Terry’s Natural Market Is Distributing Various Kratom Strains In Colorado

Pueblo, CO, 24th April 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Kratom has gained a lot of attention in recent years due to its potential health benefits. Kratom is a tropical plant that grows in Southeast Asia, and its leaves contain alkaloids that have a variety of effects on the mind and body. It has been traditionally used as a potential natural remedy for pain relief, anxiety reduction, and mood enhancement.

Terry’s Natural Market, a provider of natural health products, has announced that they are distributing a variety of kratom strains in Colorado. With Terry’s Natural Market expanding their offerings to include kratom strains, consumers in Colorado will have access to a wider selection of high-quality, natural alternatives to normal medications.

The Kratom strains distributed by Terry’s Natural Market are sourced from reliable and trusted suppliers who provide only the highest grade of Kratom on the market. The company is committed to ensuring that their customers will only receive the best-quality kratom possible.

“Terry’s Natural Market is excited to be offering a diverse range of kratom strains to our customers in Colorado,” said Terry Behrman, the founder of Terry’s Natural Market. “We believe that natural health products like kratom should be accessible to everyone who needs them, and we are dedicated to providing top quality products to our community.”

The company will be offering a range of kratom strains, including the highly popular Green Maeng Da, Red Maeng Da, and White Maeng Da. According to the company, these strains have been hand-selected by their team of experts for their potency and effectiveness.

Consumers will be able to purchase these kratom strains from Terry’s Natural Market’s physical store or through its online website. The company offers shipping within Colorado, making it accessible to consumers all over the state. These Kratom products are available in several different types, and each type has its own unique effects. Here is a breakdown of the different types of kratom that are available:

1) Malay Kratom: Malay Kratom is an energizing strain that may offer multiple benefits without potentially causing drowsiness or fatigue. Its long-lasting effects make it especially desirable, and it is often combined with other strains to create a customized experience. From easing tension to providing relief from pain, anxiety, and more, Malay could be the perfect choice for those looking to enhance their wellness naturally! The Green Malay Kratom might help consumers to build better concentration – so they can stay focused and in the moment!

2) Maeng Da Kratom: Maeng Da Kratom is an excellent way to get a long-lasting boost of energy and an improved mood without the need for caffeine. Even at low doses, this powerful herb may help manage anxiety levels or reduce pain symptoms, yet high doses can really take things up a notch with their potential calming effects!

3) Vein Kratom: Providing a unique blend of effects, Vein Kratom is extremely popular with consumers looking for something to help them relax and drift off. With its potency being one of the main benefits, it’s no surprise that this strain has become so revered amongst kratom enthusiasts. The Vein Kratom include, but are not limited to:

  • Red Vein Kratom: Red vein kratom is the most popular type of kratom available. It is known for its potential calming and relaxing effects and is often used in cases of pain relief and anxiety reduction.
  • White Vein Kratom: White vein kratom is believed to possess potential energizing effects. It has been used as a natural stimulant and is popular among those who need a quick boost of energy.
  • Green Vein Kratom: Green vein kratom is known for its potential balancing effects and may provide pain relief and energy without the jittery feeling that some people may experience with some other products.

“Terry’s Natural Market is committed to providing our customers with the best possible service and products,” added Terry Behrman. “We want to ensure that our customers have access to the health supplements they need, and we believe that kratom is an amazing natural supplement that can provide substantial benefits.”

Terry’s Natural Market has been a trusted supplier of natural health supplements for over a decade. Their commitment to quality, purity, and accessibility has made them a popular choice for consumers in Colorado looking for a natural and healthy lifestyle. People living in Colorado or the surrounding regions can easily find kratom nearby by visiting Terry’s Natural Market, one of the few stores in the area that stocks this powerful natural supplement.

In addition to these different types of kratom, there are also different CBD products that Terry’s Natural Market is distributing in its store. This is so that customers can get the right kind of CBD that suits their needs. Customers can choose between a variety of tinctures, capsules, gummies, and even pet treats! No matter what type of natural health supplement individuals are looking for, Terry’s Natural Market has it all.

