Quantum Computing Startup-Nanofiber Quantum Technologies Secures $8.5m Funding

PALO ALTO, CA, Sept 16, 2023 – (ACN Newswire) – Nanofiber Quantum Technologies Inc. (“NanoQT”) raised $8.5m from leading venture capital investors. Phoenix Venture Partners (PvP) in the US, and Japan’s JAFCO Group Co Ltd, SPARX Group Co Ltd, Keio Innovation Initiative, Inc. (KII), and Waseda University Ventures (WUV) financed the round through convertible notes.

Founded in 2022, NanoQT is a leading startup company focused on fiber connectable quantum computing hardware. Unlike superconducting circuits and ion traps for quantum computing, NanoQT uses a technology called nanofiber cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (QED). This technology has been derived from over a decade of intensive research by Professor Takao Aoki at Waseda University, Japan, a leading expert in quantum computing and co-founder of NanoQT.

NanoQT owns a novel and proprietary quantum processing unit (QPU) that employs neutral atoms and photons as qubits, capable of processing and storing quantum information while communicating with other QPUs. Modularity and scalability of interconnected QPUs offer a unique platform for distributed quantum computing and quantum networks for a variety of useful applications. NanoQT’s QPU aims to revolutionize quantum computing.

“While cavity QED has long been a recognized platform in quantum computing, developing the ideal cavity posed significant challenges. We’ve overcome these challenges using our proprietary QED technology,” comments Dr. Akihisa Goban, NanoQT’s CTO and co-founder, who studied cavity QED technologies under Professor Jeff Kimble at Caltech.

“We are thrilled with the support from our US and Japanese investors. We aim to spotlight our unique approach and its strengths. With the funding, our primary objective is to develop our proprietary QPU for quantum repeaters, an innovation not yet seen in the market,” proclaims Dr. Masashi Hirose, NanoQT’s CEO and co-founder, an MIT graduate and former McKinsey and Company consultant.

“For PvP, investing in NanoQT isn’t merely another venture investment. This is our first investment in a Japan-origin startup. We are deeply impressed by NanoQT’s innovative approach in the quantum hardware sector and are pleased to support their US expansion,” expresses Dr. Nobi Kambe, General Partner of PvP.

“Our confidence in NanoQT’s potential comes from its leadership. The investment is rooted in our belief in NanoQT’s management team led by Dr. Hirose and Dr. Goban. We’re confident they can assemble a global team well beyond Japan,” comments Keisuke Miyoshi, the President and CEO of JAFCO.

Takaki Demichi, Director and Head of Mirai Creation Investment (SPARX), has a similar sentiment. “NanoQT’s distinct approach doesn’t just introduce novelty. It crucially addresses the longstanding challenge of connectivity, enhancing the scalability of quantum computers.”

Naoji Nomura, Principal of KII, emphasizes that “NanoQT is an outstanding startup with extremely high potential for the global social implementation of moonshot-class quantum network technology, developed over many years at Japanese universities.”

Dr. Hiroaki Ohta, General Partner of WUV, mentioned, “We are delighted to invest again, having supported NanoQT since the seed round. NanoQT has shown significant growth, especially in terms of collaborations, the R&D team, and intellectual property, which are fundamental for a hardware startup.”

Fueled by this funding, NanoQT plans to accelerate its R&D, onboard talent from the US and Japan, and foster collaborations with academia and private corporations. With the Japan-US synergy, armed with cutting-edge technology, and oriented towards US-Japan collaborations, NanoQT aspires to exemplify global collaboration in the quantum computing field.

About Nanofiber Quantum Technologies, Inc.

Nanofiber Quantum Technologies (NanoQT) is a technology company that develops quantum processing units (QPU) using a novel and proprietary nanofiber cavity Quantum Electrodynamics (QED) system. NanoQT aims to develop connected QPUs that operate as quantum repeaters and distributed computational units. NanoQT currently operates in Tokyo, Japan, and California, US.

Nanofiber Quantum Technologies, NanoQT, and logo are trademarks of Nanofiber Quantum Technologies, Inc.

