FemAle Brew Fest, the Country’s Pioneering Beer Festival Celebrating Women in the Brewing Industry, Returns to Fort Lauderdale

 Fem Collective presents the 6th Annual FemAle Brew FestTM on September 17 at the 96-room Kimpton Goodland – Fort Lauderdale Beach from 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm. The pioneering festival celebrating women in brewing will be taking over the 96-room hotel again, with festival attendees taking advantage of the popular Beercation package – an all-inclusive package that includes accommodations and two tickets to the festival (just outside their doors).

The festival will be pet-friendly and donate a portion of proceeds to Abandoned Pet Rescue (APR). The Kimpton Goodland is pet-friendly and has no restriction on types or size, which means pet owners can bring their fur babies with them to join in on the fun.

So far, the festival has 16 confirmed breweries, with new additions being added continuously. As the festival enters its 6th year, it has solidified itself as one of the most enjoyable craft beer festivals in South Florida, and its founder continues to contribute to the craft beer industry worldwide through her board position on the Pink Boots Society, speaking engagements and introducing female brewers and craft beer to Art Museums, Cities and Universities across Florida.

The festival organizers are also working with the hotel chef to create a special festival menu, and the rooftop experience will include a selection of breweries that will have a backdrop of one of the best views of the intracoastal and Fort Lauderdale Beach.

“Hosting the festival at this boutique hotel gives this female-centric beer festival a unique ambiance and gives the amazing women participating in the festival the opportunity to network, connect and reconnect in a setting that is not only relaxing but empowering,” says Frances Antonio-Martineau, Founder FemAle Brew FestTM / Fem Collective.

The festival will also continue its traditions of female-led bands, resident festival DJ. LaTrice Perry, and vendors in addition to adding the opportunity for brands to create activations and pop-up shops throughout the hotel property and in select rooms that open out into the private courtyards where the participating breweries will be stationed. The hotel’s guest amenities include morning coffee and tea service, complimentary beach cruisers, in-room yoga mat and beach bags & towels.

Confirmed breweries and bottle shops (so far), include, Angry Chair Brewing, Islamorada Beer Company, Magnanimous Brewing, Tarpon River Brewing, Corporate Ladder Brewing Company, Yeasty Brews Artisanal Beers, Grand Central Brewhouse, Motorworks Brewing, Cigar City Brewing, King Fox Brewery, Orchestrated Minds Brewing, Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company, Design Build Brewing, Sideward Brewing Co., 3 Maven’s, Deviant Wolf Brewing, Owl’s Brew and Progressive Distribution.

Tickets are on sale, and interested Breweries, Volunteers, Vendors and Brands interested in activations are encouraged to reach out to the organizer at info@femalebrewfest.com

The festival will be donating a portion of its proceeds to Abandoned Pet Rescue (APR) – a 501(C)3 IRS tax-exempt, qualified non-profit charitable organization founded in 1996. They rescue and shelter abandoned, abused, and neglected pets, rehabilitates them, and finds them new homes. APR is one of the largest no-kill animal shelters in South Florida and is devoted to the welfare of all animals.

Event Information:

– Date: Saturday September 17, 2022

– Special Package Admission starts at 1pm

– General Admission begins at 2pm

– More information at: www.FemAleBrewfest.com

– Location: Kimpton Goodland, 2900 Riomar St., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33304

– Organizers will follow all required COVID-19 health & safety guidelines in place at the time of the festival.


Main Organizer: Fem Collective

Co-Organizer: UniteUs Group

About Fem Collective

Fem Collective is a community of women collectively supporting women’s missions, issues and ambitions through networking and events. For more information about Fem Collective, please visit www.femcollective.com and @femcollective.

