Brand New Romance from HGBM & Author, Becka L. Jones

 Now Available for Pre-Order. A Summer Love by Becka L. Jones.

Claire and her parents are visiting a friend in Paradise, Arizona. Her parents need family time while they sort out some issues. Claire makes friends over the summer and meets a boy named Noah who shows her around his small town, Paradise. Claire and Noah have many fun adventures together and they fall in love. But, her parents disapprove, and they fly Claire back home to Kauai, Hawaii where she can be back home with her friends, surfing. How far will Noah and Claire go for true love? Find out what happens with Claire and Noah in this sweet romance book with many adventures they have together. This book is a faith-based romance novella with a twist of humor, and many adventures.

Becka L Jones is a Christian author writing faith-based books. It has been a dream of Becka’s to write a romance book series. Becka has written dozens of books in different genres. She loves to put her pen to paper to create stories both fiction and non-fiction.

Higher Ground Books & Media is an independent publisher based in Springfield, OH. We publish stories that are inspirational, educational, and motivational. Our work is Christian-based, and we strive to share stories of positive transformation that showcase God’s power in our lives. You can find more information about this title and others offered by HGBM at

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Romance Novel Set in the 70s Captures Spirit of the Era

 The 1970s were a time of change; the Woman’s Movement was in full swing, and the airwaves were filled with songs of hope and comfort. This exciting time serves as the backdrop for “A Woman in Search Of…” written by Ms. Lynne Brightman Horn, a writer based in Southern California. This is her second novel.

Set in 1973, the protagonist Wendy is recently separated and beginning her life anew. She starts a business and joins the bar scene. Once shy and conservative, the newly liberated Wendy opens up her experiences to several different men. However, what is at first fun and exciting, quickly becomes complicated. Wendy has difficulty managing the relationships, and the continual reappearance of her estranged husband adds to her dilemma. She turns to drugs for escape and spirals further.

“The heart of the novel is how ambition and determination motivate Wendy to move towards new goals in life. It’s about how her life experiences transform who she is. Readers can relate to Wendy’s struggle to find herself, as many people find themselves in similar situations,” said Brightman.

Reviews for “A Woman in Search Of…” have been stellar. “Fantastic…vivid… A lively read with tons to offer fans of women’s drama and nostalgic fiction everywhere,” said Reader’s Favorite.

“…a beautiful story of a woman trying to navigate life on her own terms,” said San Diego City Book Reviews.

“A Woman in Search of…” is available at all major online retailers, including Amazon and Ingram, in paperback and eBook editions and distributed by Bublish, Inc.

About the Author
Lynne Brightman Horn’s first novel was The Glass Birds. A short story she wrote was turned into a play and performed at a community college. Lynne graduated from Cal-State Long Beach where she also earned her teaching credential. Lynne spends her time reading, writing, gardening and enjoying her family.

More info:
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Rekindle the Fire of Love and Romance in a Collection of Heart-Tugging Poems by an Award-Winning Author and Anthology.


Sometimes a poem is a collection of feelings that the lips are unable to communicate but the heart can. It occasionally ends up on a pen’s tip. They are a representation of the poet’s feelings and show them in their most honest and brave form. They are brimming with love, rage, sorrow, despair, joy, or victory.

Joseph Cacciotti shares his entire heart in a collection of stories that explores the facets of love. In the collection Poetry for the Heart, he collected fifty sentimental poems from the depths of his imaginative creativity.

When he was seventeen years old, Joseph started composing poetry. Since then, he has participated in innumerable competitions and won numerous awards for his stirring works. In the end, he was persuaded to write his first collection of poems more than thirty years later. The American Poetry Society named Poems for the Heart one of the top five inspirational books of 2011.

The romance in the book is handled elegantly. In Joseph, the thrill of developing a passion, the sadness of saying goodbye, and the consolation of a committed partnership are all explored. Joseph describes a form of love that is upbeat, the kind that warms the heart and offers a clear vision of the future.

