Hong Kong – Hong Kong Customs detects two dangerous drugs cases and seizes suspected dangerous drugs worth about $3.1 million (with photos)

Hong Kong Customs detects two dangerous drugs cases and seizes suspected dangerous drugs worth about $3.1 million (with photos)


     Hong Kong Customs detected two dangerous drugs cases on March 18 and yesterday (April 1), and seized a total of about 3.6 kilograms of suspected ketamine, about 1kg of suspected cocaine and about 60 grams of suspected crack cocaine at Hong Kong International Airport and Tin Shui Wai. The total estimated market value was about $3.1 million. Two men were arrested.

     In the first case, through risk assessment, Customs on March 18 inspected an air consignment, declared as carrying decoration, arriving in Hong Kong from Frankfurt of Germany via Dubai of the United Arab Emirates at the airport. Upon examination, Customs officers found that suspected ketamine, weighing about 3.6kg in total, were concealed inside four paintings in the consignment.

     Customs officers then mounted a controlled delivery operation yesterday and arrested a 29-year-old man suspected to be connected with the case in Fanling. 

     In the second case, during an anti-narcotics operation conducted in the vicinity of Tin Shui Wai yesterday, Customs officers intercepted a suspicious man. Upon inspection, Customs officers seized about 1kg of suspected cocaine inside the backpack of the man. The 22-year-old man was subsequently arrested. 

     Customs officers later escorted the arrested man to a residential premises nearby for a search and further seized about 60g of suspected crack cocaine and a batch of drug manufacturing and packaging paraphernalia.

     Investigations of the two cases are ongoing.

     Customs reminds members of the public to stay alert and not to participate in drug trafficking activities for monetary return. They must not accept hiring or delegation from another party to carry controlled items into and out of Hong Kong. They are also reminded not to carry unknown items for other people, nor to release their personal data or home address to others for receiving parcels or goods. 

     Under the Dangerous Drugs Ordinance, trafficking in a dangerous drug is a serious offence. The maximum penalty upon conviction is a fine of $5 million and life imprisonment.

     Members of the public may report any suspected drug trafficking activities to Customs’ 24-hour hotline 2545 6182 or its dedicated crime-reporting email account (crimereport@customs.gov.hk).

“Drugs and Alcohol 101 2nd Edition” by William (Bill) Shooter will be displayed at the LA Times Festival of Books 2022



This is an updated version of our original “Drugs and Alcohol 101” that William and Deborah Shooter published in 2010. They have always been concerned about the effects of drugs and alcohol use by their country’s teens and young adults. Both of them have spent many years trying to help young and young at heart drivers to improve their attitudes towards driving defensively and not aggressively. They wanted to write a book showing kids how important they are to society; how their young bodies are growing, especially their brains. Most importantly William and Deborah wanted to show them how dopamine and the natural feel-good drugs that their bodies produce need to be maintained in a drug-free body. The use of many drugs being used by teens today removes the ability for our bodies to produce those natural drugs leading to addictions and withdrawal from the society that wants them to survive as meaningful full members of their communities.


“Drugs and Alcohol 101” by William and Debbie Shooter will be displayed at the Tucson Festival of Books

The Shooters introduced an educational tool for academic institutions on common drug and alcohol issues as a preliminary education for children and adolescents about the dangers of these vices.

San Diego, CA, USA – WEBWIRE

Drugs and alcohol are not the best filters to solve one’s individual problem. Don’t be a victim, but rather be the person who prevents it.

“Drugs and Alcohol 101,” co-authored by William and Debbie Shooter (Off Campus Education and Publishing Inc., 2010 and updated 2019), will be displayed at the 2022 Tucson Festival of Books on March 12-13, 2022, at the University of Arizona Mall, Tucson, AZ. The book is an educational tool for those fighting the war on drug and alcohol abuse, especially teens who are unaware of these vices or susceptible to the temptations of it. Teens must make so many choices early in life, yet most find themselves unprepared even at times misinformed. For that reason, parents and educators agree “Drugs and Alcohol 101” should be a prerequisite for required reading, prior to any student entering high school or college.


This book is a non-judgmental, easy-to-read guide that speaks openly and honestly about the use of drugs and alcohol. It holds nothing back from cover to cover as subjects like “medical marijuana” to heroin are laid out so young adults will be in the know. Knowledge is power. “Drugs and Alcohol 101” has the answers.


“Drugs and Alcohol 101” is an excellent resource for parents to educate their children when the time comes. It is broken down so children and teens can go through it in sections so they can gain a lot by reading it themselves. According to Jennifer, an Amazon reviewer, she loved how direct the authors were, especially how “…they give overviews of all the common drugs including their side effects and everything you need to know about drug and alcohol use.” They explore the reasons people use these substances from achieving happiness to escaping their current troubles. 


Overall, the book presents alternative methods to reach these same “highs” in a way that will not negatively affect the body. So, if anyone wanted to have a reference book that would give you the starting language to sit and talk with anyone at any age about drugs and alcohol and even prescription drug abuse this would be the book. 


Interested? Get a copy of “Drugs and Alcohol 101” co-authored by William and late Debbie Shooter on Amazon and visit the Tucson Festival of Books. 


Drugs and Alcohol 101 2nd Edition

Author | William Shooter and Deborah Shooter (aka. Debbie)

Genre | Health, Adolescent, Addiction & Recovery

Publisher | Off Campus Education and Publishing Inc.

Published date | Updated October 2021


Author Bio

William and the late Deborah Shooter are the founders of Off Campus Education and Publishing and have taught thousands of young adults life-learning skills as these same young adults were beginning or learning to drive. They have worked with judicial courts to retrain young minds on subjects like drinking and driving, drugs, and controlling aggressive street-racing behavior.

They wanted to write a book showing kids how important they are to society; how their young bodies are still growing, especially their brains. More importantly, how dopamine and the natural feel-good drugs that their bodies produce need to be maintained in a drug-free body.

Deborah passed away suddenly in June 2017 as they were making final edits to this update edition of “Drugs and Alcohol 101,” William is continuing to do research for further updates to this subject since the issue of drugs, alcohol and their effects on teens continue.