Contact Information
Dai Tsukada 
Head of Operations 

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The Quantum Muse Artist Pushes The Boundaries Of The Human Expression, With AI Technology

Cynthia Pinot Dinelli, AKA The Quantum Muse, Sees The Next Frontier In The Artistic Community, And It Is Very Integrated In Technology. ​

The Quantum Muse

The Quantum Muse

AUSTIN, TexasJan. 2, 2023PRLog — The Quantum Muse, Cynthia Pinot Dinelli is an American artist, jewelry designer, and product photographer. Cynthia started drawing at  young age, and was a lead photographer at a professional photography studio at age 22 with Kodak in Austin Texas.

Cynthia, A former American film and television actress-model worked in Hollywood for over 12 years, with directors like Brett Ratner, Bryan Spicer, Jon Cassar and James Wong. Cynthia has worked with Jackie Chan, Catherine Zeta-Jones, Chris Tucker, Jet Lee and Tom Arnold and Jennifer Garner. Pinot has appeared in the television series Alias and featured on the first season of 24 with Kiefer Sutherland.Anne Bancroft was Cynthia’s Mentor in early 2001-2002.

Cynthia creates artworks that use a variety of media and techniques – drawing, sculpture, photography, and generative AI and programmed computer-based interaction.  Cynthia was diagnosed with Synesthesia in two forms: Chromesthesia, and Spatial Sequence Synesthesia at age eight.

Inspired by the Dutch masters and pointillism artists  from the 1800’s comic book era, Cynthia now plays with traditional photography and illustrations, combining that with contemporary digital tools to push the velocity and boundaries of the human expression.

​Cynthia having a close relationship with her brother, an engineer who has worked on such projects involving OAK RIDGE NATIONAL LABORATORY, [Frontier, the supercomputer that broke the exascale barrier.” That was the introduction by Oak Ridge National Laboratory- at a small, public event on August 17 to officially dedicate the supercomputer, which in May became the first system (https://www.hpcwire.com/2022/05/30/the-final-frontier-us-…) to achieve over 1.0 exaflops of 64-bit performance on the HPL benchmark, which determines system rankings on the prestigious, semi-annual Top500 list. The unveiling was a crowning achievement for ORNL and the U.S. Department of Energy.], Cynthia sees the next frontier of the artistic community, and it is very integrated with technology.

“Information, time, technology is moving faster, and as artists it is our responsibility to humanity to continue to push the boundaries, communicate, document history through our eyes. We are on the precipice of something big, the next big artistic movement. We, cannot as a community, be afraid of technology. They are tools, that’s all.  I already see my ai work being copied and to me that’s beautiful. It means I’ve inspired someone. I know why the geometry implemented has created the end result, I know why the pearls are where they are, and I know where the faces come from, AI will never wipe out the artist. There are pioneers, and then those that follow. We are soul, organic, and beautiful”

​This artistic provocateur describes her world as both magical and ethereal. She paints her mind with geometry, physics, music, color, her affinity, and deep connection to science & universe.

​An artistic visionary, somewhat elusive, Cynthia Pinot lends her quiet creative voice and powerhouse talent to the Texas artistic community.

Quantum FOMM Acquires FOMM One Rights for Japan, Thailand and Global Market Expansion

Quantum FOMM Limited (“QF”), a subsidiary of Quantum Solutions (“Quantum”) and a joint venture with FOMM Corporation (“FOMM”), announced on 31 January 2022 that it has entered into a Framework Agreement (“Agreement”) with FOMM for the manufacturing and distribution of FOMM One, FOMM’s first electric vehicle model and one of Japan’s few approved EV kei car on the road today. This Agreement solidifies Quantum’s entry into the EV sector, laying the groundwork to become a leader in quality, affordable, micro-EV.

Through this Agreement, FOMM grants QF the exclusive licensing rights for the manufacturing and sales of FOMM One, along with all necessary intellectual property rights, in the countries and regions of China (including Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan), Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and Latin America. In FOMM One’s existing markets of Japan and Thailand, QF will partner with existing dealers for distribution of the vehicles.

Based in Kanagawa Prefecture, FOMM was founded in 2013 by a team of auto engineers who had previously developed electric vehicles at Suzuki Motor Corporation. Over the years, FOMM developed its first micro, electric four-seater kei car model, FOMM One, to cater to the specific needs of the Japanese market.

