DoubleDome Resource Link Library Available on WordPress, Revolutionizing Content Organization for Admin Teams

 Designed to meet the diverse needs of website administrators, the DoubleDome Resource Link Library is a comprehensive solution for creating a meticulously organized and easily navigable repository of links. This powerhouse plugin empowers users to curate a categorized library of links for a myriad of purposes, including how-to videos, SEO reports, admin documents, blog posts, and more. Imagine having a centralized hub that caters to the specific needs of your admin team, fostering a seamless workflow and boosting productivity.

Key Features of the DoubleDome Resource Link Library include:

Multiple Categories: Users can create and customize multiple categories within the resource library, ensuring that each piece of content finds its designated space for easy retrieval.

Hyper-linked Titles: Enjoy the flexibility of creating multiple links, each accompanied by hyper-linked titles, allowing for a more interactive and user-friendly experience.

Multi-Select Categories: Tailor the organization of your content by assigning multiple categories to each link within the library, offering a dynamic and customizable approach to content management.

Smart Search Functionality: Navigate through your resource library effortlessly with the smart search functionality, enabling users to find specific content quickly and efficiently.

Plugin Support via Email: DoubleDome is committed to providing top-notch support. Users can now seek assistance and resolve queries promptly via email, ensuring a smooth experience with the plugin.

As the digital landscape continues to evolve, the DoubleDome Resource Link Library emerges as a timely and indispensable tool for website administrators seeking a powerful solution to streamline content management. Embrace the future of resource organization with DoubleDome.

About DoubleDome:

DoubleDome is a leading innovator in the world of WordPress plugins, dedicated to developing solutions that empower users to enhance their online presence. With a commitment to user-friendly design and cutting-edge functionality, DoubleDome continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the digital realm.

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Entrepreneurial Resource Center Launching In Temecula

SAN BERNARDINO, Calif.June 15, 2023PRLog — A new resource to serve as a catalyst for the creation of new businesses and the growth of existing small businesses in Southwest Riverside County has been created in the city of Temecula and slated to launch in Fall 2023.

The Entrepreneurial Resource Center (ERC) is a partnership with the Inland Empire Center for Entrepreneurship (IECE) at Cal State San Bernardino, the Riverside County Office of Economic Development and the city of Temecula.

The ERC will be an easily accessible hub for small business training and technical assistance services at the Temecula Valley Entrepreneurs Exchange (TVE2) located in the City of Temecula.

Occupying the entire second floor of the TVE2, the ERC will bring together a wide range of entrepreneurial support organizations to provide a complete set of training, technical assistance, and access to resources for small business owners and entrepreneurs in the city and adjacent communities.

The new center will improve access to resources for all aspiring and existing entrepreneurs, increase the rate of business creation, and foster greater success and long-term sustainability for local small businesses. The ERC will also seek to address disparities in small business ownership and entrepreneurship through a deliberate focus and outreach to underrepresented groups in the region.

“The ERC in Temecula is exemplary in bringing together public education and local government to support the economic dynamism of our region through the creation of new companies and the growth of existing ventures,” said Jack H. Brown College Dean Tomas Gomez-Arias.

City of Temecula Mayor Zak Schwank said, “The City of Temecula is thrilled to be a partner and facility host to such a forward-thinking effort. Small businesses are the backbone of our local economy, and the ERC will raise the bar in providing the utmost in access and availability to partners and resources to help local business in the Temecula Valley grow and thrive.”

Riverside County Supervisor Chuck Washington said, “Small business growth and entrepreneurship are the past, present, and future of Riverside County’s economy. The County has a long history of supporting innovative programs for our small businesses and the ERC will be a significant asset to those efforts. The ERC is the first center of its kind in the inland region and will create a hub of diverse regional partners working together for business growth.”

The ERC represents another step in the evolution of the IECE. Already widely regarded as the “go-to” resource for entrepreneurs in the Inland Empire, the new ERC will serve as an anchor for local entrepreneurs seeking the coordinated assistance of more than a dozen varied entities that offer support for those looking to launch or expand a new business. This will include training, technical assistance, funding, marketing, and other services needed by owners and managers of new enterprises, said Mike Stull, a professor of entrepreneurship and director of the IECE and the CSUSB School of Entrepreneurship.

