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Marketers face an uphill climb. It’s getting harder for them to demonstrate the impact of their campaigns on revenue, given the long, group-based nature of the B2B purchase cycle. While 78% of marketing leaders believe that maintaining or increasing spend will accelerate their companies’ recovery amidst economic uncertainty, it’s going to be a battle to justify their budget if they can’t map their efforts to results.

We partnered with YouGov to survey C-level leaders and senior B2B marketers from across the globe and found that:

  • Over three-quarters (78%) believe companies that maintain or increase marketing spend during periods of uncertainty recover faster

  • Majority (90%) of marketers say improving CFO understanding of ROI is key to bolstering future budgets

  • The majority (77%) of CMOs globally feel under pressure to prove greater short-term ROI on their marketing campaigns

  • To stay top of mind, B2B marketers are keen to continue focusing on brand building, with more than two-thirds (67%) planning to maintain or increase spend in this area over the next six months

To help marketers meet the moment with confidence, we’re announcing new tools that will enable them to continue to authentically reach their audiences and measure and map their work to business impact. They include:

  • Revenue Attribution Report – A new solution designed to help marketers better understand the impact of their efforts on the bottom line and implement more strategic plans in the future. 

  • Newsletter SEO Optimization – Enhanced SEO titles, descriptions and tags for Newsletters and Articles to make content published on LinkedIn more searchable across the internet.

  • Searchable Products – New ways for members and buyers to search for products on LinkedIn to help them connect with potential customers when they’re ready to buy.

  • Click-to-Message Ads – A new advertising format that helps buyers instantly start personalized messages with brands directly from the LinkedIn feed.

  • Conversation Starter Ads – A new way to begin meaningful conversations with members directly from the LinkedIn Inbox to help drive more frequent conversations with the right audiences.

  • An additional ad format that promotes individual employee posts, with their approval, from a company Page, helping to more effectively engage audiences.

  • Brand Safety Hub – Boost advertising performance on the LinkedIn Audience Network from a centralized location, while customizing brand safety guardrails. 

Learn more about today’s news in this article by Gyanda Sachdeva or you can watch a livestream of her keynote at our first-ever B2B marketing summit, B2Believe.


LinkedIn commissioned YouGov to survey 2,929 C-level executives – including 494 CMOs – across the globe (United States, United Kingdom, Ireland, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Brazil, Mexico, India, Singapore, Australia, China and Japan) from organizations with 1,000+ employees and annual turnover of 280M+ million between September 27 to October 19 2022. The survey was conducted online.

LinkedIn’s B2B Marketer Sentiment study was also referenced – research run by YouGov of 1,703 senior B2B marketing leaders in the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, Netherlands, Italy, Spain, United Arab Emirates, KSA, Brazil, Australia, India and Singapore conducted from September 13 to September 30, 2022. The research was conducted online.

Canada – Helping Alberta producers: 2021 AgriRecovery funding

The 2021 growing season was difficult for Alberta producers, but the targeted AgriRecovery initiative was timely and successful.

May 4, 2022 – Edmonton, Alberta – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

The 2021 growing season was difficult for Alberta producers, but the targeted AgriRecovery initiative was timely and successful.

In response to severe drought conditions last growing season, the governments of Canada and Alberta worked together to develop and deploy an AgriRecovery initiative, which helped thousands of livestock producers cover their extraordinary costs. The responses were administered through Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC).

Canada-Alberta Livestock Feed Assistance Initiative

The 2021 Canada-Alberta Livestock Feed Assistance Initiative provided support and cash flow for Alberta’s livestock producers and beekeepers to help them address the unexpected costs to feed livestock caused by prolonged dry weather and extreme high temperatures.

The initial response paid out more than $180 million on more than 14,000 applications for more than 2.1 million animals.

The second phase of this initiative provided continued assistance to eligible Alberta producers hit hard by the 2021 drought. As of April 19, the program had paid out nearly $172 million on more than 11,300 applications.

Together, the initial and secondary payments have already put more than $350 million into the hands of producers to help them address the extraordinary costs incurred feeding their livestock during the 2021 drought.

