GreatChat Messenger is the new made in India messenger app gaining popularity

Bihar, India, 28 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, GreatChat Messenger is the new messenger app that has been launched on the Google play store and it is already enjoying some great reviews. This is 100% made in India app that makes use of unique id based chat.

[New Delhi] dated June 11th, 2021- GreatChat Messenger is one of the newly launched messenger app that seems to have gain profound popularity already. All those who were vouching for vocal for local have every reason to download this app as it has been completely developed and made in India.

This app comes with some of the most unique features which include having a unique ID based chat. This is a great feature because it helps in safeguarding the privacy of every individual. With this id based chat, one doesn’t need to share their number or even their real name and yet they can engage in regular conversations with whomever they like.

One of the key spokesmen for the app team was quoted as saying, “We did a lot of research and found out what exactly the users wanted and have tried to incorporate those features. We are pretty optimistic that our made in India messaging app will emerge mighty popular in the times to come.”

It also has the provision for voice based text chat and is a great aid for those who don’t want to type day long and are looking to give their fingers some relaxation. Not only this, it is also integrated with the best of audio and video calls, both of which are very high quality as well. The developers have left no stone unturned to offer the best of features and have come up with great innovative ideas. They also have the provision to set medical reminders which means that one can get customized personal medical alerts and thereby one will not forget their regular medicines and their health will be taken care of as well.

In order to ensure better safety, the app also comes with option of alerting friends and families in case of emergencies with the help of one single touch. All these features seem to be really exciting and thereby has gathered the right buzz among the next gen app who are always on the lookout for the new trending app.

Those who would like to try their hand at this new app and see how it works should make it a point to visit this link and download it right now.


About GreatChat Messenger

GreatChat Messenger is the new Indian messaging app that comes packed with several amazing features. This app uses unique id that helps in ensuring the privacy of the users and also have emergency SOS features too.

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Mail: [email protected]

TEBillion Announces Social Media Integration Suite Update

London, United Kingdom: TEBillion is on course to bring to the market lead capture from websites and social media using TEB integration suite. This integration will allow social media and web plugins for TEB, as well as providing a seamless connection with popular social media platforms like Whatsapp, Linkedin, and more.

The update is anticipated to be available for TEBillion’s user and partner network in a few weeks, following the release of its Orders and Billing feature update which itself already consists of attractive features.

TEBillion continuously proves its dedication in bringing success to its users and partner network by continuously modernising its already advanced software products using intelligent automation.

For more information about TEBillion and its products, contact:

About TEBillion: TEBillion is a business automation software solutions company headquartered in the UK. Born in 2018, TEBillion aims to make high growth businesses successful with over a hundred handpicked partners serving customers, worldwide.

StealthTalk Makes Professional Security More Accessible for Individual and Business Use

StealthTalk, a professional telecommunications and cybersecurity company that specializes in data-centric protection and instant messaging security, announces the launch of its pricing plans for professionals: PRO and Enterprise, offering business users the opportunity to make secure, encrypted individual and group calls. The PRO plan is designed for entrepreneurs, small teams and professional consumers, while the Enterprise plan caters to the needs of large businesses. Both plans help modern companies address key corporate communication challenges. 

“With this update to StealthTalk our goal is to enable even more privacy-minded people to exercise their right for communication privacy and provide a safe encrypted environment they can fall back on with their most sensitive information and confidential matters,” says Evgen Verzun, Founder and CTO of StealthTalk.

StealthTalk is a private messaging application designed to fulfill the high privacy demands of business professionals. The service provides true end-to-end encryption and implements patented technology originally invented with the purpose of securing the telecommunications of emergency response services in the US, Europe, and the Middle East during mission-critical operations. StealthTalk’s patented technology ensures privacy of communication, protection from interception and wiretapping.

In the new product release, StealthTalk allows users, who are looking for a safe way to transfer credentials, bank details, and sensitive images, send secure encrypted messages free of any charges.  

The update also brings a PRO plan that caters to the needs of professionals to encrypt all business communication with clients, partners and colleagues and, additionally, enables free plan users to contact them free of charge.

“We created a dedicated PRO plan with professionals in mind, offering secure encrypted calling based on TETRA professional communication standards and SDNP protocol that deliver uninterrupted premium quality and stability even with low speed connection,” says Richard K.Williams, President of StealthTalk.