“This is so Needed!”: Almost Two Years in, Non-Profit HomeShare American River Celebrates Dozens of Happy Housemates

 In July 2021, interfaith non-profit Placer People of Faith Together launched a powerful, versatile tool to unlock both rental income and naturally-affordable housing throughout the Greater Sacramento live-work area. More than 50 such non-profit supported homesharing programs have been valuably serving their communities throughout the US, some for as long as 50 years. But there was no such service in our region until PPoFT decided to start HomeShare American River.

Almost two years later, non-profit housemate-matching and -support service HomeShare American River (HSAR) has matched up dozens of happy housemates across the region into safe, fair, valuable, and durable arrangements. HSAR makes matches in homes (whether owned or rented) located within an hour’s drive of Roseville, including Nevada City, Placerville, Lodi, Dixon, Yuba City, and Marysville. HSAR provides help for potential “Hosts” and “Guests” throughout the entire arrangement: screening, matchmaking (including facilitating exchanges of household services for lowered rent), and active support/troubleshooting. And while Hosts set the rents they charge, HSAR doesn’t charge them or their Guests anything for its service, including the background checks. Instead, HSAR is entirely funded by the Agency on Aging/Area 4 and a generous private donor, meaning that HSAR is beholden to neither Host nor Guest… just to its social mission to serve both of them equally for as long as they live together.

Since launching, HSAR has made 16 matches from North Auburn to Elk Grove. Matched Hosts and Guests vary widely in age (22-84), rents paid ($550-900, including utilities), income, and walks of life, but all have the most important thing in common: they make “great neighbors down the hall” to each other. And that also means HSAR has effectively created many new units of housing, without hammering a single nail.

As Executive Director and Co-Founder Justin Ellerby says, “Two things tell me that this service can make a dent in a lot of big problems. One: The gratitude and relief I hear from our happily-matched clients. Two: Almost everyone I tell about this service reacts with almost the exact same words: ‘This is SO needed!’”

Potential Hosts, Guests, partners, and supporters can learn more about HSAR at homeshareamericanriver.org/collaborate or by calling (916) 360-0074.

HomeShare American River
Justin Ellerby
Media Contact: Tara Benavides, Outreach and Research Coordinator, tara@homeshareamericanriver.org , (916) 360-0074



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Help Where Help is Needed: Social Spirits Company “Vodka 4 Peace” Launches in the US

 Help where help is needed.

Just in time for the Ukrainian Independence Day, the Social Spirits Brand “Vodka 4 Peace” is launching their limited edition “Vodka Zelensky” in the US.

Caused by the sudden war in the Ukraine, this Swiss team founded a social impact brand within 7 days: Aim immediate support for Ukrainians. In just 5 months, they went from an idea to social impact brand selling in over 5 countries (Switzerland, Germany, Austria, UK, Georgia) and now, also available in the United States of America.

Already 34,400 CHF donations made directly to selected humanitarian NGOs in Ukraine. For example: Ohmatdyt children’s hospital, is the largest children’s hospital in Kyiv and the Dusha Foundation, which helps low-income families and single mothers who have had to flee the war zone. With the donated money, the organisation buys and delivers humanitarian aid in the form of food and basic daily necessities directly to the families that need them most.

“The launch of Vodka 4 Peace in the United States is a milestone moment for the Social Impact brand,” said Georgia von Gleichen, one of the founders of Vodka 4 Peace. “We are constantly looking to grow our markets and with the Americas we are taking it to the next level. Our mission is to become the social impact brand helping people in need all over the world.”

This next step came with a new partnership. For every bottle sold in the US, there is a donation of $1 to BlueCheck Ukraine, an organisation co-founded by Liev Schreiber (actor, film director, screenwriter). They vet urgent financial support to non-governmental organisations and aid initiatives in Ukraine.

“It was a great opportunity to talk about our cooperation and the efforts we can take to help Ukraine,” Georgia says after she met Liev during the World Economic Forum Davos, Switzerland in Summer 2022.

The Product:

The Social Spirit Brand Vodka 4 Peace produces in small private distilleries in Switzerland and Germany.

The Vodka is three times distilled with 40% alc./vol. and filled into 700ml glas bottles. It’s designed to represent the cause, and also intended to symbolise “Peace” in Ukraine. The limited edition “Vodka Zelensky” will retail for $41.99 and will be available to order online through www.vodka4peace.com and also through www.Passionspirits.com as of today 24th of August 2022. It will be available in New York, Florida and California, with more states to come due to stock by end of September.


They are proud of their collaboration with Gate Group in UK. Vodka 4 Peace 5cl bottle is available on all 1st class train rides in the UK. The Swiss pharmaceutical brand KAEX supports Vodka 4 Peace with a sachet with each order made in Switzerland.

Media Contact

Georgia von Gleichen


Phone: +41797332781

Vodka 4 Peace

Georgia von Gleichen





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Aide Still Needed For Ukriane Citizens and Refugees Donate Here

As ProPics Canada Media Ltd prepares for the nexrt trip to Poland and Ukraine, they are once again asking for you to donate in order to help those in need. The war is far from over but the support is reduced as the world turns to other stories.

Ukraine Refugees Arrive Safely at Poland Border

Ukraine Refugees Arrive Safely at Poland Border

VANCOUVER, British ColumbiaJuly 22, 2022PRLog — After the first very productive trip to Poland and Ukraine in April, ProPics Canada Media Ltd is planning a second trip in order to bring truth to the world of the ongoing invasion by Russia. The world is still following the illegal war and attrocities being commited aginst Ukrianian soldiers and civilians but not with the same outrage as when the invasion first started.

ProPics Canada Media Ltd is an independent freelance photo and video journalism service based in Vancouver, British Columbia Canada but feeds news and media agencies in over 35 countries with footage and images. The stories of international interest and impact are sometimes more challenging for mainstream media to have journalists located in the regions. It can be a challenge and a benefit for an independent journalist in that the mainstream media outlets with international brand recognition can turn some people away from speaking with them in fear of how the reports will be used. In this day and age there is some distrust with some media brands. As a freelance service, many see it as more transparent and open to reporting without a fear of hidden agendas. In the same fold though is that sometimes, less respect is given to freelance journalists as there are some people who do not think that the footage will gain the same international coverage.

Freelance journalists also have much lower resources should they be captured by people, groups or governments wanting to use them as pawns in the public eye. This can place freelancers in a higher risk category while journlaists being captured and help for ransom would be a higher risk for those affiliated with multinational media conglomerates given the perception of the much larger financial resources.

For ProPics Canada Media Ltd though, one of the biggest rewards and benefits is to be able to put the camera down after capturing some stories, rolling up the sleeves and actually helping the people in need. During the last visit, ProPics Canada Media Ltd assisted many refugees along the border of Poland and Ukraine in addition to countless numbers of people still in Kyiv among other areas. We have the ability to get into areas where aid groups may not and give help to those in the most need. This is where the ProPics Canada Media Fund comes into high importance. The more funds which people donate, the larger impact we can have to those in desperate need. The fund is only used for non military assistance and goes directly to those struggling to make it through this time of violence and attacks.

You can help Ukrainians by contributing at http://www.propicscanada.com and click on the media fund option in the menu listings.