The Alberta government and AFSC worked closely with key industry stakeholders to develop a timely response that delivered the support producers needed, when they needed it. The 2021 drought had significant impacts on the province’s producers and the response ensured that Alberta farmers and ranchers were supported through these extreme conditions. The AgriRecovery response helped producers recover business costs that are beyond what is covered through other financial assistance or business risk management programs.


AgriRecovery is a federal-provincial-territorial disaster relief framework to help agricultural producers with the extraordinary costs associated with recovering from natural disasters. Eligible costs are supported on the 60-40 cost-shared federal-provincial basis outlined under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

The AgriRecovery framework is part of a suite of Business Risk Management tools under the Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

“Alberta producers have once again shown their strength and resiliency in overcoming the challenges of the past year. The Government of Canada is making sure to support them in the face of uncertainty so they remain well-positioned for success.”

–   The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food

“Last year was tough for many Alberta farmers and ranchers, but they persevered and met the challenges that came at them. I’m cautiously optimistic that 2022 will be a positive year for our ag sector. Commodity prices are strong and Alberta producers have always been at the forefront of innovative farming practices and sustainability. We’re looking to our agri-food sector to help lead Alberta’s economic recovery.”

–   Nate Horner, Alberta Minister of Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development

“We have been proud to support the delivery of this much-needed relief to help our livestock producers and beekeepers make it through the difficult season they experienced in 2021. We understand the impacts of extreme dry weather and AFSC continues to do everything we can to ensure producers receive the support they need.”

–   Darryl Kay, chief executive officer, Agriculture Financial Services Corporation

Marianne Dandurand

Press Secretary

Office of the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food


Mackenzie Blyth

Press Secretary

Alberta Agriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development


New Platforms Helping Real Estate Photographers Grow Their Business

 Haus Photo Media was created in 2019 to provide educational resources to real estate photographers to help them grow their businesses. The founder of HPM started their real estate photography business while studying at university and grew it into a 6-figure company servicing some of the world’s largest commercial and residential real estate franchises in addition to boutique agencies in Australia.

Haus Photo Media’s has recently released two new platforms to assist real estate photographers and architectural photographers; the Real Estate Photography Club and

The Real Estate Photographer Club provides relevant real estate photography news, tips and resources across all aspects of the business from marketing and finance through to equipment and technique. connects the real estate industry with professional real estate photographers across three continents across the globe. Whether you’re a real estate agent, architect, interior designer, or a private seller, there is a reliable property photographer that fits your budget and service requirements on

For more information, please visit RealEstatePhotograper.Club and

Haus Photo Media

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Canada – Helping farmers to reduce GHGs and improve resiliency to climate change

Sherbrooke, Québec – Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada

Today, the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food, the Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, launched a call for proposals for the On-Farm Climate Action Fund, a new fund under Agricultural Climate Solutions. Starting this year and until 2024, the $200-million Fund will provide direct support to farmers to adopt beneficial management practices that store carbon and reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in three target areas: cover cropping, nitrogen management, and rotational grazing practices. These three on-farm actions not only reduce GHG emissions but also offer farmers a cost-effective solution to improve soil health and achieve other environmental benefits.

This year has demonstrated the extraordinary challenges farmers face on the front lines of climate change. Extreme weather events, like this year’s drought, and other environmental impacts like challenges related to water availability and quality, soil health and biodiversity are projected to become more severe and costly for the sector in the coming decades. Farmers are already innovating and adopting more sustainable practices and technologies to improve their climate resiliency.

The Fund will follow an outcome-based approach in order to maximize new GHG emissions reductions. Activities supported through the Fund are expected to reduce GHG emissions by up to 2 million tonnes by 2024, and by 1 million tonnes per year ongoing, compared to current projections, and bring a total of 792,000 hectares of land under improved management practices.

Starting today, the On-Farm Climate Action Fund is seeking proposals from potential delivery partners to redistribute the funds to farmers undertaking eligible activities. Potential delivery partners for the On-Farm Climate Action Fund could include producer groups and associations, commodity organizations, Indigenous groups, non-governmental organizations, and provincial or territorial Crown corporations, among others.

