AEON Credit Service Launches Series of Targeted Credit Card Offers to Extend Consumption Voucher Impact, Adding to Excitement of Traditional Consumption Peak Season

AEON Credit Service (Asia) Company Limited (“AEON Credit Service” or the “Group”; stock code: 00900) has announced the launch of a series of AEON credit card offers aimed to extend the impact of the government consumption voucher, for greater enjoyment of the traditional consumption peak season between Christmas and Chinese New Year.
Always putting customers first, AEON Credit Service constantly provides customers with the most suitable offers so as to create the best experience for them. The recent well-received AEON x Ocean Park General Admission Promotion has allowed the Group to better understand customer needs and behaviour. In view of the positive consumer sentiment boosted by the Consumption Voucher Scheme in Hong Kong and the approaching traditional consumer spending peak season during Christmas and Chinese New Year, the Group has seized the strong momentum embarking on the following targeted credit card promotion offers to capture business opportunities:

1) Online Spending and Local Dining 10X Rewards Promotion
As demand for online shopping and catering services increases, AEON credit card hopes to stimulate greater related consumption. Customers can earn 10X points, equivalent to a 4% spending rebate, for credit card online shopping transactions and restaurant dining in Hong Kong on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays during the period between 1 and 30 November 2021. Cardholders of AEON CARD JAL can enjoy HK$2=1 JAL Miles redemption through these two spending offers, and earn JAL Miles expressly in preparation for the opening of international travel in the future.

2) AEON Credit Card “Earn Multiple Rewards for More Spending Each Month”
As the peak shopping season from Christmas to Chinese New Year is just around the corner, AEON Credit Service is going to launch a special rebate. AEON customers can now get a cash rebate of up to HK$1,200 for spending with their AEON Credit Cards during the promotional period.

Spending Stage / Cumulative Monthly Spending / Cash Rebate
Stage 1: 15/11/2021 – 14/12/2021 / HK$5,000 or more / HK$150
Stage 2: 15/12/2021 – 14/1/2022 / HK$5,000 or more / HK$150
Stage 3: 15/1/2022 – 14/2/2022 / HK$5,000 or more / HK$150
Additional Rewards:
Customers who meet the above monthly spending requirements for the three consecutive stages and with accumulated spending of HK$45,000 are entitled to an extra HK$750 cash rebate.

Note: The above credit card offers are subject to relevant terms and conditions. For details, please visit the company website:

About AEON Credit Service (Asia) Company Limited (Stock Code: 00900)
AEON Credit Service (Asia) Company Limited, a subsidiary of AEON Financial Service Co., Ltd. (TSE: 8570) and a member of the AEON Group, was set up in 1987 and listed on the Main Board of The Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited in 1995. The Group is principally engaged in the consumer finance business, which includes the issuance of credit cards and the provision of personal loan financing, card payment processing services, insurance agency and brokerage business in Hong Kong and microfinance business in Mainland China.

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Hong Kong – LCQ2: Electronic consumption vouchers