A piece that ought to be on every person’s bookshelf, coffee table, desk, or other appropriate location so that they may better understand life and love.

Buy the book at:

Poems for the Heart

Joseph J. Cacciotti

Publisher: Balboa Press

Published Date: March 28, 2019

Book Genre: Poetry

About the Author

Joseph J. Cacciotti started writing poetry when he was seventeen years old; he found out that when one puts one’s thoughts into words something magical happens. He is not talking about genies popping out of a bottle or anything like that, but in how he sees things clearer and how beautiful this world truly is.

He found out later in life, how much easier it was to find a date in high school. He used to try and talk to girls, and found out sometimes he’d get a little gun shy, and pass up on his chance. Then one day, he wrote a poem for this girl he had his eye on. He walked up to her, and handed her the poem then walked away. Later that day she approached him, and they went out on a date. He found the magic potion to breaking the ice (so to speak) was a piece of paper and a writing pen.

He learned how to put his thoughts down on a piece of paper, which later he put into a blank book that he would write his poems in. After he was told by fifty or so people, that he should share those poems with others, he sat down and sorted out his poems, he thought could touch other people hearts the best. He hopes his poems are inspirational enough to help readers create their own books.

Contemporary Romance by Cheryl Eager, “A Kiss to Wake Me,” Released by 5310 Publishing in Bookstores Worldwide

 5310 Publishing is delighted to announce that Cheryl Eager’s debut contemporary romance, A Kiss to Wake Me, was released worldwide on Tuesday, July 19.

Cheryl Eager’s new romance carries themes of love, hope, optimism, and overcoming challenging obstacles—all things our world needs. Cheryl has people from around the world that contact her after feeling touched by something she wrote or thanking her for giving them a fresh perspective with her writing.

A Kiss to Wake Me is a modern-day love story. Three days before high school graduation, 18-year-old Cara mysteriously delivers a premature baby boy at home in her bathroom. The novel begins with her frantic 911 call and flashes back to unfold the beautiful and romantic first-love story between Cara and Jamie, the new tall and handsome student from California. They are two clever, level-headed teens who strive to do the right things but make one big mistake leading to dire consequences.

Their romance takes off at record speed but just as quickly crashes into a wall of disbelief when a figurative bomb is dropped into their lives, upending the world as they knew it: Cara is pregnant, even though they never slept together and she is a virgin. When these unforeseen circumstances threaten the couple’s future together, everything comes into question. Is Jamie the father of her baby? Will he still love her and the baby if he’s not? How did Cara even get pregnant?

A Kiss to Wake Me is told from alternating points of view through the eyes of Jamie and Cara. Fans of romantic first love who desire to see love withstand seemingly insurmountable obstacles will devour this sweet yet intense novel.

Kirkus Reviews was kind enough to review this novel, calling it “A high school romance full of love—and turbulence. The novel highlights different family dynamics that readers may resonate with…” The editor at Kirkus also said the book is “a story of trust, love, and family.”

Eric Williams, editor and publisher at 5310 Publishing, commented that he’s very excited about this release, and “can’t wait to see what readers have to say about Cheryl’s debut romance! It explores themes of coming-of-age, identity, belonging, and life-changing choices. Anyone who reads high-school romances and likes reading books about first experiences, dating, and growing up, will enjoy this novel.”

To get a copy of this novel and also to see where it is available, readers can refer to the publisher’s website. The book is also available through all the major retailers online and through select bookstores in person. The book will be released in paperback, ebook, hardcover, and audiobook. A large print edition will be made available later this year.

About the Author: Cheryl Eager writes young adult novels about older teens striving to navigate tough, real-life issues. When not writing, Cheryl enjoys reading and discussing literature with her students and colleagues, preferably while drinking coffee with a dash of cream.

About the Publisher: 5310 Publishing is a family-owned business dedicated and committed to helping authors get their books published and discover new and original ways of promoting their stories and views in front of an audience. Based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada, 5310 Publishing now specializes in speculative fiction, romance, and thriller books.

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