LamboXApes to Introduce Rare and Collectible NFTs on XRPL

A diamond hand community, LamboXApes, is all set to launch a unique type of NFT in the NFT space. The company has chosen “Lambos” since the vehicle comes with multiple applications for the real world as well as virtuals. $LXA is the native token of the platform and 1 $LXA stands for 1 NFT.

In an exclusive interview, the leading spokesperson from LamboXApes shared that the Lambo NFT is driven by the mission to create a multi-functional project, complementing multifaceted applications of the vehicle. They are aspiring to launch a high-valued speculative NFT or token that can assure both value and entertainment to holders. The LamboXApes NFT project has already gained huge traction in the market and is currently bustling with 6,400 Twitter followers and 5,500 Discord followers.

The NFT platform houses a fully-stocked store. Users can browse the store and reserve chosen products for future purchase. The products are currently not available for buying and will be made available from next month and onward. Once available, the products can only be bought with XRP.

Per the statements of the spokesperson, it’s as easy as 1-2-3 to purchase the $LXA token.

  1. Users would simply have to download the XUMM app
  2. Set the app as per given instructions
  3. Setup Trustline with LXA

As of now, LamboXApes is developing an Augmented Reality application which is scheduled to be released in stages. At the final phase of the AR application, users will be able to display their minted NFT in the real world.

“Once the development is complete, our AR application will enable users to sign in with their XUMM wallet as well as display their minted NFT in the real world. Our cutting-edge AR application will have photo and video animation functionality. In parallel, our Metaverse is also in the developmental stage right now. We have strategically chosen the AR application since it’s a scalable solution which can be built on and further developed, offering a solid base to transit to the Metaverse.”

Much to the delight of users, LamboXApes has come up with two exclusive clubs and an amazing range of perks for members.

One is the OG Club. Users who hold at least 1 $LXA will be able to sign up (and retain) membership with the club and enjoy exclusive perks. One of the best perks on offer for the OG Club members is the ability to take part in the OG Club airdrops. Then, the club members will receive beta access to the LamboXApes AR app.  In addition, the club will be hosting many surprise contents where the members can take part and win exciting rewards.

The other club is the $LXA Whale Club. The Whale Club members will enjoy early access to the beta AR application. Furthermore, upon minting, they will receive at least one of the top 7% rarest NFTs from the Lambo collection. Whale Club members will further enjoy the right to vote on major events about the project. The only requirement for membership in the Whale Club is a minimum balance of 10 $LXA.

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Japan – Honda to Introduce First Energy Service for Europe – e:PROGRESS – in the UK

Honda is to introduce its first energy service for Europe with the debut of its domestic intelligent charging solution – ‘e:PROGRESS’ – in the UK.

e:PROGRESS is the most comprehensive and innovative home charging solution from an automotive manufacturer in Europe. At its heart lies a connected charger, and advanced intelligent software developed by smart charging and aggregation specialist, Moixa. The software sets a charging schedule to ensure the car is always adequately charged when it’s needed based on the requirements of the owner, while optimising the use of low-price clean energy.

Electricity is provided by Octopus Energy, with its UK-first dynamic tariff, Agile Octopus, a combined tariff for both the EV and home which allows customers access to lower prices during renewable-heavy, off-peak periods. Moixa’s software selects the most cost-effective times to charge the Honda e based on the tariff, which changes price as often as every 30 minutes in response to fluctuations in wholesale energy prices. This gives customers an estimated annual saving in charging costs of up to EUR475 per year compared to a standard flat tariff*, while Octopus Energy guarantees that 100% of its electricity comes from renewable sources.

e:PROGRESS offers a seamless experience in setting up the service, guiding the customer through checking their eligibility online, switching to the dynamic tariff and subscribing to intelligent charging.

The preferred connected charger for the service is the Honda Power Charger S+ (4G), which connects remotely to e:PROGRESS to schedule access to low-cost electricity. With a simple yet sophisticated design inspired by that of the Honda e, Honda Power Charger has been designed to create more value in the future with further intelligent charging services which interact with the grid.

As well as offering a unique set of benefits to customers, e:PROGRESS will support active grid management to help stabilise demand and to optimise the use of renewables. It also aligns with Honda’s 2030 Vision, part of which outlines the company’s ambition to create ‘new value’ by moving into areas other than mobility, including energy services.

e:PROGRESS is the first service to be introduced by Honda’s new Energy Solutions division, a business unit recently established to offer a comprehensive portfolio of charging and energy management products and services to EV owners in Europe. Other projects in development include Honda Power Manager – a bi-directional vehicle-to-grid system which enables the collection and distribution of electricity between EVs and the grid to intelligently balance demand and supply of energy, and to make better use of renewables.

Jorgen Pluym, General Manager of Honda’s Energy Solutions division comments: “Introducing e:PROGRESS to the market is a significant statement of Honda’s ambition in the provision of energy solutions as part of the continued move towards electrification and the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. This unique and innovative service, our first energy solution for Europe, gives Honda e customers a highly-advanced intelligent charging solution offering considerable cost savings, while our partner Octopus Energy guarantees that 100% of its electricity comes from renewable sources.”

Offered exclusively to Honda e customers, e:PROGRESS will be available in the UK now. Further services under the e:PROGRESS brand will follow in Germany, with other European countries under consideration.

For further information on e:PROGRESS and to check eligibility please visit:

*The savings shown are based on an average household energy consumption of 4,200 kWh per year plus the energy consumed by a Honda e travelling 8,000 miles per year (22 miles per day) with an efficiency of 4 miles/kWh, or 2,000 kWh. The monetary savings are calculated by comparing the cost of this energy when powered by Agile Octopus against a standard flat tariff with a rate of 16p/kWh and a standing charge of 25p/day. Tariff pricing for Agile Octopus is based on the past 12 months’ data (up to April 2020) for the London area. Vehicle charging costs are based on e:PROGRESS intelligent charging selecting the half-hourly periods with the lowest prices on the Agile Octopus tariff between 6pm and 6am each day. The vehicle charging rate is fixed at 6.6kW/h. Your savings will differ based on your household consumption, vehicle usage, driving style, and location.

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