Florida Coalition for Children has record breaking attendance at annual conference

TALLAHASSEE, Fla.July 26, 2023PRLogFlorida Coalition for Children 2023 Conference Tops 700 Attendees, Recognizes Outstanding Leadership
The Florida Coalition for Children Foundation and the FCC Learning Community held its 2023 Annual Conference last week at the Hyatt Regency Coconut Point Resort in Bonita Springs, Florida where an all-time high number of attendees enjoyed two days focused on child and family well-being with inspiring keynote speakers, educational offerings by national experts, the 2023 FCC Awards program, a bustling trade show, and networking at several fun events.

Monday’s Keynote Speaker Amelia Franck Meyer is a 34-year veteran of the child welfare field and the founder and CEO of the national non-profit, Alia International. Amelia and Team Alia collaborate with parents and partners to create a national movement to keep children safe with, not from, their families. She was named one of People Magazine’s “25 Women Changing the World” in 2018 and 2020 and has a widely viewed TEDx Talk on the human need for belonging.

Keynote Speaker Dr. Kimberly Noble, MD, PhD, a Professor of Neuroscience and Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, addressed the general session Tuesday. As a neuroscientist and board-certified pediatrician, she studies how socioeconomic inequality relates to children’s cognitive and brain development. Her work and TEDx Talk (https://www.bing.com/videos/riverview/relatedvideo?&q…) examines socioeconomic disparities in brain structure and function across infancy, childhood, and adolescence.

The 2023 workshop roster of twenty-five sessions was carefully created from a list of national experts as well as Florida-centered leaders in community-based care. Topics of the workshops ranged from national movements like Thriving Families Safer Children, to addressing childhood trauma, trends in child welfare financing, innovative child welfare career training, and more. The full roster can be found HERE (https://cdn.ymaws.com/flchildren.org/resource/resmgr/2023…).

Community Café-style roundtable discussions and strategy sessions also took place among invited members of the child welfare field, Florida Legislators, State University representatives, and other dignitaries who were also in attendance. Strategies and findings from the study of several systemic issues will be wrapped up in a third annual report on the topics of child welfare workforce retention; equity, inclusion, and disproportionality; parents and caregivers with lived experience; youth engagement; and the Family First Prevention Services Act.

Several outstanding members of the FCC were honored in six categories during the 2023 Awards program for exemplary work in measurably improving the lives of Florida children and families. The recipients are as follows:

  • Collective Impact Leadership Award: Karin Flositz, CEO, Community Partnership for Children
  • Nurturing Well-Being Award: Dennis Maneja, COO, St. Augustine Youth Services
  • Parent/Caregiver with Lived Experience Award: Amanda Land, Caregiver Support Licensing Level I Specialist, Heartland for Children
  • Youth/Young Adult Leadership Award: Lucan Phillips, Youth Leader, Safe Children Coalition
  • Innovator of the Year Award: Christopher Rossi, Peer Recovery Specialist Supervisor, Children’s Network of Southwest Florida
  • Champion for Children Award: Larry Rein, President and CEO, ChildNet

FCC President and CEO Kurt Kelly was also honored for his ten-year tenure leading the charge to transform Florida children and families’ lives to a sustainable path of emotional health and well-being.

Liz Oberman – Marketing & Event Director
Florida Coalition for Children

NGO Coalition calls on TSMC to strengthen climate commitments

Taipei – WEBWIRE

A coalition of NGOs have released timetochipin.org, a website that calls on Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC), the worlds largest chipmaker, to reduce its massive carbon footprint.

TSMC is a key supplier to some of the worlds biggest global IT brands, including Microsoft, Apple, and Amazon, all of which have committed to net zero supply chain emissions. As a main supplier, TSMC threatens to derail its customers climate commitments.

The website was published by Stand.earth, 350 Asia and Greenpeace International.

Greenpeace East Asia Deputy Executive Director Jude Lee said:
TSMC, the worlds largest chipmaker, supplies semiconductors for everything from iPhones to automobiles. However, as the company expands globally, its emissions are rising unchecked and now rival those of a small country. TSMCs continued reliance on coal and other fossil fuels stands in contrast to the companys future-oriented public image.

