Romania at the Paris Peace Conference by Sherman David Spector Now Available from Histria Books

 Histria Books is pleased to announce the release of Romania at the Paris Peace Conference: A Study of the Diplomacy of Ioan I.C. Brătianu by Sherman David Spector. The book is published by the Center for Romanian Studies, an independent academic research institute, based in the United States, whose mission is to promote knowledge and understanding of Romanian history and culture in the world. Titles from the Center for Romanian Studies are published exclusively by Histria Books.

Romania at the Paris Peace Conference studies the diplomacy of Ioan I.C. Brătianu during World War I and in its aftermath that led to the formation of Greater Romania. The book describes the successful struggle waged by the Romanian government for recognition of the provisions of the secret treaty of 1916 and, in addition, for approval of the de facto annexation of Bessarabia, carried out in 1918 with the encouragement of the Central Powers. A substantial share of the credit for this achievement, Spector asserts, must be given to Ioan I.C. Brătianu, a skillful negotiator who answered all attempts to delineate more equitable frontiers with a rigid restatement of Romania’s full claims.

Sherman David Spector was a professor of history at Russell Sage College in New York. A noted American specialist on the history of the Romanians, his other works include A History of the Balkan Peoples (with Rene Ristelhueber).

Romania at the Paris Peace Conference: A Study of the Diplomacy of Ioan I.C. Brătianu, 358 pp., Hardcover, ISBN 978-1-59211-140-4, (illustrated, map, index) is available at and from all major book retailers. As of July 1, 2022, all titles published under the various imprints of Histria Books are distributed worldwide by the Independent Publishers Group. For information on publishing with Histria Books, please visit or contact us at

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‘Emily in Paris’ Costume Designers Go for Bolder and Brighter in Season 2

From that one-of-a-kind sculptured flower dress to the unforgettable bucket hat, the fashions of Emily in Paris’ first season left a distinct impression on viewers. So, suffice it to say, the pressure was high when cameras started rolling on Season 2. Thankfully, both costume designer Marylin Fitoussi and Emmy-winning consulting costume designer Patricia Field are back on board to style Emily & Co. Ahead of the comedy’s highly anticipated return on Dec. 22, we spoke with Fitoussi and Field about how the costumes differ this season, working with star and executive producer Lily Collins and their approach to costuming this season’s key pieces.

Coming off the success of Season 1, how have you worked to differentiate the costuming in Season 2?

Marylin Fitoussi: Part of the first season’s success was the freedom the costume design gave people to mix things up however they liked. It showed them that they could combine polka dots and stripes, throw colors together, and not limit themselves. My motto, for this season and the last, has always been: “Too much good taste is boring.” My trademark is eclecticism and mixing everything together. So if people thought Season 1 was a little much, a little flashy, then Season 2 will be more so. And I’m proud of it. Emily has a strong personality, and we’ll keep her costumes just as strong this season.

Patricia Field: It was very important that we try not to repeat what we did in the first season. I wanted to show our audience some new ideas. Last season we used a lot of black and white, so I didn’t want to do that anymore. We didn’t want to do the bucket hat again, obviously, because we don’t want to bore our audience. We don’t want them to think, “Oh, I saw that already.” We want to provide something new and exciting and interesting. Fashion is liquid and fashion, the most important thing, as far as I’m concerned about fashion, is, as other forms of art, it reflects the time. Whatever time we’re in, you will see it in the fashion. But we try to avoid fashion trends in the show. I say over and over again that trends die young; trends get very tired very quickly.

Can you talk about continuing to work with Lily Collins this season?

Fitoussi: It’s wonderful, she’s completely absorbed all of Emily’s mannerisms, her vocabulary, everything that goes into Emily’s very special look. Since Lily is a total professional, she never says no. It’s true there are outfits that pull her up short; when she sees some combinations she says, “Really?” with a little smile. If it’s just the least bit disturbing, I know it’s good. If she’s not shocked, I say, “It must still be too simple.” We try a lot of things, I put together catalogs of outfits to show her and from that she decides which she wants to try, what speaks to her. She is very open. Luckily, none of our actors set limits. They trust me and they trust Patricia, and it’s wonderful to work that way, because we can take it a little further every time. We can set the bar higher.

