Intelligent algorithms for movement apps: with LTech, the Lindera Software Development Kit, Berlin-based health tech company Lindera brings innovation and AI technology to the fitness industry

  • 3D motion tracking for health and fitness applications
  • Technology detects misalignments during exercise, provides precise feedback and suggestions for improvement on movement execution, execution speed and number of repetitions
  • Companies can introduce their specific use cases and exercises to the platform solution in just a few hours

Today, platforms are shaping many areas of society and the economy. What Google, Facebook and Amazon started in Silicon Valley has long since found its way into other areas of our lives: platforms bring together supply and demand on the market and enrich an entire industry with new knowledge and skills.

So that the fitness and health industry can also benefit from this, the health tech company Lindera is now offering manufacturers its LTech solution, the Tech Software Development Kit (SDK). This way, Lindera provides its innovative 3D technology for motion analysis. App providers can integrate it into their applications and use the versatile functions of the 3D skeletal tracker. Thanks to the algorithm, they can offer end customers, such as amateur or professional athletes, personalized training with feedback in real time. This video shows how easy it can be.

Intelligent AI technology for everything we do

With its AI-based mobility analysis LinderaSturzApp, the Berlin-based company is already successfully being used in care facilities and therapy centers in Europe. To enable even more people to benefit from objective and precise analysis, Lindera has developed a flexible pose-matching algorithm based on the Google pose model, which is based on three elements:

  • Through the web interface, motion app providers upload their video, apply the Lindera 3D skeletal tracker to it, select the parameters of the exercise, and save the definition.
  • The pose matching algorithm matches the user’s movements based on the position model and the previously defined features of the pose in the web interface.
  • The feedback generator provides users with individual suggestions for improvement in real time, for example on the execution of movements, the speed of execution and the number of repetitions. The software not only detects misalignments in horizontal or vertical exercises, but also provides precise feedback.

The intelligent pose matching algorithm works for an almost infinite number of poses and exercise types. Companies can therefore introduce their specific use cases and exercises to the platform solution in just a few hours. Integration and application can be done by the company itself, as well as the easy and fast integration of new exercises.

Easily integrate technology in a few hours

With LTech, the Lindera Software Development Kit, Lindera enables providers of all sizes to benefit from the possibilities of innovative technologies. The intelligent software with 3D motion tracking offers the highest precision and scores as the best among models for mobile devices – with a Percent of Correct Key Points (PCK@0.2) of 84.0. The PCK@0.2 is used to assess precision.

Minimal hardware requirements, for example only an RGB camera instead of additional sensors, ensure that a broad target group can be reached, and both iOS and Android users can be addressed. In addition, manufacturers benefit from the continuous further development of the Lindera algorithm through even more accurate 2D and 3D models.
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Empowering Intelligent Travel, Making Life Wonderful -Year Growth of DDPAI

April 1 is DDPAI’s 8th anniversary. To celebrate DDPAI’s birthday, DDPAI holds several events online to express appreciation. Founded in Shenzhen in 2013, DDPAI starts its business with car dash cam. In the past eight years, DDPAI has been continuously innovating in dash cam and technology to deliver great user experience. Improving product experience and upgrading concepts and functions, DDPAI strives to carry out its original mission – to empower intelligent travel and share an interesting life.

“Hello, DDPAI!” – Sharing is Interesting
In 2014, the first product “M5 Car dash cam” was officially launched. As the first car dash cam equipped with functions like Wi-Fi interconnection and snapshot, not only does M5 dash cam record videos as evidence for cars, but also is innovative in giving the car dash cam social attributes with functions like remote shooting, mobile phone connection, video download, online editing and beautifying. Capture and sharing great landscape and wonderful stories, spread more “on-the-road” stories widely, the social sharing of DDPAI dash cam began to take root. “Hello, DDPAI” has also become the beginning to record a wonderful car driving life.

For eight years, DDPAI hopes to help people discover more novelties by developing interesting dash cam features and innovative technology of visual perception. From 1080P to 4K resolution, from TF card to e-MMC internal storage, from ordinary images to cool SR effects, from 2.4GHz WiFi to high-speed 5GHz WiFi, from a single recorder to the current car interconnection, remote monitoring … As DDPAI CEO Luoyong said, DDPAI’s innovation never stops.

Intelligent Travel, New Driving Ecology
In addition to interesting consumer products, DDPAI also does comprehensive and in-depth study of smart traveling field. Extensively cooperating with SAIC, Shouqi, Geely, JAC, XPeng, Didi, T3 Go and other motor companies, DDPAI strives to enrich driving experiences and driving efficiency by upgrading smart cockpits and smart travel.

Based on technology accumulation in the field of visual perception, DDPAI is also expanding cooperation with Huawei, Honor, Alibaba and other companies to provide users with multi-scenario intelligent ecological services; In 2020, the AI Vehicle-Vision (Works with HUAWEI HiLink) jointly created by DDPAI and HUAWEI HiCar has received widespread attention in the industry as its launch. The smart connection, rich application functions, and convenient operation allow users to experience smart travel rather than buy a new car. At the same time, DDPAI has in-depth cooperation with AutoNavi Maps and Sogou Maps to jointly create more intuitive and convenient AR navigation and smart traveling experience. DDPAI has been making breakthroughs to empower smart travel and create a new driving ecology.

Life is Limited, Live Unlimited
DDPAI always believes life is an endless adventure. Keep the novelty of new things, to explore, to do, to love, to image. DDPAI will always discover novelty with friends and partners, and run to an infinite and wonderful future.