LCQ2: Electronic consumption vouchers


     Following is a question by the Hon Chan Hak-kan and a reply by the Secretary for Financial Services and the Treasury, Mr Christopher Hui, in the Legislative Council today (September 15):
     Quite a number of members of the public were not disbursed, as scheduled, the first batch of electronic consumption vouchers on the 1st of this month because of erroneous or missing information on the paper registration forms completed and submitted by them. For several consecutive days in early this month, a large number of such persons (many of whom were elderly people) flocked to the Consumption Voucher Scheme Secretariat to make enquiries or resubmit registrations, resulting in long queues. The Secretariat subsequently extended the deadline of the special arrangement for resubmission of registrations to the 15th of this month. In this connection, will the Government inform this Council:
(1) of the respective up-to-date numbers of resubmitted registrations the processing of which has been completed and is underway;
(2) whether, before the 1st of this month, the Government had become aware of the large number of paper registration forms with erroneous or missing information; if so, why the Government had not made good preparation for the follow-up work, including setting up offices at the government venues in various districts to divert visitor flows; and
(3) whether it will comprehensively review the arrangements of the Scheme to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents?
     The Financial Secretary announced in the 2021-22 Budget the implementation of the Consumption Voucher Scheme (the Scheme) which aims to stimulate consumer sentiment and boost local consumption, thereby accelerating economic recovery; and at the same time to encourage through the Scheme more local merchants and members of the public to use electronic payment, hence fostering the development of the local electronic payment market.
     During the registration period of the Scheme (i.e. July 4 to August 14), a total of about 6.9 million registrations, including duplicated and invalid ones, were received. The first voucher of $2,000 was disbursed on August 1 and September 1 respectively to a total of about 6.3 million eligible persons. As observed, the consumption vouchers disbursed have effectively produced a stimulating effect on the market and has significantly boosted the business of merchants. The overall response of the community is very positive.
     As regards the remaining some 600 000 registrations, about 100 000 were from ineligible persons, 200 000 were duplicated registrations, and the remaining 300 000 or so had not been further processed due to incomplete or incorrect information provided, among which over 280 000 registrants had either provided supplementary information or corrected the information provided before the registration period ended. As a result, there were about 19 000 registrations that could not be processed when the registration period ended. To allow sufficient time for relevant registrants to provide supplementary information, we have made special arrangement to enable them to resubmit their registrations once in paper form between August 16 and 31. We hope that by arranging staff to receive and process the paper registration forms, we can ensure that the information provided is correct and complete. In view of the circumstances on September 1, we have extended the special arrangement to September 15. We have also subsequently increased manpower substantially, made available additional service hours on Saturdays, and operated three additional service centres for people to complete the process.
     My reply to the various parts of the question raised by the Hon Chan is as follows:
(1) As at September 14, we have received a total of about 18 200 registrations resubmitted under the above special arrangement and have processed about 13 000 of them. Those who made use of the special arrangements to resubmit their registrations between August 16 and September 15 will receive the first voucher of $2,000 on October 1 upon confirmation of eligibility.
(2) Since the commencement of registration for the Scheme on July 4, we have been closely monitoring the progress of registration. In accordance with the announced implementation details of the Scheme, SMSs were sent to registrants whose registrations were not successful, reminding them to provide supplementary information to complete the registration process. For those who have not provided SMS-enabled mobile phone numbers, we have called them at the phone numbers provided to remind them to provide supplementary information. Moreover, we have repeatedly drawn public attention to the registration deadline of the Scheme and the special arrangement on providing supplementary information by resubmissions through a number of press releases. The public were also reminded through press releases and social media that they could check their registration status through the interactive voice response system of the hotline 18 5000.
     Some registrants only realised that their registrations were not successful when they failed to receive any vouchers on September 1, i.e. the date of disbursement of the second batch of vouchers. As some registrants might want to resubmit their registrations as soon as possible, there was a sudden influx of visitors at the Secretariat, resulting in longer waiting time. We felt very regretful to see some elderly people travel a long way to the Secretariat in Mong Kok to make resubmissions. This reflects that there is certainly room for improvement in our implementation, preparation and arrangements which could be more thoughtful. We have responded immediately, including announcing on September 1 that the special arrangement would be extended for two weeks to September 15, increasing manpower substantially, and making available additional service hours on Saturdays. In addition, to facilitate resubmission of registrations by people in different districts, we have operated three additional service centres in Central, Tai Po and Tuen Mun starting from September 6. So far, the Secretariat and the three additional service centres have been running smoothly and no long waiting is necessary.
(3) This is the first time that the Government implements the Consumption Voucher Scheme, which involves a large number of beneficiaries, and we have faced various difficulties and challenges in the process of preparation and implementation. We have strived to cater for the needs of different people and stakeholders and have endeavoured to strike a balance between security and simplicity while ensuring that the implementation and effectiveness of the Scheme are in line with the policy objectives of boosting consumption and promoting the use of electronic payment. We will continue to monitor the implementation of the Scheme to ensure that it operates smoothly.
     Thank you, President.

