Registration of Consumption Voucher Scheme with “iAM Smart”


     The “iAM Smart” system has once been heavily loaded this morning (July 4). Members of the public may encounter some problems when login and authenticate their identity using “iAM Smart” to register for the Consumption Voucher Scheme (the Scheme).
     The “iAM Smart” system has already resumed normal service but a longer queuing time is still needed as the number of people choosing to register through the platform remains high.

     A spokesman stressed that the website of the Scheme ( has been operating smoothly all along. Registration directly through the website using other ways of authentication, for example, by answering two security questions to authenticate their identity if they have successfully registered and received payment or collected the cheque under the Cash Payout Scheme, is simple and smooth and no queuing was required. The whole registration process took only a few minutes to complete. 

     Eligible persons who have completed electronic registration in the first two weeks (i.e. on or before July 17) will receive the first voucher on August 1, hence there is no need to rush for registration during the first one or two days, the spokesman added.