If individuals in Colorado are interested in trying kratom, to make sure they are purchasing high-quality goods, it is crucial to conduct their research and buy from a reliable supplier. Before using kratom, as with any supplement, it is important to speak with a healthcare provider. For more information about Terry’s Natural Market, their kratom strains, and other health supplements, please visit their website or contact them via phone; a customer service representative will be happy to help.

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Hong Kong – EPD to launch 2022-23 Natural Christmas Trees Recycling Programme

EPD to launch 2022-23 Natural Christmas Trees Recycling Programme


     To encourage recycling and upcycling of yard waste in the community, the Environmental Protection Department (EPD) today (December 21) called on members of the public and commercial and industrial (C&I) organisations to recycle natural Christmas trees (NCTs) intended for disposal under the 2022-23 NCTs Recycling Programme. The programme arrangements are as follows:

Collection period: January 4 to 8, 2023 (five days)
Collection points: The following Central Collection Point and District Collection Points

Central Collection Point (CCP) Address Telephone Collection time
Y·PARK Nim Wan Road, Tsang Tsui, Tuen Mun (the left-side entrance about 50 metres before the entrance of the West New Territories Landfill) 5743 9221 9am to 6pm
District Collection Points (DCPs)
(including EPD’s Recycling Stations and Food and Environmental Hygiene Department’s Public Refuse Collection Points (RCPs))
Address Telephone Collection Time
(Only household NCTs 2 metres tall or below will be accepted.)
Hong Kong Island
1. GREEN@EASTERN 30 Oi Shun Road, Shau Kei Wan 2778 2330 9am to 6pm
2. GREEN@WAN CHAI 6 Wan Shing Street, Wan Chai 2811 1567
3. Ap Lei Chau Municipal Services Building RCP Ap Lei Chau Municipal Services Building, 8 Hung Shing Street, Ap Lei Chau Not applicable 7am to 9.30pm
4. Arbuthnot Road RCP Junction of Arbuthnot Road and Caine Road, Central 6.30am to 9pm
5. Paterson Street RCP Junction of Paterson Street and Gloucester Road, Causeway Bay 6.30am to 9.30pm
6. GREEN@KWUN TONG 27 Sheung Yee Road, Kowloon Bay 2776 5700 9am to 6pm
7. GREEN@SHAM SHUI PO 339 Tung Chau Street, Sham Shui Po 2522 4388
8. Sai Yee Street (Flower Market Road) RCP 188 Sai Yee Street, Mong Kok Not applicable 6.30am to 9pm
New Territories
9. GREEN@SHA TIN 10 On Ping Street, Shek Mun 2285 9433 9am to 6pm
10. GREEN@YUEN LONG 65 Tin Wah Road, Tin Shui Wai 2617 0117
11. GREEN@TUEN MUN 9 Tuen Yee Street, Tuen Mun 2496 4288
12. GREEN@KWAI TSING 12 Tam Kon Shan Road, Tsing Yi 3905 4840
13. GREEN@TAI PO 25 Dai Wah Street, Tai Po 3614 0598
14. GREEN@ISLANDS 1 Chung Mun Road, Tung Chung 2499 2308
15. GREEN@SAI KUNG 3 Po Lam Lane, Tseung Kwan O 2727 7330

Note: If members of the public and C&I organisations have to recycle NCTs before January 4 or during January 9 to 13 and January 16 to 21, 2023, please deliver them to Y·PARK during operating hours (9am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday). Please note that Y·PARK will not receive any yard waste on January 14 and 15, 2023.

     An EPD spokesman said to facilitate public participation, the collection period will be extended from four days last year to five days this year. The NCTs collected and other yard waste will be turned into various recyclable products at Y·PARK to facilitate their reuse, recycling or upcycling into decoration, wooden furniture, wood art products and more.

     The programme is limited to the recycling of NCTs, and all lighting, plastic stands, decorations and tape on the NCTs should be removed before delivery to facilitate the subsequent recycling processes. The public are also encouraged to replant small potted plants such as poinsettias, and keep artificial Christmas trees and other festival decorations for reuse to help reduce waste and conserve resources. 

     An e-certificate will be issued to the participants who deliver NCTs to the CCP or the Recycling Stations for recycling. Participants will also receive a gift upon delivery of NCTs to the Recycling Stations while stocks last. For details of the NCTs Recycling Programme, please visit the Hong Kong Waste Reduction website at www.wastereduction.gov.hk/en/natural-christmas-trees-recycling-programme-2022.html.