Hong Kong – Registration of Consumption Voucher Scheme with “iAM Smart”

Registration of Consumption Voucher Scheme with “iAM Smart”


     The “iAM Smart” system has once been heavily loaded this morning (July 4). Members of the public may encounter some problems when login and authenticate their identity using “iAM Smart” to register for the Consumption Voucher Scheme (the Scheme).
     The “iAM Smart” system has already resumed normal service but a longer queuing time is still needed as the number of people choosing to register through the platform remains high.

     A spokesman stressed that the website of the Scheme ( has been operating smoothly all along. Registration directly through the website using other ways of authentication, for example, by answering two security questions to authenticate their identity if they have successfully registered and received payment or collected the cheque under the Cash Payout Scheme, is simple and smooth and no queuing was required. The whole registration process took only a few minutes to complete. 

     Eligible persons who have completed electronic registration in the first two weeks (i.e. on or before July 17) will receive the first voucher on August 1, hence there is no need to rush for registration during the first one or two days, the spokesman added.

Hong Kong – Registration for Consumption Voucher Scheme to start on July 4

Registration for Consumption Voucher Scheme to start on July 4


     The Consumption Voucher Scheme (the Scheme) will open for registration from July 4 (Sunday). Registration will last for six weeks till August 14. Eligible Hong Kong permanent residents and new arrivals aged 18 or above on or before June 18, 2021, may make an electronic registration through the Consumption Voucher Scheme website ( from 6am on July 4. Eligible persons who choose to register using paper forms may put the forms into the designated drop boxes from July 5 (Monday) during office hours. 
     A Government spokesman encouraged the public to register electronically as it is faster and more convenient. In general, eligible persons who have completed electronic registration in the first two weeks (i.e. on or before July 17) will receive the first voucher on August 1, hence there is no need to rush for registration during the first one or two days. Eligible persons who have completed electronic registration on or after July 18 will normally receive the first voucher on September 1.
     Members of the public have to authenticate their identity during electronic registration. If they have successfully registered and received payment or collected the cheque under the Cash Payout Scheme (CPS) announced last year before June 18 this year, they may authenticate their identity by answering two related security questions: (a) the last four digits of the telephone number registered under the CPS; and (b) the last five digits of the account number for the bank transfer or the post office where the cheque was collected. Registrants will not need to fill in the personal data they have provided under the CPS again after identity authentication. To complete the registration, they only need to provide the related number of the stored value facility (SVF) account for collecting the vouchers and make a declaration regarding the “residing in Hong Kong” requirement. Alternatively, people may authenticate their identity through the “iAM Smart” app, or by uploading a copy of their Hong Kong identity card as notified after inputting their personal information to complete the registration procedure. The Government spokesman suggested members of the public have the required information in hand before making the electronic registration so that the whole registration process will be quicker and time-saving.
     Eligible persons who register by submitting paper forms will generally receive the first voucher on September 1. The paper form is available for downloading on the Scheme website or for collection at designated locations, including post offices (excluding mobile post offices) in different districts, Home Affairs Enquiry Centres of the Home Affairs Department, district social welfare offices of the Social Welfare Department, public housing estate offices and Customer Service Centre of the Hong Kong Housing Authority.
     Registrants should drop the completed and signed paper form, together with a copy of their Hong Kong identity card stapled to the form and folded, into the drop boxes at around 560 collection points, including post offices in various districts and designated branches of Bank of China (Hong Kong), Bank of East Asia, Hang Seng Bank, the Hongkong and Shanghai Banking Corporation, and Standard Chartered Bank (Hong Kong) during office hours within the registration period. Registration forms submitted by post, fax or email will not be accepted.
     Each eligible person can only register once. Each selected SVF account can also be registered once only, which cannot be changed after submission of registration.
     In general, people will receive an SMS notification informing them of the registration result around one week after completing the electronic registration. For registrants submitting paper registration forms, they will receive the SMS notification in around two weeks. 
     The Government spokesman reminded the public to protect their personal data carefully. The Government and its agents/contractors will only communicate with registrants with designated telephone numbers. If people need assistance when registering for the Scheme, they should only seek help from those they trust. The public may visit the Scheme website or call the hotline 18 5000 for enquiries if they have any questions about the Scheme.