Renowned Speaker Louis Scarantino Captivates Audiences at the 2023 PA Life Sharing Conference and Sets the Stage for the Virtual Wellness Works Vitality Summit

 Autism Advocate and certified motivational speaker Louis Scarantino left an indelible mark at the just concluded 2023 PA Life Sharing conference which took place on the 24 of October, 2023 in Lancaster, PA. He delivered an informative and insightful presentation providing excellent insights about Autism to the audience and also debunking myths about it being a disease. The audience, some of whom were not familiar with Autism or Autistic behaviors were stepping into its awareness for the first time. He talked about how widespread the disorder Autism is, highlighting the fact that it is in fact a disorder and not a disease.

He talked about the signs that indicate the presence of Autism, the treatments to help control and manage this disorder, and also the fact that people with Autism vary significantly with how they are impacted. It is paramount to provide support for these individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Against the backdrop of his powerful quote, “Autism doesn’t define me, I define it,” Louis Scarantino unfolded a narrative of resilience, leadership, and empowerment. The central theme, “Empowering Change Through Leadership,” resonated with the audiences and professionals in the autism and mental health fields.


The Audiences were not only captivated by Louis Scarantino’s dynamic presence but were also moved by his insightful message.

Upcoming Engagement:

Louis Scarantino is set to share an important message during his upcoming speaking gig dated February 22 through 25 at the Virtual Wellness Work Vitality Summit. His speech, titled “Mental Health And Autism; Raising Awareness And Promoting Change,” addresses the vital intersection of mental health and autism. The abstract aims to clear myths, talk about how genetics are connected to mental health problems, and advocate for thorough health care plans.

Excerpt From His Speech:

“Every autistic individual is worth saving,” he highlights that Autism is not a disease to be cured orprevented but a part of Neurodiversity that deserves understanding and acceptance.

About the Speaker:

Louis Scarantino is a distinguished autism advocate, a certified motivational speaker, and a celebrated author within the autism community. He earned his certification from IAP Career College and began his speaking career at Toastmasters. Louis Scarantino has written two influential books, “Finding Love on the Spectrum: An ASD Guide to Dating” and “Autism: The Unstoppable Achiever.” Despite facing challenges in high school, he graduated from college and forged a path of independence. He envisions organizing walks and runs for autism awareness, securing media appearances, and traveling the world to engage in speaking engagements.

Contact Information:

Are you Inspired by Louis Scarantino’s message? Book him for your next event to experience firsthand the transformative power of his insights. Contact Louis Scarantino through GigSalad, his website, or email below.

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Renowned Music Producer Lanardo Myrick Sr. Releases Groundbreaking White Paper on Music Streaming

KANSAS CITY, Mo.Jan. 24, 2024PRLog — Lanardo Myrick Sr., the celebrated music producer known as Producer 9-0 and Co-CEO of KLM Enterprises Services LLC, is proud to announce the release of his first white paper titled “The Evolution of Music Streaming: A Comprehensive White Paper.” This meticulously researched and comprehensive document delves into the transformative world of music streaming, offering valuable insights and knowledge to independent artists and minorities seeking to navigate this dynamic industry.

With over six months of intensive research and analysis, Lanardo Myrick Sr. brings his unparalleled expertise and passion for music to the forefront. The white paper explores the historical evolution of music streaming, from its early digital roots to the emergence of pioneering platforms that have reshaped the music landscape.

“My goal with this white paper is to empower independent artists and minorities by providing them with a deep understanding of the music streaming industry,” says Lanardo Myrick Sr. “Music streaming has revolutionized how we consume and share music, and it’s crucial for artists to grasp its intricacies and opportunities fully.”