Each partner is making a significant commitment to ensure the success of the ERC, including the Riverside County Office of Economic Development’s investment of $1.725 million over three years, the IECE is bringing in its major business assistance programs including the Inland Empire Small Business Development Center (IESBDC) and Inland Empire Women’s Business Center (IEWBC), and the City of Temecula providing more than 10,000 square feet of physical space at the TVE2.

Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center Introduces a New Video Production

VIEWS FROM WITHIN: A Lewy Body Video Series Revealing Firsthand Experiences of People Living with Lewy Body Dementia, their Caregivers, and Expert Physicians.

NEW YORKMarch 29, 2023PRLog — This difficult-to-diagnosis disease affects more than 1.4 million adults and has included celebrities Robin Williams, Tom Seaver, Dina Merrill, and Estelle Getty.

Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center (LBDRC) has released its exclusive video series, VIEWS FROM WITHIN, presenting firsthand experiences of people living with Lewy body dementia (LBD), their caregivers, and expert physicians. Crucial information and personal experiences about little-known multiple symptoms and numerous stages are shared in order to heighten awareness of LBD’s manifestations, and the difficulties families face in getting the correct diagnosis and the ensuing challenging care.

The series, a first of its kind, is presented in 10 separate segments of approximately 20 minutes in length, each with a focus on one specific difficult LBD symptom, such as hallucinations, fluctuations, behavioral issues, and movement issues.

Lewy body dementia is the second most common form of progressive dementia after Alzheimer’s disease and affects more than 1.4 million Americans.  It is widely misdiagnosed, as it can mimic Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, or a psychiatric disorder.  More people have LBD than Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), Muscular Dystrophy, Cerebral Palsy, and Frontotemporal Dementia COMBINED.  And though more people in the United States have LBD than are HIV positive, LBD is still widely unknown.

“It is amazing that even with these staggering statistics, the phrases “Lewy what?” and “How do you spell that?” are still what we constantly hear,” says Mary Lou Falcone, founder of M.L. Falcone Public Relations, board member of the Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center, and author of I Didn’t See It Coming: Scenes of Love, Loss, and Lewy Body Dementia (Publication date October 3, 2023, by East End Press).

Dr. Jason Cohen, a member of the LBDRC board and a neurologist and dementia specialist at Montefiore Medical Center and the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, says, “Knowledge is critical for my patients and their families:  knowledge that there is a reason for all the different symptoms and knowledge that they are not alone.”

Among those who had LBD are Robin Williams, Tom Seaver, Dina Merrill, and Estelle Getty.  Currently, Ted Turner has LBD, along with many others who are undiagnosed or who have not made their diagnoses public.

“This video series has been created to help the public understand the complexities of this neurodegenerative brain disease as well as to guide those searching for a correct diagnosis, those who have this disease, and the loved ones caring for them,” says Norma Loeb, Executive Director of the Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center.

Views From Within:  A Lewy Body Video Series can be viewed on Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center’s website at:

About Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center

The Lewy Body Dementia Resource Center (LBDRC) is a charitable 501(c)(3) non-profit organization based in New York.  It was created to provide much-needed resources and personalized assistance to those with Lewy body dementia (LBD) and their families. LBDRC’s mission is to raise crucially needed awareness of LBD through the dissemination of information to healthcare professionals and the general public, offer loving support and services to people with LBD and their care partners, and to promote essential scientific advances.

LBDRC has the only live Helpline for LBD in the United States, available 365 days a year at 516-218-2026 or 833-LBD-LINE.  They offer numerous support groups locally and nationally and have over 8,000 supportive resources on their website at:

To contact Norma Loeb, Executive Director of LBDRC, please call 646-248-9292 or email

Benefit Resource Acquires North Coast Administrators and Signals Expansion in the Great Lakes Region

 Benefit Resource (BRI), a leading provider of innovative and dedicated administration of tax-free benefits programs, announced today the acquisition of North Coast Administrators (NCA), an Ohio-based administrator of consumer-directed benefits and benefit continuation services.

“North Coast Administrators has a long history of providing its clients personalized and dedicated service, an ethos and focus that unites the two organizations. This philosophical alignment made them an ideal fit for our company from a culture and values standpoint. In addition, this transaction further cements our position as the preeminent provider of consumer-directed benefit services across the Great Lakes and the Northeastern United States,” said Jason Hall, CEO of BRI.

