2nd Annual Conch Shell Int’l Film Fest Announces the Films of the Official Selection 2022

 The 2nd Annual Conch Shell International Film Fest (CSIFF) is thrilled to announce the films of the Official Selection 2022. A collection of short films written and/or directed by Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora filmmakers from twelve different countries will be screened during CSIFF’s online festival from Friday, August 26, 2022 to Sunday, August 28, 2022 on Filmocracy.com (CSIFF2022 Industry Sponsor).

Presented by Queens, New York based Conch Shell Productions, and founded by Haitian American actress/writer/producer Magaly Colimon, CSIFF2022 is an interactive online festival space for film lovers and filmmakers to watch Official Selection short films on demand, attend live special screenings of select feature films, network in live virtual spaces, expand their knowledge in engaging panels and masterclasses, and celebrate the unique perspectives of filmmakers in artist chats. CSIFF2022 will close with an Award Ceremony.

CSIFF2022 Official Selection Films

A Better Tomorrow written by Gerelle Forbes: directed by Gerelle Forbes, Mark Loquan (Origin: Trinidad and Tobago)

A Ring directed by RayMartell Moore; written by Monique A. Robinson (Origin: U.S.A.)

After The Equinox directed by Álvaro Franco; written by Kamaria Williams (Origin: U.S.A.)

American Made directed by Tiffany Nichole Greene; written by Christin Eve Cato (Origin: U.S.A.)

Birmingham’s Phenomenal Woman directed & written by Tonya Joy Bolton (Origin: U.K.)

Carpe Diem directed & written by Tajha Winkle (Origin: Jamaica)

Clean Teeth Wednesdays directed & written by Catherine Bruhier (Origin: Canada)

Entre Puerto Rico y Richmond: Women in Resistance Shall Not Be Moved directed by Alicia Diaz; written by Patricia Herrera (Origin: United States)

Fab 4 and the Silent Retreat directed by Peter Sagnia; written by Diane De La Haye (Origin: Jamaica)

Fuego directed & written by Edwin FrankO (Origin: U.S.A.)

Goombay Kids directed by Lanthroe Monroe: written by Stephanie K. Nihon,

Kristina Rostad, Lanthro Monroe (Origin: Bahamas)

Harlem Love directed & written by Rich Joseph (Origin: U.S.A.)

I F@$%ing Quit directed & written by Ronissha Marksman (Origin: U.S.A.)

The Jill of the Trade director & writer Charysse Tia Harper (Origin: U.K.)

Lifeline directed & written by Timothy Joseph (Origin: Trinidad and Tobago)

Light and Darkness directed & written by Lee-San Gayle (Origin: Jamaica)

LOL2069 directed & written by JanLuk Stanislas

Loko directed & written by Angelina Villapiano (Origin: Puerto Rico)

Lovena directed & written by Olivier SAGNE (Origin: French Guyana)

Mirage directed & written by Iida Valmé (Origin: Finland)

Olympic Village 2028 directed by Dwayne LeBlanc (Origin: U.S.A.)

One Day At The Time directed by Gabri Christa (Origin: Curaçao)

Rise Up ! directed & written by Grace Stelk (Origin: Netherlands)

Sins of the Father directed & written by Azriel Bahadoor (Origin: Trinidad and Tobago)

Son directed & written by Gabri Christa (Origin: U.S.A)

Speak BROTHER Speak directed by Kamun (Origin: Guadeloupe)

Sunlight Around the Corner: The Golden Sparrow directed by Pablo Dewin & Daymé Arocena;

written by Alicia K. Aroche & Daymé Arocena (Origin: U.S.A.)

Sweet Yellow Heart directed & written by Danielle Russell (Origin: Jamaica)

The Feeling of Before directed & written by Lee-San Gayle (Origin: Jamaica)

The Healing directed & written by Jean Lodescar (Origin: U.S.A.)

The Unlocking directed & written by Lee-San Gayle (Origin: Jamaica)

The Whisper of the Leaves directed & written by Amir Aether Valen (Origin: Cuba)

Tuff Guy directed & written by Yannis Sainte-Rose (Origin: Martinique)

Yo Menné Nou la – Célia Wa directed & written by Wally Fall (Origin: Guadeloupe)

About Their Sponsors and Supporters

Conch Shell International Film Fest is made possible with the support of A.R.T./N.Y. 2022 NYSCA-A.R.T./New York Creative Opportunity Fund (a regrant program of the New York State Council on the Arts), and Queens Council on the Arts 2022 QAF Arts Access Grant (with public funds from the New York City Department of Cultural Affairs in partnership with the City Council).

CSIFF2022 Sponsors include Apples and Oranges Public Relations, Filmocracy, Final Draft, IPitch, Imagine Products, PrevisPro, and JR Sterling Productions.

CSIFF2022 Partners include Caribbean Tales Film Fest, Karukerament Podcast, HHB Media, The Young-Howze Theatre Journal, and Thermal Sound Waves

Event date: Friday, August 26, 2022 – Sunday, August 28, 2022

Time: On-demand films – 24 hours; For other fest events, see website for details www.conchshelliff.com

Location: Online https://festival.filmocracy.com/conchshelliff/

How to attend: Get your fest pass from www.conchshelliff.com

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Conch Shell Int’l. Film Fest 2022 Pre-Fest Film & Chat Celebrates Caribbean Diaspora Narratives

 Conch Shell International Film Fest (CSIFF) is thrilled to announce CSIFF2022 Pre-Fest “Film & Chat” online series’ May event will feature three short Caribbean Diaspora films: “Instead Dread,” written and directed by Dawn Wilkinson; “Veronica,” written by Tanya Perez/directed by Reiko Aylesworth; and “Papichulo,” written & directed by Marquis Smalls.

