Autism Advocate and certified motivational speaker Louis Scarantino left an indelible mark at the just concluded 2023 PA Life Sharing conference which took place on the 24 of October, 2023 in Lancaster, PA. He delivered an informative and insightful presentation providing excellent insights about Autism to the audience and also debunking myths about it being a disease. The audience, some of whom were not familiar with Autism or Autistic behaviors were stepping into its awareness for the first time. He talked about how widespread the disorder Autism is, highlighting the fact that it is in fact a disorder and not a disease.

He talked about the signs that indicate the presence of Autism, the treatments to help control and manage this disorder, and also the fact that people with Autism vary significantly with how they are impacted. It is paramount to provide support for these individuals with intellectual disabilities.

Against the backdrop of his powerful quote, “Autism doesn’t define me, I define it,” Louis Scarantino unfolded a narrative of resilience, leadership, and empowerment. The central theme, “Empowering Change Through Leadership,” resonated with the audiences and professionals in the autism and mental health fields.


The Audiences were not only captivated by Louis Scarantino’s dynamic presence but were also moved by his insightful message.

Upcoming Engagement:

Louis Scarantino is set to share an important message during his upcoming speaking gig dated February 22 through 25 at the Virtual Wellness Work Vitality Summit. His speech, titled “Mental Health And Autism; Raising Awareness And Promoting Change,” addresses the vital intersection of mental health and autism. The abstract aims to clear myths, talk about how genetics are connected to mental health problems, and advocate for thorough health care plans.

Excerpt From His Speech:

“Every autistic individual is worth saving,” he highlights that Autism is not a disease to be cured orprevented but a part of Neurodiversity that deserves understanding and acceptance.

About the Speaker:

Louis Scarantino is a distinguished autism advocate, a certified motivational speaker, and a celebrated author within the autism community. He earned his certification from IAP Career College and began his speaking career at Toastmasters. Louis Scarantino has written two influential books, “Finding Love on the Spectrum: An ASD Guide to Dating” and “Autism: The Unstoppable Achiever.” Despite facing challenges in high school, he graduated from college and forged a path of independence. He envisions organizing walks and runs for autism awareness, securing media appearances, and traveling the world to engage in speaking engagements.

Contact Information:

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