Key Highlights of “The Evolution of Music Streaming: A Comprehensive White Paper” include:

– Insights into the rise of digital music and the role of compression algorithms.
– A detailed examination of market leaders and competitors in the music streaming landscape.
– In-depth analysis of subscription-based vs. ad-supported models.
– Exploration of user behavior and demographics within the music streaming audience.
– A look into technological advancements such as high-quality audio streaming and AI algorithms.
– Examination of the impact of music streaming on artists, with a focus on revenue distribution and opportunities for independent artists.
– The role of music streaming in the broader music industry, including revenue generation, marketing, and artist-listener engagement.
– Future trends and innovations in the music streaming space, including spatial audio and blockchain technology.

This groundbreaking white paper is expected to be a valuable resource for artists, industry professionals, and anyone interested in the evolution of music streaming. Lanardo Myrick Sr.’s commitment to bridging the knowledge gap in the music industry is evident in his extensive research and dedication to creating a comprehensive guide.

“The Evolution of Music Streaming: A Comprehensive White Paper” is now available for download > <

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About Lanardo Myrick Sr.:

Lanardo Myrick Sr., also known as Producer 9-0, is a renowned music producer and the Co-CEO of KLM Enterprises Services LLC. With a passion for music that spans decades, Lanardo has made significant contributions to the music industry. His white paper, “The Evolution of Music Streaming: A Comprehensive White Paper,” marks his commitment to educating and empowering independent artists and minorities in the digital age.

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Renowned Iranian Artist Farshchian Showcases Famous Painting at Prestigious Sotheby’s Auction House

Mahmoud Farshchian, 93, the renowned Iranian artist, continues to captivate art enthusiasts with his exceptional talent and artistic vision. FarshchianART — a foundation created by the Farschian family and dedicated to collecting, exhibiting, preserving, and interpreting the art and archives of Mahmoud Farshchian — has announced that one of his paintings inspired by the original “Fifth Day of Creation” fetched an impressive price of $120,000 at a prestigious auction held at Sotheby’s. This sale highlights the enduring appeal and value of Farshchian’s works in the art market.

Master Mahmoud Farshchian
Master Mahmoud Farshchian
Farshchian Painting
Farshchian Painting

“Fifth Day Of Creation” – 6×4 feet – circa 1980s – estimated at 1.8 million USD, captured the adoration of collector Stuart Cary Welch. He commissioned Farshchian, who painted an inspired painting of 3×2 feet.

When Welch saw Farshchian’s collection, he stated: “Once experienced, Farshchian’s pictures tend to linger in our minds, revealing new facets…. Through his enticing, sometimes upsetting worlds, Farshchian’s brush dances to the rhythms of traditional vegetal arabesques.”

— DR. STUART CARY WELCH, Curator – Harvard University Art Museums, 1970-1995

Mahmoud Farshchian, who is currently 94 years old and residing in Englewood Cliffs, NJ, has been recognized as a master of Persian miniature painting for several decades. His unique style, blending traditional Persian elements with contemporary influences, has garnered international acclaim. With a career spanning over six decades, Farshchian’s artworks have become highly sought after by collectors and art enthusiasts worldwide.

Leila Farshchian, the director of, expressed her delight at the auction result, stating, “We are thrilled to witness the continued appreciation of my father’s work in the art world. The sale of the inspired commissioned ‘Fifth Day of Creation’ for $120,000 reaffirms the enduring value of Mahmoud Farshchian’s artistic legacy. His ability to evoke profound emotions through his brushstrokes is truly remarkable.”

It is worth noting that Farshchian’s paintings have achieved even higher prices in the United States, with some reaching up to $1,800,000. The artist’s ability to capture the essence of Persian culture, history, and spirituality has resonated deeply with collectors, establishing Farshchian as an icon of Persian art.

For more information about Mahmoud Farshchian and his extraordinary artworks, please visit

About Mahmoud Farshchian:

Mahmoud Farshchian is a renowned Iranian artist known for his mastery of Persian miniature painting. With a career spanning over six decades, Farshchian’s works have been exhibited and collected in prestigious galleries and museums worldwide. His unique artistic style combines traditional Persian techniques with contemporary influences, creating captivating and evocative compositions.