TSMC has fallen behind its peers in the fight against climate change, when it should be an industry leader. TSMC has the potential to purchase and install rooftop solar, and to leverage its influence to accelerate Taiwans energy transition. We call on TSMC to target 100% renewable energy worldwide by 2030 and to publish a clear roadmap for achieving this goal.

Stand.earth Global Climate Campaigns Director Gary Cook said:
TSMC is driving dangerous growth in climate-wrecking emissions. Its clients Apple and Microsoft have made net-zero commitments across their supply chains, including semiconductor manufacturing, so business as usual is in direct conflict with the priorities of TSMCs most influential partners.

TSMC is rapidly expanding its energy-intensive facilities both in Asia and in the US, but currently this expansion is increasing demand for fossil fuels. TSMCs failure to invest in renewable energy that will decarbonize the grid is not only a climate catastrophe, but also a business risk for TSMC and its most important customers.

350.org Asia Regional Director Norly Mercado said:
The just energy transition is going to require both the public and private sector to start putting actions where their promises are. Corporations like TSMC cannot continue their addiction to fossil fuels at the expense of millions of lives on the frontlines of the climate crisis. To truly live up to its claims of environmental leadership, TSMC should invest actively and directly in 100% just and equitable renewable energy.


TSMC relies heavily on polluting fossil fuels. Semiconductor manufacturing is extremely energy intensive, and the sectors emissions are growing fast. In 2021, renewable energy comprised only 9% of TSMCs total energy usage, far lower than the renewable energy usage rates of the chipmakers biggest rivals, Samsung (20%) and Intel (82%).

TSMC is building quickly to keep up with global demand for semiconductors. Electricity consumption by Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company (TSMC) is on track to grow 267% by 2030, according to a recent Greenpeace East Asia report. By 2030, TSMC is on track to consume as much electricity as 5.8 million people, or roughly one fourth of Taiwans population. For context, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) recommends a 43% reduction in global emissions between 2019 and 2030.

TSMC is in the process of building fabs in Arizona, US, where its power demands will require enough electricity to power a small city. So far TSMC has invested in unbundled RECs in the US, which have little impact on decarbonizing the grid.

TSMCs climate pledge is unambitious. The International Energy Agency recommends that advanced economies achieve net-zero electricity emissions by 2035 and that the worlds energy sector reach net zero by 2040. TSMC has committed to achieve 100% renewable energy and net zero by 2050.

Rainbow PUSH Coalition Offering Free Registrations to the 22nd Annual Creating Opportunities Virtual Conference

 The conference features 8 virtual sessions hosted by global dignitaries, educators, government officials and Fortune 100 executives. Notable speakers include: Secretary Thomas J. Vilsack (United States Secretary of Agriculture), Xernona Clayton (Founder/CEO Trumpet Awards), Janice L. Mathis, Esq. (Executive Director, NCNW), Bruce LeVell (Presidential Advisor and Strategist), and Mary-Pat Hector (Georgia State Director, Rise Free) and many more.

This year PUSH will commemorate Rev. Jesse L. Jackson Sr.’s 80th Birthday by revisiting his history and legacy in the movement for Civil and Human Rights while also addressing issues currently facing communities. Across the country, minorities have been disproportionately affected by the pandemic whether in urban, suburban, or rural areas and across all age groups. The conference will feature actionable discussions addressing Black Farmers, International issues, a Women’s Leadership Roundtable, Young Entrepreneurs, Criminal Justice, Voter Suppression, and much more. This event will celebrate the progress made during the 2020 election cycle while facilitating discussions on how to stop opponents from dismantling voting and civil rights enforcement. Please join Rainbow PUSH Atlanta as they work to build partnerships, forge a plan of action and level the playing field for all Americans.

Register here today and see the full agenda: https://www.creatingopportunityconference.com/registration

The Rainbow PUSH Coalition (RPC), headed by founder and president Rev. Jesse L. Jackson, Sr., is a multi-racial, multi-issue, progressive, international membership organization fighting for social change.

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