OSCR360 Featured in New York State Police Forensic Investigation Unit Exhibit at the NY State Fair

SYRACUSE, N.Y.Sept. 18, 2023PRLog — L-Tron is pleased to announce that its patented OSCR360 system was on display at the Great New York State Fair. The New York State Police Forensic Identification Unit (FIU) showcased a mock crime scene highlighting OSCR360 and other technology the department utilizes to solve cases.

The New York State Police Forensic Identification Unit (FIU) consists of members of the Bureau of Criminal Investigation and operates out of nine field offices across the state. The FIU is responsible for assisting NY law enforcement agencies in the processing of crime scene evidence and fingerprint examination at major scenes, including homicides, suspicious deaths, and robberies. From specialized techniques to cutting-edge technology, NYS FIUs are called upon to thoroughly process and investigate crime scenes and present critical evidence in the courtroom.

At the 2023 New York State Fair, the New York State Police exhibited roll-over simulations, underwater recovery team demonstrations, canine bomb disposal demonstrations, and special operations response team demonstrations. The FIU displayed a realistic mock crime scene for visitors to observe, complete with a homicide victim dummy, crime scene investigator dummies, evidence markers, evidence processing equipment, and the OSCR360 camera and tripod. The L-Tron team was happy to drive to Syracuse to lend several OSCR360 cameras, an OSCR360 poster, and some enlarged QR codes for spectators to learn more about the system.

OSCR360 captures 360-degree images from crime, crash, and fire scenes and incorporates additional digital evidence into the photographs as Points of Interest, creating a comprehensive virtual walkthrough of the scene.

Throughout an investigation and continuing into the courtroom, OSCR360 leaves no detail to the imagination. Hundreds of agencies across the country are using OSCR360 to document, store, organize and present critical details during investigations. In addition to investigations and courtroom prosecution, OSCR360 (https://www.L-Tron.com/OSCR360) plays an instrumental role in creating active shooter and emergency preparedness plans, as well as training law enforcement officers and criminal justice students.

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The 2023 Great New York State Fair, which took place August 23rd through September 4th, is held annually in Syracuse and draws crowds of hundreds of thousands from all over the state and beyond. To discover more, visit https://nysfair.ny.gov.

About L-Tron

For over two decades, L-Tron has partnered with public safety agencies to provide technology solutions built from your voice. We are a proud New York State business and we are honored to “Back the Blue” in our own state, as well as in all 50 states nationwide, through a variety of educational events, non-profit sponsorships, and more. “Your Success is our Purpose!”

Hong Kong – Hong Kong films featured at Fantasia International Film Festival (with photos)

Hong Kong films featured at Fantasia International Film Festival (with photos)


     The Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office (Toronto) (Toronto ETO) is supporting the screening of six Hong Kong films at the 2023 Fantasia International Film Festival, being held from July 20 to August 9 in Montreal, Canada. In particular, the movie “White Storm 3: Heaven or Hell” directed by Herman Yau had its Canadian premiere on the film festival’s opening night on July 20 (Montreal time).
     Speaking before the screening of “White Storm 3: Heaven or Hell”, the Director of Toronto ETO, Ms Emily Mo, briefed the audience that Hong Kong has over a century of history in movie making. “Hong Kong is a city full of creativity,” Ms Mo said. “It is a leading film-making centre in Asia.”
     Ms Mo remarked that the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government has been very supportive of the development of Hong Kong film industry. “We finance the production of small-to-medium budget films, provide funding support for the industry to attend film festivals overseas, and subsidise training programmes to help nurture young directors and scriptwriting talent for the industry,” she said.
     Ms Mo added that new initiatives have been introduced to promote Hong Kong-Asian film collaboration and content development for streaming platforms. Various government-funded films have made their way to international film festivals.
     Noting that people in Hong Kong and Canada share a love for movies, Ms Mo explained that Hong Kong films are ambassadors connecting Hong Kong with the world. Toronto ETO will continue to support Hong Kong films to participate in various international film festivals held in Canada, including Fantasia.  
     The other Hong Kong films at the Festival included “Mad Fate”, “The Sparring Partner”, “God of Cookery”, “My Heart Is That Eternal Rose” and “A Chinese Ghost Story”.