     The EPD also welcomes other organisations and associations to provide recycling services for NCTs to help engage the public and C&I organisations and enhance waste reduction efforts for all.

Benefits of Natural Farming

Government is aware of the importance of nature based fertilizers, nutrients and pesticides in organic, natural farming and conventional farming system and is promoting their production and use under various Government schemes.

For promotion of organic farming Government has been implement ingdedicated schemes namely ParamparagatKrishiVikasYojana (PKVY) and Mission Organic Value Chain Development for North Eastern Region (MOVCDNER) in the country since 2015-16. Both the schemes stress on end to end support to organic farmers i.e. from production to processing, certification and marketing and post harvest management support including processing. PKVY is being implemented in all the States across the country excepting NE States. MOVCDNER scheme is implemented only in NE States.

Under PKVY, farmersare provided financial assistance of Rs 50000/ha for 3 years out of which, Rs 31000/ ha / 3 years is provided directly to farmers through DBT for on-farm and off-farm organic inputs. Financial assistance of Rs 20 lakh/ cluster of 1000 ha for 3 years is provided for value addition and infrastructure creation.

Under MOVCDNER, an assistance of Rs. 46,575/ha for 3years is provided for creation of FPO, support to farmers for organic inputs, quality seeds/ planting material and training, hand holding and certification. Need based assistance is provided for post harvest infrastructure and value addition up to maximum limit of Rs 600 lakh for integrated processing unit, Rs 37.50 lakh for integrated pack house, Rs 18.75 lakh each for refrigerated vehicle and cold store components, Rs 10.0 lakh for collection, aggregation, grading   and custom hiring center and Rs 6.0 lakh for four wheeler/transportation.

Indian Council of Agriculture (ICAR) through Indian Institute of Farming Systems Research at Modipuram operates a research schemes of All India Network Programme on Organic Farming (AINP-OF) in 20 cooperating centers covering 16 States to develop package of practices for organic production of crops in cropping and farming systems perspective. The scheme involves 11 State Agricultural Universities, 8 ICAR institutes/ centers and 1 special heritage University.

ICAR has developed organic farming packages for 68 cropping systems suitable to 16 States. A total of 104 crop varieties are identified that are suitable for organic farming. In addition, ICAR also developed 64 prototype Integrated Farming System (IFS) models suitable to 26 states/Union Territories having potential to increase income by 3-5 times. Evaluation of natural farming in 8 major cropping systems are also in progress through AINP-OF centres.

Multi- disciplinary team of scientist are involved in research, need-based training to farmers and extensions agents and giving technical support to State agencies for promotion of organic farming. Scientists in KrishiVigyan Kendra (KVK) organize regular training programs to farmers and extension personnel on organic agriculture including production and use of organic inputs.

This information was given by the Union Minister of Agriculture And Farmers Welfare Shri Narendra Singh Tomar in a written reply in Rajya Sabha today.



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In natural farming the cost is less and more yield – Shri Tomar

Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmers Welfare, Shri Narendra Singh Tomar has said that natural farming is the need of the hour, in which the cost is less and the produce fetches more price. Natural farming will now be part of the agricultural education. The government is making efforts in this direction to include soon the natural farming methods in agricultural education curriculum. Shri Tomar said this as the chief guest at the National Workshop on Natural Farming in Gwalior, organized by the Agricultural Technology Application Research Institute (ATARI), Jabalpur and Rajmata Vijayaraje Scindia Agricultural University, Gwalior.

Shri Tomar said that there was a time when there was a shortage of food grains compared to India’s population. Then a production-oriented policy was made by moving towards chemical fertilizers, due to which production increased and today we grow food grains in surplus, but now once again there is a need to groom ourselves, so that the future is assured and there is harmony with nature. This is not only our concern but the whole world is seized of the issue. Shri Tomar said that today the need is to follow the principles of healthy mind, healthy food, healthy agriculture and healthy human being. For this, one should move towards natural farming. Natural farming is the farming of perfection. Livestock has an important contribution in this. The dung and cow urine of a native cow is sufficient for a common farmer to work in natural farming. If the country adopts natural farming, then cows will not be seen on the roads, but they will be used properly. Now the country is moving in this direction. 100% natural farming is being done in Dang district of Gujarat. In Himachal too, farmers are fast moving in this direction. M.P. has planned it in 5,000 villages.

