Kenny Harmon’s Book “Sad Papaw’s Heritage” Gets a 5-star Review From Manhattan Book Review

Explore the past to appreciate the present in the viral sensation’s book on pioneer history as told through the experiences of his family.

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“I definitely recommend it!” Foluso Falaye, Manhattan Book Review

Good reviews are in for the book “Sad Papaw’s Heritage” (Peppertree Press) by Kenny “Sad Papaw” Harmon. The author shot into internet stardom in 2016 after his granddaughter tweeted a photo of him looking disappointed after his other grandchildren skipped a cookout he had prepared for them. Sad Papaw’s internet fame led to a collaboration with Charlotte Hopkins, a freelance writer and reporter, who offered to help him write a book, which is “Sad Papaw’s Heritage.”

This book on pioneer history as told through the experiences of the Harmon (initially spelled as Harman) clan will help the young readers get a glimpse of the past and the elders relive their youth and fair memories with their loved ones.

Foluso Falaye of Manhattan Book Review left a sparkling review for “Sad Papaw’s Heritage.” In his review piece, Falaye noted the book’s historical value, which evokes nostalgia that beckons the reader to find ways to celebrate their own past to create a rich and fulfilling present (and future life). He also pushes the book’s social value, affirming: “the need to make conscious, calculated efforts to resolve some issues,” one of which is the exploitation of workers by profit-motivated enterprises.

Falaye wrote: “Experiencing history through a family lineage provides a more personal, micro view of history that leaves a lasting and distinctive impression. Kenny Harmon’s natural and enthusiastic style gave me a warm and cozy experience that’s similar to listening to captivating stories by the fire on a cold evening.”

Overall, the reader will enjoy “Sad Papaw’s Heritage” as Falaye noted, the book moves through different events and stories at a comfortable pace while maintaining one’s attention by not spending too much time on a subject.

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“Sad Papaw’s Heritage”

Author | Kenny Harmon

Published date | 2017

Publisher | Peppertree Press

Book retail price | $15.95 (Shipping not yet included)

Author Bio

Kenny Harmon was born in Chickasha, Oklahoma, on 1-12-1950. He was raised on a 475-acre farm in Dibble, Oklahoma. He watched most sports that were on TV in the 1950s and 1960s. For most of his adult life, he worked in construction as an ironworker. Throughout his career, he worked in 27 different states. He is the author of three books: “Sad Papaw’s Heritage,” “Sad Papaw’s The Early Years,” and “Sad Papaw’s Those Were The Days.”