Veteran’s Son with TBI Featured in SHIFT Magazine After Writing Children’s Book

 Josh Goblowsky recently released his new children’s book, “Josh’s World.” It’s about a baby dragon with disabilities and how he sees the world. Josh was severely injured at the age of 3 in an hit-and-run involving two semi trucks.

The massive Traumatic Brain Injury effected every area of his life; cognitive, emotional, and physical. He has been through two thousand appointments in the sixteen years since the injury. His cognitive abilities have suffered the most severe part of the injury.

His father, Mark Goblowsky, was an Air Force veteran and took it upon himself to make sure that Josh’s life was as normal as possible. Now, in his 20s, Josh still has the emotional maturity of a 10-year-old, but an indomitable spirit. He wanted to write a book so that other children and young adults with disabilities could relate to his situation.

They brought in illustrator, Justin William Gordon for the drawings. Josh created a list of chapter ideas and story content with Jennifer Perea, who helped get his thoughts down on paper. Mark handled the publishing duties.

Joshua is donating 100% of the proceeds to the Sunshine Foundation which helps chronically ill children fulfill their dreams.

As of 2022, the market size of the Children’s Book Publishing industry is $2.6 billion, an increase of 2.22% from 2021. (IBIS world website, 2022)

Josh’s book has been featured in SHIFT Magazine’s March/April issue with a full review and recap of Josh’s story.

“I’m really proud of Josh for doing this, it’s a great way for him to connect with other young people around the world and share his story which in many ways are like Josh’s story.” – Mark Goblowsky

To purchase a copy of “Josh’s World,” go to Amazon: www.amazon.com/Joshs-World-Joshua-Michael-Goblowsky/dp/B09NRB43ZD

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Hong Kong – Hong Kong new film talents featured in Chicago’s Asian Pop-up Cinema

Hong Kong new film talents featured in Chicago’s Asian Pop-up Cinema


     Movie fans in Chicago and the Midwest region of the United States will have an opportunity to enjoy seven captivating Hong Kong movies during the upcoming season of Asian Pop-up Cinema (APUC) in Chicago, running from September 15 to October 12, with drive-in and online screenings.  
     This season’s Hong Kong Cinema Panorama series will feature a variety of works from a new generation of Hong Kong filmmakers. They include the world premiere of “The Dishwasher Squad”, the directorial debut of Shum Shek-yin. This production is financed by the Film Development Fund of Hong Kong.
     In addition, the APUC will be screening Soi Cheang’s “Limbo”, starring Gordon Lam Ka-tung, who will be presented with the Career Achievement Award in recognition of his contribution to the film industry.
     The Director of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, New York, Ms Candy Nip said the exhilarating programme this season offers audience in the United States a taste of the different genres of Hong Kong cinema, and a glimpse of the strong creativity of our new talents.
     For more information about the Hong Kong Cinema Panorama at the upcoming season of the APUC, please visit the website: www.hketousa.gov.hk/usa/arts-cultural/asian-popup-cinema.html

Toi Holliday was Featured in the Los Angeles Edition of Top Agent Magazine

 Toi Holliday of Side Inc. Arc Realty was featured in the Los Angeles Edition of Top Agent Magazine in September 2021. Top Agent Magazine is the premier real estate magazine featuring the foremost real estate agents, mortgage professionals, and affiliates in the USA, Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Top Agent Magazine features the top producing and most accomplished professionals in the real estate industry, offering an in-depth look at their careers and providing a blueprint for their success.

To be considered for a feature in Top Agent Magazine, all professionals must go through a nomination and interview process. All Candidates are then evaluated based upon production, professionalism, as well as industry and community involvement. It is considered a privilege to be nominated as it speaks to a certain success level all real estate agents strive for. Top Agent has set itself apart as a trusted source of real estate information and inspiration. Toi Holliday is a stellar example of the kind of prominent leaders of real estate they are proud to feature in Top Agent Magazine.

Information on nominations receiving this recognition can be found online at http://www.topagentmagazine.com/nominate-a-real-estate-agent-to-be-featured/

“It is an honor being nominated and chosen to be featured in Top Agent Magazine. It has given me an opportunity to showcase my experience and dedication as a Professional Realtor® serving Los Angeles and beyond. I look forward to this being part of my ongoing efforts to help as many clients as possible.” For more information about Toi Holliday, please call 310-684-3811, email Homes@ToiHolliday.com, or visit www.ToiHolliday.com.

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