Specifically, in Japan, kei means “light”, and these vehicles are known for their affordability and small engines. The category makes up about a third of new domestic automobile sales annually, as the vehicles are a popular means of transportation especially in rural areas, where public transport systems are sparse and roads are narrow. While FOMM One is geared towards general consumers in the kei car category, demand is also expected from local governments, commercial businesses such as logistics company, ride-shares and more. As the Japanese government pledges to decarbonize Japan by 2050 with plans to ban the sale of new gasoline-only vehicles by mid-2030’s, FOMM One is well positioned for market share growth in the Japanese car market.

Beyond Japan, Quantum and QF plans to expand its footprint to select ASEAN and Latin America cities where national and local governments are embracing affordable and sustainable mobility solutions in unprecedented ways. Compensation of such rights is 200 million JPY, as announced in the “Notification for Change in Use of Funds from 8th Series of Stock Acquisition Rights.” Quantum plans to raise 175 million JPY through the Series 8 Stock Acquisition Rights and allocate the remaining 25 million JPY from cash on hand.

About Quantum Solutions Limited (2338.T)
Quantum Solutions is a Tokyo Stock Exchange listed company engaged in the EV sector.

About Quantum FOMM Limited
Incorporated in Hong Kong, Quantum FOMM is a subsidiary of Quantum Solutions and a joint venture with FOMM Corporation. The joint venture is designated for EV business of Quantum.

About FOMM Corporation
Based in Kanagawa prefecture of Japan and established in 2013, FOMM is an R&D and design-oriented mobility company specializing in planning and developing compact mobility using innovative designs and technologies.

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Japan – Establishment of Quantum Strategic Industry Alliance for Revolution (Q-STAR)

The Founders’ Association of the Council for New Industry Creation through Quantum Technology was formed on May 31, 2021 to advance preparations for establishing an industry council to promote initiatives in quantum technologies. Today, the 24 companies of the association, at their general meeting, formally established the council under a new name, the Quantum Strategic Industry Alliance for Revolution: Q-STAR.

The quantum age is now approaching and expectations are growing worldwide for the realization of safe, secure lifestyles and a better society. Japan aims to position itself as a quantum technology innovation-oriented nation, and to create new industries through services that leverage its strengths in materials, devices, measuring technologies, computers and communications, simulations and other technologies. Q-STAR will contribute to this with global leadership in the promotion of activities that advance science and technology in this new era, and by promoting Japanese industry and strengthening international competitiveness.

Q-STAR will invite the participation of diverse industries that support its objectives and initiatives, and will collaborate with industry, academia, and government in promoting initiatives that apply new technologies, and establishing related technology platforms. Q-STAR’s concerns include reassessments of basic principles and laws related to quantum technology, carrying out surveys and making recommendations on its applicability and on necessary industrial structures, systems, rules, etc. Q-STAR will also aim to establish a globally-recognized platform that will promote collaboration with other organizations around the world working in quantum technology.
Outline of Q-STAR:

Name: Quantum Strategic Industry Alliance for Revolution
Established: September 1, 2021
Form of Establishment: Voluntary association

Steering Committee Members:
– Satoshi Tsunakawa, Representative Executive Officer, President and CEO, Toshiba Corporation (Chair)
– Takeshi Uchiyamada, Representative Director, Chairman of the Board of Directors, Toyota Motor Corporation
– Nobuhiro Endo, Chairman of the Board, NEC Corporation (Vice-Chair)
– Hiromichi Shinohara, Chairman of the Board, Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation (Vice-Chair)
– Toshiaki Higashihara, Director, Representative Executive Officer, Executive Chairman & CEO, Hitachi, Ltd. (Vice-Chair)
– Takahito Tokita, Representative Director, CEO and CDXO, Fujitsu Limited (Vice-Chair)
Masayuki Waga, President & CEO, Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation (Vice-Chair)

Members of Q-STAR: 24 companies (random order):
– ITOCHU Techno-Solutions Corporation (CTC)
– SBS Holdings, Inc.
– Canon Inc.
– JSR Corporation
– Sumitomo Corporation
– SOMPO Holdings, Inc.
– Dai-ichi Life Insurance Company, Ltd.
– Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd.
– Daiwa Securities Group Inc.
– Chodai Co., Ltd.
– Tokio Marine Holdings, Inc.
– Toshiba Corporation
– Toppan Inc.
– Toyota Motor Corporation
– NEC Corporation
– Nippon Telegraph and Telephone Corporation
– Hitachi, Ltd.
– Fujitsu Limited
– Mizuho Financial Group, Inc.
– Mitsui Sumitomo Insurance Company, Ltd.
– Sumitomo Mitsui Financial Group, Inc.
– Mitsui & Co., Ltd.
– Mitsubishi Chemical Corporation
– Mitsubishi Electric Corporation