BRI and NCA share a vision for what constitutes best-in-class service: ensuring client satisfaction remains at the forefront, with market-leading expertise delivered alongside integrity. In addition to personalized service, BRI ranks 95% and above in customer satisfaction and service aspects, including professionalism, friendliness and responsiveness.

“The NCA team feels this is a very positive and exciting step forward, both for our team and for our clients,” said Nicolette Rios, president of NCA. “We feel that this partnership with BRI will allow our broker partners and clients to receive the same great service they received from NCA, but they will also benefit from partnership with a larger organization. In particular, I know they will be very impressed with the communication and educational tools that BRI offers. BRI has a very similar philosophy in how they approach account management, which made them the ideal choice.”

About Benefit Resource (BRI):

BRI ( provides dedicated pre-tax account administration and COBRA services nationwide to clients ranging from small businesses to Fortune 100 companies. BRI pioneered paperless card technology and continues to lead the industry with a one-card solution for FSA, HRA, HSA, and Parking/Mass Transit plan administration, online enrollment and account management to simplify human resource involvement, and mobile balance and receipt applications to provide added convenience to participants.

About North Coast Administrators (NCA):

NCA’s primary focus is the design and delivery of consumer-driven health benefits plans that range from Section 125 Plans, Commuter Expense Benefits Section 132(f), Flexible Spending (FSA) and Dependent Care Accounts, Health Reimbursement Accounts (HRA), Health Savings Accounts (HSA), to full Cafeteria Plans that include benefit credentials and a full menu of choices. As part of the administration process, they also offer services for our COBRA, HIPAA, retirement, and direct billing clients. They have created efficiencies that allow them to provide superior services at reasonable prices. NCA works to design and implement attractive flexible benefit arrangements that are tailor-made to meet specific objectives and employee populations.

Benefit Resource

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Japan – Human Resource Initiatives Bolster Fujitsu’s Status as DX Leader

Fujitsu today announced its plans to strengthen its status as a leading digital transformation (DX) company that drives DX both in its own and customers’ businesses with the aim of realizing a sustainable society.

Amidst an ever-changing business environment and growing demand for talent with the skills needed to thrive in the digital age, Fujitsu continues to offer new ways to empower its employees to take ownership of their career development, enhancing the mobility of talent throughout the Group to quickly and optimally allocate the right people to the right positions. Fujitsu also provides employees with opportunities for continued growth, such as a group-wide posting program and a system that supports reskilling of its talent. Fujitsu also actively hires on a rolling basis through its new graduate and mid-career recruitment activities.

1. Program to transform talent into “business producers”
Fujitsu implemented a system to support employees with training programs to raise and change their skills and to visualize the skills of its approx. 8,000 sales personnel in Japan, aiming to foster the development of “business producers” responsible for creating new value in cross-industry sectors, rather than filling vertical, industry-specific sales positions.

Going forward, business producers, who are in direct contact with customers, will play a central role in accelerating Fujitsu’s transformation into a DX company.

2. Assigning the right people to the right positions
In fiscal 2020, Fujitsu introduced a job-based human resources system for all manager-class people and up and a group-wide job posting system that allows Group employees that are located in Japan to take on new job positions on their own initiative. In fiscal 2021, approximately 2,000 employees that are located in Japan were transferred or relocated through this group-wide system.

Fujitsu also supports the diversification of careers by utilizing its expertise and experience in responding to job offers from outside the Group, and also offers a system to support employees seeking career course redirection outside of the Fujitsu Group at their own request.

3. Expansion of the temporary “Self-Produce Support System”
As one of the measures to accelerate the optimal allocation of human resources, Fujitsu expanded the existing “Self-Produce Support System”(1), a temporary system to support employees seeking career course redirection outside of the Fujitsu Group. By February 28, 2022, 3,031 employees (full-time employees or those re-employed through the post-retirement re-employment system) mainly 50 years of age or older and employed at Fujitsu or Fujitsu Group companies in Japan had applied for this support.

4. Financial impact of the above initiatives
The expansion of the temporary “Self-Produce Support System” is expected to involve a non-recurring expense of 65 billion yen. This expense is recorded in the consolidated financial results for the fiscal year ending March 2022. Accordingly, the full-year consolidated forecast has been revised as follows.

(1) Self-Produce Support System :
A system that provides a certain level of support to employees who seek career course redirection outside of the Fujitsu Group.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Approximately 126,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries. We use our experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with our customers. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 3.6 trillion yen (US$34 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021. For more information, please see

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