The 1970s were a time of change; the Woman’s Movement was in full swing, and the airwaves were filled with songs of hope and comfort. This exciting time serves as the backdrop for “A Woman in Search Of…” written by Ms. Lynne Brightman Horn, a writer based in Southern California. This is her second novel.

Set in 1973, the protagonist Wendy is recently separated and beginning her life anew. She starts a business and joins the bar scene. Once shy and conservative, the newly liberated Wendy opens up her experiences to several different men. However, what is at first fun and exciting, quickly becomes complicated. Wendy has difficulty managing the relationships, and the continual reappearance of her estranged husband adds to her dilemma. She turns to drugs for escape and spirals further.

“The heart of the novel is how ambition and determination motivate Wendy to move towards new goals in life. It’s about how her life experiences transform who she is. Readers can relate to Wendy’s struggle to find herself, as many people find themselves in similar situations,” said Brightman.

Reviews for “A Woman in Search Of…” have been stellar. “Fantastic…vivid… A lively read with tons to offer fans of women’s drama and nostalgic fiction everywhere,” said Reader’s Favorite.

“…a beautiful story of a woman trying to navigate life on her own terms,” said San Diego City Book Reviews.

“A Woman in Search of…” is available at all major online retailers, including Amazon and Ingram, in paperback and eBook editions and distributed by Bublish, Inc.

About the Author
Lynne Brightman Horn’s first novel was The Glass Birds. A short story she wrote was turned into a play and performed at a community college. Lynne graduated from Cal-State Long Beach where she also earned her teaching credential. Lynne spends her time reading, writing, gardening and enjoying her family.

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