How do you approach sourcing the key costuming pieces?

Fitoussi: For the past seven years, I’ve been pushing upcycling and recycling. We only buy new if something is needed the next day and can’t be delivered in time. I love vintage shops, I’m friends with most of the Paris vintage store owners. They phone me when they have unique or very special pieces; anything that the ordinary mortal would shy away from. For Season 2, I decided my challenge would be to combine a couture piece, Dior or Balmain, with a young designer, with a vintage piece, with something you would find at a store like H&M or Zara. Everyone must be able to buy something they love, according to their resources. Buy designer if you can, buy H&M. I do most of my shopping between 3:30 and 5:30 a.m., that’s when my mind is at its best.

Color seems to be a very important part of the costuming, especially for Emily’s character. Can you talk a bit about the importance color carries this season?

Field: I recently coined an expression for myself that describes what reaction I like to see with costuming, and it’s “happy clothes.” I love color. It enables me to mix and match different combinations that catch peoples’ attention. Emily is the perfect gal for color because when we first started, I was told she’s from the Midwest, so she dresses in a Midwestern style. We found, I believe, the right recipe for her last season, and color has been a huge part of that. People like color and need color these days. When we aired episode one, I heard over and over again that it was so much fun to watch Emily in Paris during the pandemic, and that it helped lift peoples’ spirits. That has made me happy, and so I hope the clothes this season continue to make our audience happy.

VIDEO: Emily in Paris | The Fabulous Fashions of Season 2 | Netflix

Black Empowerment Startup Brand Launches with Men’s Underwear

Pro Black London, a black-owned male underwear brand, has launched. The brand promotes black empowerment for minority businesses and to elevate black people. 

In light of the Black Lives Matter movement, Pro Black London, a London based startup, has announced its new brand and official website Pro Black London is a black-owned company that focuses on fashion underwear both for male and female. This newcomer fashion startup produces male underwear, which boosts confidence, finesse, comfort, and style for men in all walks of life. During the brand launch, Pro Black London founder said, “By supporting black-owned businesses you are not only supporting black communities., but also strengthening local Black economies. By purchasing more from Black-owned businesses, you can also contribute to shrinking the racial wealth gap.”

Pro Black London’s main product is male underwear created in comfortable and high-quality materials, which boost confidence and comfort in daily use. “We have released three packages of trunks which you can choose with confidence and as needed. “Said the company representative. Pro Black London has released 3 packages of male underwear designed to absorb excessive sweating and keep the body cool. They include PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (SINGULAR), PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (3PACKS), AND PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (3PACKS-MIXED). The first package PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (SINGULAR), the package only contains a single Trunk with a price of £15. Moreover, the second package PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (3PACKS), contains 3 trunks with a single color, and the price is £40. While the third package is PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (3PACKS-MIXED), it contains 3 trunks with several color combinations. PRO BLACK MEN’S TRUNKS (3PACKS-MIXED) price is the same as the second package. With well-designed and easy navigation, Pro Black London presents a great shopping experience and accepts worldwide orders.


About Pro Black London

Pro Black London is a new men’s underwear brand from the UK. The company produces male underwear that enhances confidence, comfort, and style for men. Pro Black London aims to push its consumers to do better, be better, and live better whether you are black or an ally of the Black Lives Matter movement. The brand is available worldwide with a strong presence in key cities with large black populations such as London, New York, Paris, and Atlanta. Join Pro Black London to support a truly authentic, vibrant black-owned brand. For more information or to purchase Pro Black London’s products, please visit




Contact info:

Address: 17a Electric Ln, Brixton, London SW9 8LA