Delivery partners will need to propose a delivery plan that would best achieve the targeted outcomes.

Direct support to farmers will fall under these target areas:

Cover cropping: for example, payment-per-acre to cover adoption or related costs such as seeds and equipment. Cover crops are plants, like clover and alfalfa, that are planted to cover the soil rather than for the purpose of being harvested.
Nitrogen management: for example, agronomic services to develop farm-specific nutrient management plans, equipment modifications for fertilizer application in fields, and soil sampling and analysis.
Rotational grazing: for example, agronomic services to develop grazing management plans, interior cross fencing, water system infrastructure, legume and forage seeds. Rotational grazing is the practice of containing and moving livestock through pasture to allow forage plants to recover, deepen their root systems and improve soil health.

To request the call for proposals form, please email The application process will run until September 26, 2021.

The Government of Canada is committed to working with Canadian producers as they help Canada meet its national emissions reduction targets, protect the environment, and build the strength and competitiveness of our agricultural businesses and economy.

“This year has shown us how much Canadian farmers are now seeing and experiencing the effects of a changing climate on a daily basis. With today`s announcement, our Government is helping farmers to be more resilient to changes in climate and to contribute to reducing the greenhouse gases that cause climate change.”

–       The Honourable Marie-Claude Bibeau, Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food.

“The fight against climate change isn’t only about reducing emissions, but adapting to changes that are already set in motion and caused by extreme weather events such as wildfires, flood, and droughts. Given the importance of the agriculture and agri-food sector, it is clear that more ambitious actions are needed to help build climate resilience. Through sustainable on-farm practices, the Government of Canada is investing in our farmers to support safer communities, a healthier environment, and a stronger economy as we continue to build resilience from coast to coast to coast.”

–       The Honourable Jonathan Wilkinson, Minister of Environment and Climate Change.

“The impact of the current, devastating drought conditions many Canadian farmers and ranchers are enduring each and every day is another example of our farmers battling on the front-lines of climate change. Canadian farmers are deeply invested in not only mitigating climate change impacts but, at the same time, pushing to unleash our sector’s potential as a natural climate solutions provider. The Climate Action Fund will support farmers in their sustainability efforts and assist in adopting on-farm practices that have the potential to enhance our sector’s capabilities as a net carbon sink for Canada.”

–       Mary Robinson, President of the Canadian Federation Of Agriculture.

“This season has been devastating for many farmers across Canada, with severe heat, drought and fires; impacts that we know will only become more severe and more frequent because of climate change. The On-Farm Climate Action Fund empowers us to do something concrete on our farms to adapt to extreme weather and jump-start emission reductions. This new program is a first step in helping farmers meet the immense challenge of climate change.”

–       Karen Ross, Director, Farmers for Climate Solutions.

“Today’s announcement, like the investments being made by several countries in this area, is a step in the right direction. Climate change will have major consequences for the agricultural sector. Producers are already taking proactive steps, but they need additional support in the face of the challenges they are experiencing and will continue to face. As such, the measures announced by the government will be welcomed.”

–       Marcel Groleau, General President, Union des producteurs agricoles.

The On-Farm Climate Action Fund is one of many important new initiatives being undertaken to promote improving long term climate resiliency in the agriculture sector, and is part of Canada’s Strengthened Climate Plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 40-45 per cent below 2005 levels by 2030, and towards net-zero emissions by 2050. Canada’s agriculture currently accounts for 10 percent of Canada’s GHG emissions and has the potential to play a key role in reducing national GHG emissions and improving climate resiliency.

The Fund will support expanding, sustaining and validating adoption of the identified beneficial management practices to enable GHG emissions reductions and/or carbon sequestration that would not have occurred otherwise. 

Funding for this new $200 million On-Farm Climate Action Fund was first announced in Budget 2021. 