About the Kimpton Goodland Fort Lauderdale Beach

Tucked just one block from the beach, The Kimpton Goodland Hotel – Fort Lauderdale Beach is a sunshine-dappled world onto itself, where you can savor peaceful moments — and also shake up the party. Enjoy well-known Kimpton services and amenities, along with special experiences that are lush and ever-so local. From cocktails created with freshly squeezed juices at the poolside bar, to yoga classes in the botanic-filled courtyards, this is the neighborhood’s place to be. And it’s all within easy reach of downtown Fort Lauderdale’s sophisticated shops and dining. For more information, visit goodlandhotelftlauderdale.com. Follow along and catch an inside look on social media at @thegoodlandftl and @thebotanicftl on Instagram.

About UniteUs Group

Opening in 2017, UniteUs Group is an advertising and marketing consultancy developed under a new model that unites various synergistic entities under one umbrella to deliver progressive creative that benefits clients and communities by ways of notoriety, innovation, and profit. Consulting services include market research, R&D, product and service design, prototyping, and the development of marketing strategies for e-commerce and brick-and-mortar brands. Creative services include brand strategy, brand design and identity, interactive marketing, creative direction, public and media relations, media planning and buying, event curation, and experiential marketing.

UniteUs Group and partner agencies have experience across many verticals, including travel & tourism, luxury, mass-market consumer brands, finance & insurance, retail & fashion, resorts & hotels, real estate, food & beverage, health & beauty, and the boomer market. For more information about UniteUs Group, please visit www.uniteusgroup.com and @uniteusgroup.

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Female Founded Company Launches New Subscription Box in Portland: The Period Releaf Box™

 Releaf Box, a privately held female founded company with a mission to deliver natural relief for life’s most common recurring ailments, launches their first subscription box, the Period Releaf Box™. Designed for people tired of enduring monthly menstrual symptoms and interested in living a healthier and happier lifestyle, the Period Releaf Box contains a curated set of all-natural products that comprehensively target an array of insufferable period-related symptoms. By addressing each symptom individually (e.g. pain, bloating, mood swings, cravings, cramping, and cycle-length), one can easily identify which remedy is needed, when it’s needed most, without relying on consuming chemicals that may affect hormone levels or that are potentially toxic to the body.

This relief box includes six natural and effective period symptom relief products that would ordinarily come with a retail price tag of $190, not to mention the added cost of shipping for each individual product order. However, the Releaf Box team purchases wholesale quantities to enable customers to pay just over $40 a month for dependable period relief and all in a single convenient box. Customers have the option to purchase just a one-time order or they can opt in for a subscription plan that will automatically deliver a new box every 90, 120 or 150 days. As a “Thank You” for signing up for recurring orders, Releaf Box will cover the shipping costs for subscription orders, an additional $10+ incentive each on order.

So, you may be wondering, “What products are included in the Period Releaf Box?” Below is a list of the products and the quantities included in each Period Releaf Box. To learn more about which period symptoms each product helps with and how they help, check out their Period Releaf Box detail page.

16 – Healthy Cycle Tea Sachets

1 – 1500mg CBD/CBG 2:1 Turmeric Tincture Vial

12 – Monthly Mayhem Transdermal Patches

60 – Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

9 – High Potency 50mg CBD Infused Artisan Truffles

1 – Complimentary Reusable Heat/Cold Pad (Included in first orders)

About Releaf Box – Amy’s Story:

Like many women, Amy suffered each month from painful cramps, bloating, and emotional sensitivity. Her partner, Lucas, wanted to help, but felt helpless not knowing how. After several failed attempts at finding her over-the-counter medications that were both effective and free of harmful side effects, he started looking for naturopathic remedies. He brought home product after product for her to try. They discovered that instead of trying to find a single remedy to all of the symptoms she suffered through each month, it made more sense to address each symptom individually since they didn’t always occur at the same time.

Amy became emotional a few days before her period (seriously, she could cry at the drop of a hat), but was not hurting or really all that bloated just yet. So while she didn’t need anything for pain or bloating, she did need something for emotional sensitivity. Then a day or two before her period started, she would begin retaining so much water that her skin hurt to touch and her clothing wouldn’t fit so she would need a safe diuretic to reduce bloating. And then of course, a few days later, she would experience painful cramping, fatigue, and cravings.

Sound familiar? And so, the search for effective natural remedies and the story of Releaf Box commenced.

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