Releaf Box, a privately held female founded company with a mission to deliver natural relief for life’s most common recurring ailments, launches their first subscription box, the Period Releaf Box™. Designed for people tired of enduring monthly menstrual symptoms and interested in living a healthier and happier lifestyle, the Period Releaf Box contains a curated set of all-natural products that comprehensively target an array of insufferable period-related symptoms. By addressing each symptom individually (e.g. pain, bloating, mood swings, cravings, cramping, and cycle-length), one can easily identify which remedy is needed, when it’s needed most, without relying on consuming chemicals that may affect hormone levels or that are potentially toxic to the body.

This relief box includes six natural and effective period symptom relief products that would ordinarily come with a retail price tag of $190, not to mention the added cost of shipping for each individual product order. However, the Releaf Box team purchases wholesale quantities to enable customers to pay just over $40 a month for dependable period relief and all in a single convenient box. Customers have the option to purchase just a one-time order or they can opt in for a subscription plan that will automatically deliver a new box every 90, 120 or 150 days. As a “Thank You” for signing up for recurring orders, Releaf Box will cover the shipping costs for subscription orders, an additional $10+ incentive each on order.

So, you may be wondering, “What products are included in the Period Releaf Box?” Below is a list of the products and the quantities included in each Period Releaf Box. To learn more about which period symptoms each product helps with and how they help, check out their Period Releaf Box detail page.

16 – Healthy Cycle Tea Sachets

1 – 1500mg CBD/CBG 2:1 Turmeric Tincture Vial

12 – Monthly Mayhem Transdermal Patches

60 – Apple Cider Vinegar Gummies

9 – High Potency 50mg CBD Infused Artisan Truffles

1 – Complimentary Reusable Heat/Cold Pad (Included in first orders)

About Releaf Box – Amy’s Story:

Like many women, Amy suffered each month from painful cramps, bloating, and emotional sensitivity. Her partner, Lucas, wanted to help, but felt helpless not knowing how. After several failed attempts at finding her over-the-counter medications that were both effective and free of harmful side effects, he started looking for naturopathic remedies. He brought home product after product for her to try. They discovered that instead of trying to find a single remedy to all of the symptoms she suffered through each month, it made more sense to address each symptom individually since they didn’t always occur at the same time.

Amy became emotional a few days before her period (seriously, she could cry at the drop of a hat), but was not hurting or really all that bloated just yet. So while she didn’t need anything for pain or bloating, she did need something for emotional sensitivity. Then a day or two before her period started, she would begin retaining so much water that her skin hurt to touch and her clothing wouldn’t fit so she would need a safe diuretic to reduce bloating. And then of course, a few days later, she would experience painful cramping, fatigue, and cravings.

Sound familiar? And so, the search for effective natural remedies and the story of Releaf Box commenced.

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