The Fund is part of the Government’s Agricultural Climate Solutions (ACS) initiative, which is under the umbrella of the $4 billion Natural Climate Solutions Fund, which includes Environment and Climate Change Canada’s ten-year $631 million Nature Smart Climate Solutions Fund (NSCSF) and Natural Resources Canada’s $3.2 billion Two Billion Trees program. The NSCSF support projects that restore, enhance and conserve wetlands, peatlands, grasslands, and forests to capture and store carbon. These ecosystems are also critically important habitats for Canada’s wildlife including migratory birds and species at risk. 

In the past year, the Government of Canada has announced $550-million over 10 years to help Canada’s agriculture and agri-food sector meet our emission targets and capture new opportunities in the green economy, including:

$200 million for the Agricultural Climate Solutions – On Farm Climate Action Fund;
$185 million for the Agricultural Climate Solutions – Living Lab program that is establishing a Canada-wide network of regional collaborations led by farmers and including scientists and other stakeholders to co-develop and implement farming practices to tackle climate change; and
$165.7 million for the Agricultural Clean Technology Program to support research, development and adoption of clean technologies. 

Canada’s Changing Climate Report, released by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) in 2019, indicates that warming in Canada is approximately double the global average. 

Funding for this new $200 million On-Farm Climate Action Fund was first announced in Budget 2021.

Canada’s Changing Climate Report, released by Environment and Climate Change Canada (ECCC) in 2019, indicates that warming in Canada is approximately double the global average.

Oliver Anderson

Director of Communications

Office of the Minister of Agriculture and Agri-Food


Cousin Pat is Helping People

Patrick Argiro aka Cousin Pat was born May 19, 1975. Already having an older cousin named Patrick, family members and friends began calling him Cousin Pat as to not be confused when calling his name.

After a nasty divorce that left Patrick broken, he wound up at a mental hospital called Carrier clinic in New Jersey. Patrick then met his ex-girlfriend in the clinic and once outside the abuse began.

With a lack of education, Patrick was homeless for 3 years and lived at the Salvation Army Homeless Shelter in St.Petersburg Florida, and also at a Veterans Shelter in Clearwater, Florida called HEP or Homeless Emergency Project.

He also had to file for bankruptcy. Patrick did finish all his coursework for a Bachelor’s degree while he was homeless.

After a car accident in which the other driver was texting and driving, Patrick had to undergo 2 back surgeries and one neck surgery and lives in constant chronic pain.

This led to a pill problem where after speaking to a drug counselor and attending an NA meeting, Patrick felt he could handle it and he was able to maintain control over his life and dealing with the pills and pain.

Patrick began to truly evaluate his life after falling in love with a second abusive woman and wondering why his choices were leading him down a certain path. He began studying mental health, going to church, and looking for answers anywhere he could.

On November 18, 2021, Patrick’s father Nicholas Argiro died of COVID-19 which led Patrick down the path of learning about Grief and Trauma. Patrick has clearly had his issues with mental health, grief, PTSD, trauma, depression, and anxiety.

Patrick then became a Certified Trauma Professional (CTP) and Certified Grief Counseling Specialist (CGCS), is an Ordained Clergy, has received his Masters in Theology in Christian Counseling, and is currently working on his PhD in Christian Counseling, as well as becoming a Licensed Counselor.

He wanted to learn about other people’s lives and their Journey, so he started The Cousin Pat Therapy Show under the YouTube Channel, Cousin Pat Therapy and recently began a Podcast called The Cousin Pat Therapy Show, where he has interviewed real estate moguls, UFC Fighters, including Eryk Anders, Mike Rodriguez, Vinc Pichel, Adrian Yanez, Mike Davis, Yorgan Decastro and Juan Adams; Bellator Fighters, Former NFL Players, and various other successful people within the premise of mental health.

He was featured on SiriusXM on The Lisa Show where he discussed his personal story as well as how people can cope with grief and trauma during this COVID Crisis.

Patrick is also starting a newsletter where he sends positive messages and life lessons to subscribers. He also leaves promo pics as well as messages of inspiration on his Twitter page @cousinpatherapy (with one t) and his Instagram page @realcousinpat.

Cousin Pat

Patrick Argiro




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