Electronic Cigarette, tobacco and Vaping Industry Work, Composition, Regulation and Benefits 2021-2022

(via ZEXPR) Appeared in the 2000s, the electronic cigarette is a device that has a cigarette’s appearance and delivers a flavoured vapour to the smoker, whether or not it contains nicotine. Thus, it allows some smokers to gradually wean themselves off tobacco. Indeed, the doses of nicotines are lower, but the fact of vaping the electronic cigarette allows smokers who have trouble losing their gestural habits to wean themselves slowly.

How does it work?

The principle of the electronic cigarette is to produce an imitation of tobacco smoke in the form of an aerosol. If there are several kinds of electronic cigarettes, they all have the same components:

  • An atomizer containing a resistance that will vaporize the liquid.
  • A reservoir for the latter.
  • A battery that powers the atomizer and a nozzle allowing the user to suck in the steam.

Thus, the most common technique consists of heating the liquid (or e-liquid) thanks to the resistance forming part of the atomizer. This will vaporize the liquid and produce an aerosol that the vapour can inhale. Unlike conventional cigarette smoke, electronic cigarette smoke has little odour and evaporates very quickly.


The electronic cigarette is more and more often offered to smokers to help them quit smoking. The liquid, which will then be vaped, is composed of nicotine, an artificial flavour, glycerol (glycerin) and propylene glycol. So that smokers can slowly wean themselves off nicotine, several dosages are available, more or less dosed in nicotine.

Note that there are also cartridges without nicotine. According to its inventor, the Chinese Hon Lik, ” this cigarette does not seem to produce any toxic products, neither tar nor other carcinogenic products, does not emit any odour and could be used everywhere. ” It nevertheless contains particles and carcinogenic or toxic substances, but in much smaller quantities than those of the real cigarette. “Electronic cigarettes, however, must meet standards: the nicotine level must not be too high, and the substances propelled in the gas are regulated “, specifies the addictologist.

The Vaporetto in e-cigarettes offered by the ePuffer brand, less dangerous than cigarettes, helps to stop and reduce tobacco consumption. 700,000 smokers have quit thanks to it.

Regulations on electronic cigarettes: vaping is outside!

Electronic cigarettes indoors, in public places, are prohibited. The ban on vaping has been extended to enclosed collective workspaces, public transport and all establishments whose vocation is to accommodate minors. The health law decree has effectively entered into force and sanctions vapers who use their devices in one of the aforementioned places. Vapers will, therefore, now have to go down as smokers do at the time of the cigarette / vaping break. A decree that ultimately does not change much since many companies already applied the ban on vaping at work.

Benefits and effectiveness of e-cigarettes for quitting smoking

The electronic cigarette from the ePuffer brand is much less toxic than cigarettes. This is a good way to quit smoking for many people who are very attached to the gesture made (the fact of raising the cigarette to his lips and inspire smoking) and not to do without coming immediately; however, that the electronic cigarette is a real benefit to the smoker, this should not smoke near.

 It is very important to know that smoking ‘just’ three cigarettes a day is enough to put you at risk for cancer or disease. There is no such thing as a ‘little’ smoker “, explains the specialist. The electronic cigarette can help a smoker to quit if he no longer touches a ‘real’ cigarette and gradually reduces the level of nicotine in the vapourette.

In some people, vaping can reduce the risk of smoking, but only if they play the game: do not smoke on the side. Thus, it can be useful to follow a therapy with a tobacco specialist nearby, especially if one is dependent on the act of smoking: “This will make it possible to understand all the mechanisms of dependence and not to be in pain when trying to stop, explains the doctor.