Sponsored by Filmocracy.com (https://festival.filmocracy.com/conchshelliff/), this online event takes place on Saturday, May 28, 2022 at 5pm EST. The film screenings will be followed by a moderated artist chat with Tanya Perez, Dawn Wilkinson and Marquis Smalls.

The Pre-Fest Film & Chat series is hosted by Conch Shell International Film Festival (CSIFF). CSIFF celebrates films and screenplays written by artists from the Caribbean and the Caribbean Diaspora. For the second consecutive year, industry sponsor Filmocracy (https://festival.filmocracy.com/conchshelliff/) will provide an inclusive and interactive online film festival experience for filmmakers and attendees. The festival will feature short films, special screenings, workshops, networking events, masterclasses and after parties.

Conch Shell International Film Fest’ 3-Day event takes place August 26, 2022-August 28. For festival information and to order your pass go to: www.conchshelliff.com Follow us: IG & FB @Conchshelliff.

About the Films

Instant Dread – written/directed by Dawn Wilkinson


Kauri, a stylist at the Max n’ Relax Salon, dreams of a spirit who gives her a magical shell pouch. Inside, she finds a secret ingredient for her new invention. Unexpectedly, the product gives everyone instant dreadlocks and Kauri is faced with the charge of selling out her culture. (Running time: 13 minutes)

Veronica – written by Tanya Perez; directed by Reiko Aylesworth


Veronica’s seemingly perfect life is thrown in to chaos when she realizes that in order to be her most authentic self, she must become someone else… literally. This dramedy about a Latinx woman grappling with an existential crisis is a brash examination of what it really means to ‘be yourself’. She seeks understanding and community and finds understandable bewilderment. Finally, a friend emerges unexpectedly from Veronica’s past, also perplexed by her circumstances but providing a touchstone to motivate her forward. (Running time: 12 minutes)

Awards: Tanya Perez – Best Actress StoryMode Independent Short Film Awards; Best Screenplay OutLanta Con; Best LBGTQ+ short of Best Shorts Competition

Papichulo – written/directed by Marquis Smalls


When Chulo, a young Puerto-Rican father, gets pressure from his family to give up his dreams for the reality of a “real job,” he must persevere to overcome all obstacles to achieve what he believes is rightfully his.

Previous screenings: Premiered at the HBO NY Latino Film Festival in 2008; Urbanworld Film Festival in 2008; Inaugural International Puerto Rican Heritage Film Festival NYC 2010 (Running time: 20 minutes)

Event date: Saturday, May 28, 2022

Time: 5pm EST/ 2pm PST/ 4pm CST

Location: Online

How to attend:

Get your tickets from Eventbrite https://www.eventbrite.com/e/265528792767.

Use promo code CSIFF2022PREFEST to get a free ticket

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2nd Annual Conch Shell International Film Fest Announces Filmocracy.com is the Official Industry Sponsor of Conch Shell International Film Fest

 Conch Shell Productions announces that Filmocracy.com is Conch Shell International Film Fest’s (CSIFF) Official Industry Sponsor.

Conch Shell International Film Fest (a Conch Shell Productions presentation) is a 3-day online film festival that takes place Friday August 26, 2022 to Sunday August 28, 2022 on virtual fest platform Filmocracy.com. The festival celebrates and elevates the voices of Caribbean and Caribbean Diaspora film directors and/or writers. The focus of this year’s festival are films that inspire change.

About Filmocracy.com

Filmocracy has thousands of the best independent films and hosts multiple virtual film festivals every month from around the world. This interactive platform allows film lovers to attend film festivals from the comfort of their homes, and meet filmmakers and industry experts in interactive live online settings. Conch Shell International Film Fest has been sponsored by Filmocracy since the festival’s inaugural launch in 2021. Participating filmmakers and attendees were thrilled by the experience. Here are some of their reviews:

“I’m very grateful to have been selected and invited to the festival. Great schedule and great films. Definitely a very original and promising way to meet and network virtually. Very reminiscent of the real thing!” -Alain Bidard, CSIFF 2021 featured filmmaker “Reflexion”

“This was the most realistic virtual festival experience we’ve had so far during our festival run (and we’ve had a few). The fest village on Filmocracy was amazing!” -JR Roache, CSIFF 2021 Audience Choice & Best Leader Performer Award winner, “Sweet Rind”

When asked about having Filmocracy.com as CSIFF’s Industry Sponsor, Festival Director/Founder Magaly Colimon-Christopher shared, “Our goal for Conch Shell International Fest is to elevate, celebrate, and unite Caribbean Diaspora and Caribbean filmmakers and create a space for them to grow their community of supporters and peer. Having Filmocracy.com as our Industry Sponsor for the second year in a row makes it possible for our festival to achieve our goal. Conch Shell International Film Fest owes the success of our live online fest events to the interactivity of this platform.”

To learn more about Conch Shell Int’l Film Fest and to submit your film for consideration go to www.conchshelliff.com

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