Ranpo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. Makes Its Smart Lighting System Even More User-Focused

Ranpo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the sought-after LED lighting manufacturing companies that produce numerous led lighting solutions such as downlights, panel lights, floodlights, smart lights, and many others. Year after year, the company is moving with the pace of the lighting revolution and constantly makes their part in energy-efficient ventures happens around. The introduction of Bluetooth-enabled lighting control symbolizes their inclination towards the flourishment of advance led technology.

According to the research conducted by Grand View Research, the worldwide LED lighting market size is anticipated to go beyond US$ 105.66 billion by 2025, which is showing consumer interest in energy-saving products and the future of lighting in subsequent years. The company is right on track for its mark in the industry and anticipated further launches in upcoming years. Their passion for making advance LED lighting a norm is reflected clearly from their involvement in multiple turnkey projects.

One the senior executive of Ranpo Lighting Technology shared his view on the recent lunch of the company. According to him, “We have transformed led lighting technology from analog to digital to bring more convenience to consumer lives and offer tremendous customization in terms of application.” The company is serving its mission along with the provision of advancement in lighting technology by bringing illumination and IoT together for a better future.

IoT incorporation in the LED system is not a radical move as many companies have already invested in such projects. However, the company wants to make this technology accessible to the general public as many projects initiated earlier are devoted to commercial use only. The R65 is the product that aims to enter both facets of the industry allowing all users to control and monitor their lighting systems. The company has left no stone to unturned to make their product seamless for multiple applications in homes and commercial buildings.

Ranpo Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is the growing brand of leading technology involved in the initiatives to boost LED adoption and lower power consumption of LED lighting products to help consumers save on their energy bills. Their products have reached multiple facilities, from restaurants to warehouses to office buildings, with more robust solutions.

Densitron announces new technology partnership with Polecam

KENT, UK, 28 September 2020: Densitron, the global leader in innovative Human Machine Interaction (HMI) and display technology, has announced the formation of a new long-term technology partnership with specialist cameras and accessories manufacturer Polecam. The two companies will seek opportunities in the medical market and elsewhere for a versatile integration of Densitron’s IDS (Intelligent Display System) solution with Polecam’s AutoPod+ Elevation unit for cameras and lighting systems.

In combination the two systems provide a powerful solution for filming, monitoring and displaying critical operations and other procedures in hospitals and medical centres. A popular choice for other applications as diverse as live music, motor racing and professional golf broadcast, the AutoPod+ is a remotely operated programmable telescopic elevation unit featuring up to three motorised legs that is ideally suited to the demanding capture requirements of the medical market. In deployment with Densitron’s IDS solution, it allows systems including PTZ cameras and DMX-controlled lighting to be precisely positioned, controlled and adjusted. The IDS solution can also be integrated into a medical centre’s wider AV infrastructure to allow images to be routed to other operational areas – for instance, rendering it unnecessary for some personnel to scrub up in order to check on the progress of an operation – and to educational theatres and training facilities.

Reuben Such, Global Business Development Director at Densitron, explains that the partnership has evolved out of a “growing awareness of the synergy between the two companies, and the steady increase in demand for IP-based capture, control and monitoring in various medical applications. Through conversations between myself and Polecam founder/owner Steffan Hewitt, it became clear that the combination of IDS and their AutoPod+ unit would give medical staff the ability to capture precisely the footage they require, and then have it be viewable on monitors around a facility. The result is a powerful solution that can be used easily by medical staff with a minimum of training.”

A major showcase project is expected to take place at a UK hospital during the next few months. But although the medical market will be the initial primary target for the partnership, Steffan Hewitt anticipates plenty of opportunities elsewhere.

“Medical is absolutely a core market for Polecam, and I know from conversations that have already taken place that this sort of combined capture, control and monitoring solution will resonate strongly there,” he confirms. “But I think that there are many other potential applications for this solution – including for the coverage of live music events in smaller venues, once concerts are able to resume, and capture of sports events for streaming services – and we look forward to exploring those with Densitron in the future.”