Renowned Physician-Pharmacist Dr. Anita Gupta joins Erez Capital, Bringing Healthcare Innovation Expertise on Board.

Erez Capital is proud to announce the addition of Dr. Anita Gupta to its esteemed team of Venture Partners. Dr. Gupta, a global leader in healthcare innovation, is renowned for her ground-breaking contributions to the medical field and her exceptional expertise in anesthesiology and pain management.
With an illustrious career and a portfolio of remarkable accomplishments, Dr. Anita Gupta has made a significant impact on healthcare innovation and patient advocacy. As a World Economic Forum Member Expert, she has been recognized as one of the Top 10 Women of Influence in healthcare by Fierce Healthcare. Her educational background includes prestigious institutions such as Princeton and Harvard Business School, further solidifying her position as an award-winning executive and an exceptional leader in her field.

Throughout her career, Dr. Gupta’s dedication to healthcare innovation has led her to spearhead pioneering initiatives in the United States. Notably, her advocacy at the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) resulted in the expansion of naloxone for frontline use in combatting overdoses, addressing the drug crisis head-on. Dr. Gupta’s vigilance also played a crucial role in identifying and mitigating the impact of synthetic opioids, such as fentanyl, in the Philadelphia drug trade.

In recognition of her exceptional expertise, Dr. Anita Gupta has been appointed as a member of the National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Global Forum on Innovation. Her distinguished title of Distinguished Fellow member at the National Academies of Practice further emphasizes her impact in the medical community.

Dr. Gupta’s remarkable contributions have not gone unnoticed, earning her features in renowned publications such as the New York Times, Washington Post, Forbes, CNN, MSNBC, The Huffington Post, and the Milken Power of Ideas. Her leadership and expertise have been acknowledged through numerous prestigious awards, including the Patient Advocacy Award by the National Academies, being named one of the Top 100 Most Inspiring Leaders by PharmaVoice, and being recognized as one of the Top 10 Healthcare Business Leaders in Philadelphia. Additionally, Dr. Gupta has been honored as one of the Top 10 Emerging Leaders by Pharmaceutical Executives and as a Goldman Sachs 10K Small Business Scholar, among other esteemed accolades.

Dr. Anita Gupta’s addition to Erez Capital reinforces the firm’s commitment to collaborating with top-tier professionals and industry leaders to foster innovation and make a lasting impact in the healthcare sector.

About Erez Capital:

Erez Capital is an early-stage venture capital firm in Boston, investing in seed-stage startup companies at the forefront of digital transformation.

Noah Ente, Erez Capital

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Renowned Digital Marketer Jay Mehta Launches New Business, a cutting-edge digital solutions provider, is excited to announce the launch of its new business. The company specializes in providing a wide range of digital services such as website analysis, e-commerce, digital marketing, and more, catering to businesses of all sizes.

“We are thrilled to unveil our new business and bring our expertise in digital solutions to the market,” said Jay Mehta, CEO of “Our goal is to help businesses succeed in the digital age by providing them with the tools and support they need to thrive.” is led by a team of highly skilled professionals with years of experience in the industry. The company’s track record of delivering successful projects and exceptional customer service sets them apart in the digital solutions provider space.

“We understand the ever-changing digital landscape and the challenges that businesses face in today’s market. Our solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of each client, helping them to achieve their digital goals,” said Jay.

The company’s website,, features a sleek and modern design, easy navigation, and a wealth of valuable information about the company’s products and services. The website also includes an interactive blog, case studies, a resource center, and a contact form for easy communication with the team.

“We invite everyone to visit our website and explore the many ways we can help them achieve their digital goals,” Jay said. “We look forward to serving our customers and partners with the best solutions and support in the industry.”

For more information, please contact:

Jay Mehta

Jay Mehta



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