoting and interacting with advertising. Users are able to control their data and how much or how little they share.

“There was £25.3 billion spent on advertising in 2020 in the UK alone, and we as the consumers of advertising, don’t benefit. And the planet certainly doesn’t either. We see a big opportunity to share the value of this advertising spend with consumers. By having people earn for carrying smart bags featuring advertising from sustainable brands, and by rewarding the brands that are doing good for people and the planet by encouraging people to spend their money back with them, it’s creating lasting change. We refer to it as a circular model powered by people,” says Bishop.

Any consumer wishing to be sent a free Bagboard ( smart bag can order one from the Bagboard App available via the iOS or Android app stores.


About Bagboard:

Bagboard is a purpose-led tech company on a mission to drive conscious consumerism on a global scale. Bagboard partners with brands who are kind to people and the planet by featuring their campaigns on eco-friendly smart bags, replacing single-use plastic bags. Through the Bagboard app, we empower people to reuse their smart bags, promoting those brands as they travel around the city. As a reward, they earn conscious coins, a new digital currency, and are incentivised to spend on the sustainable brands featured on our bags. Bagboard acts as a new type of sustainable marketplace that brings people and brands together for the good of the planet. Bagboard is backed by Sky Ocean Ventures and Innovate UK.

Black Empowerment Startup Brand Launches with Men’s Underwear

Pro Black London, a black-owned male underwear brand, has launched. The brand promotes black empowerment for minority businesses and to elevate black people. 

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, Pro Black London, a London based startup, has announced its new brand and official website Pro Black London is a black-owned company that focuses on fashion underwear both for male and female. This newcomer fashion startup produces male underwear, which boosts confidence, finesse, comfort, and style for men in all walks of life. During the brand launch, Pro Black London founder said, “By supporting black-owned businesses you are not only supporting black communities., but also strengthening local Black economies. By purchasing more from Black-owned businesses, you can also contribute to shrinking the racial wealth gap.”

Pro Black London’s main product is male underwear created in comfortable and high-quality materials, which boost confidence and comfort in daily use. “We have released three packages of trunks which you can choose with confidence and as needed. “Said the company representative. Pro Black London has released 3 packages of male underwear designed to absorb excessive sweating and keep the body cool. They include PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (SINGULAR), PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (3PACKS), AND PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (3PACKS-MIXED). The first package PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (SINGULAR), the package only contains a single Trunk with a price of £15. Moreover, the second package PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (3PACKS), contains 3 trunks with a single color, and the price is £40. While the third package is PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (3PACKS-MIXED), it contains 3 trunks with several color combinations. PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (3PACKS-MIXED) price is the same as the second package. With well-designed and easy navigation, Pro Black London presents a great shopping experience and accepts worldwide orders.


About Pro Black London

Pro Black London is a new men’s underwear brand from the UK. The company produces male underwear that enhances confidence, comfort, and style for men. Pro Black London aims to push its consumers to do better, be better, and live better whether you are black or an ally of the Black Lives Matter movement. The brand is available worldwide with a strong presence in key cities with large black populations such as London, New York, Paris, and Atlanta. Join Pro Black London to support a truly authentic, vibrant black-owned brand. For more information or to purchase Pro Black London’s products, please visit




Contact info:

Address: 17a Electric Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8LA