Main activities of Q-STAR:
1. Investigate and research trends in quantum technology
Investigate and research general trends in quantum technology, and share information among top management within industry
2. Investigate, research, and propose industrial applications of quantum technology
Investigate and research applicability in multiple fields
3. Investigate and examine quantum-related technologies
Investigate, examine and share information on materials and devices required for quantum technology
4. Investigate, plan, and make proposal for required human resources
Investigate, plan, make proposals and exchange opinions on how to develop the human resources needed to make full use of quantum technology
5. Investigate and examine systems and rules
Investigate and examine necessary information on intellectual property and standardization, ethics and trust required for the implementation of quantum technology
6. Collaborate with quantum-related organizations in Japan and overseas
Cooperate with other organizations, both domestic and overseas, working in quantum-related areas, in order to promote Q-STAR’s objectives
7. Others
Raise public awareness, make policy recommendations, etc.

Activities of the Subcommittees:

Q-STAR will identify areas to investigate in information and communication technology (quantum computing, quantum cryptography, etc.), basic technologies (materials, devices, etc.), important application areas (quantum materials, quantum biology/ medicine, quantum biotechnology, quantum sensors, quantum AI, etc.), human resources, systems and rules, etc., and establish further subcommittees as necessary.

– Subcommittee on Quantum Wave and Quantum Probability Theory Applications
Tasked with exploring the creation of new industries using quantum amplitude estimation and optimization. The objective is to create industries with the potential to become mainstays in various areas while also spanning multiple industries, including the financial sector, which has a close affinity with these technologies.

– Subcommittee on Quantum Superposition Applications
Tasked with taking a broad view of the systems, services, and businesses created by the application of quantum superposition, the most important capability of quantum computers. It will also examine changes in existing industries and industry structures that will result. By collaborating with users and vendors to draw a new image of society, the aim is to create new industries that will become future pillars and mainstays of industry, and that span multiple industries.

– Subcommittee on Optimization and Combinatorial Problems
Tasked with using quantum-inspired computing technology (Ising Machine) that almost instantaneously selects the optimum solution from among an enormous number of combinations to solve diverse problems facing industry in areas including real-time prediction, efficiency, and optimization.

– Subcommittee on Quantum Cryptography and Quantum Communications
Tasked with examining business use of quantum cryptography communication, a technology already available, and aim to open up a future pioneered by communications that guarantee information-theoretically security.

About Fujitsu

Fujitsu is the leading Japanese information and communication technology (ICT) company offering a full range of technology products, solutions and services. Approximately 126,000 Fujitsu people support customers in more than 100 countries. We use our experience and the power of ICT to shape the future of society with our customers. Fujitsu Limited (TSE:6702) reported consolidated revenues of 3.6 trillion yen (US$34 billion) for the fiscal year ended March 31, 2021. For more information, please see www.fujitsu.com.

For the media
Q-STAR press contact:
Toshiba Corporation
Corporate Communications Division, Media Relations Office
Phone: +81-3-3457-2100

Note: Please contact individual member companies directly with inquiries related to their specific activities.

Quantum Solutions’ Capital Alliance Partner Applies for IPO in Hong Kong

According to the announcement dated in respect to “Notification for Change in Use of Fund by the Capital Partnership and the 2nd Series of Unsecured Convertible Bond with Stock Acquisition Rights”, Quantum Solutions, through Asia TeleTech Investment Limited, an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary, invested in Limited Partnership (“LLP”) which in turn has invested in SenseTime Group Inc. (“STG”). The Group noticed that STG had filed an initial public offering (IPO) application with The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited on August 27, 2021.

Details of this IPO will be disclosed as soon as possible after confirmation.

Quantum Solutions Co.,Ltd. Company Summary
Company name: Quantum Solutions Co.,Ltd.
(Second section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange Stock code: 2338)
Address: 102-0073. Kudan VIGAS Bldg. 3F, 1-10-9 Kudan Kita, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Representative: SHAO YUN, Chairman of the board
Capital: 2,559 million yen
Businesses: Content development and distribution Software development
Company URL: https://www.quantum-s.co.jp/en/

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