Shri Tomar said that Agriculture has an important place in our country. It is not only for livelihood, but also everyone’s need. The farmer does not work only to get livelihood from agriculture, but he does farming to feed over 130 crore people of the country. He said that today India has become a country which provides food grains to the world. Today many friendly countries of the world look towards India that if the food production in India is good, then India will help us in bad times. The farmers have the responsibility of the country and the world also. Shri Tomar said that the fertility of the soil is weakening due to chemical farming. Friendly bacteria are being killed. Every year we are increasing the need of the soil for fertilizers. It is our responsibility to save the country from the crisis that it is going to face after 25 years, that is why Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi re-launched the natural farming method and it is being given the form of a mass movement.

राजमाता विजयाराजे सिंधिया कृषि विश्वविद्यालय, ग्वालियर में “प्राकृतिक खेती” विषय पर आयोजित राष्ट्रीय कार्यशाला…@MRvskvv https://t.co/gTkYY0VElY

— Narendra Singh Tomar (@nstomar) December 3, 2022

The Union Minister said that along with this the Government of India is making efforts to increase the income of the farmers. The MSP has been increased one-and-a-half times, while crores of farmers are being given Rs. 6,000 every year through the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi. So far, more than Rs 2.16 lakh crore has been deposited directly into the bank accounts of the farmers. Under the Pradhan Mantri Fasal Bima Yojana, Rs 1.24 lakh crore was given to the farmers in lieu of crop loss. Farmers have been disbursed Rs. 18 lakh crore through the Kisan Credit Cards. Farmers meet. The Central Government is making every possible effort to empower the farmers.

In the programme, Madhya Pradesh Minister of State for Horticulture and Food Processing, and Narmada Valley Development, Shri Bharat Singh Kushwaha; Dr. Ved Prakash Chahal, Deputy Director General (Agriculture Extension), Indian Council of Agricultural Research; Dr. Arvind Shukla, Vice Chancellor of Rajmata Vijayaraje Agricultural University, Gwalior; Director of ATARI Jabalpur, Dr. Shyamranjan Singh, along with public representatives and scientists-officers were present.



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Terry’s Natural Market Declares The Opening Of Its New Joint Store Location

The people of Colorado have come to rely on Terry’s Natural Market for the delivery of premium natural health items at competitive prices. Another one of Terry Behrman’s brands, Mary Jane’s Glass Haberdasher, aims to provide individuals who love and value them with the highest-quality glass pipes, unusual foods, vaporizers, and other accessories. The two brands have now come together to open a new store location at 5883 Suite A, Palmer Park Blvd, 80915!

This new store carries products from both Terry’s Natural Market and Mary Jane Glass Haberdasher, so customers can get all of their favorite natural health products and smoking accessories in one convenient place.

With the opening of this new store, both brands have come together under one roof to better serve their customers. With this new joint store location, customers will now be able to find almost everything they need in one place, whether they are looking for their favorite products or looking to explore new ones.

“We are proud to offer our customers the best of both worlds—the convenience of a one-stop shop for all of your natural living needs and the quality and selection that you deserve. Stop by today and check us out, you’ll definitely love the experience!” – Terry Behrman, founder of Terry’s Natural Market.

This new store is just another example of how Terry Behrman is working hard to provide the best possible experience for its customers. By offering a wide variety of products and services, the company can meet the needs of a diverse customer base. With its commitment to quality and customer service, this new store location is sure to become a favorite among shoppers.

“Our new store location is the perfect place to find everything you need for your natural health and beauty needs. Bringing in products from Terry’s Natural Market and Mary Jane’s Glass Haberdasher, you can expect to find a wide selection of CBD products, essential oils, supplements, body care products, and more accessories.” – Terry Behrman, founder of Terry’s Natural Market.

People in Colorado can now find everything they need for their natural health needs in one convenient location. The store has been designed in a way that makes it easy for people to find what they need and get information on the products. Its friendly and helpful staff are always available to answer any questions or help shoppers find the perfect product for their needs.

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