Charu Suri

 Sources for Jazz pianist and composer Charu Suri, say that she has been selected as a 2022 finalist in four categories by the International Singer Songwriter’s Association (ISSA) Awards.

The categories include Female Entertainer of the Year, Band of the Year, Single of the Year (for “Keep Dreaming”) and Music Video of the Year (for “Raga Asavari”) .

Suri was nominated for a total of seven categories. She will walk the red carpet at the ISSA 2022 Awards to be held in Atlanta in August.

Charu Suri will be playing live May 18th at 7 pm at Chelsea Table and Stage, located at 152 West 26th Street New York, NY 10001 at the Hilton Fashion District Hotel. Their number is (212) 434-0499.

Upcoming performances include:

Chelsea Table + Stage in New York City on May 18th.

Lagniappe Miami on May 11.

The Betsy Hotel, May 13 and May 14

NCPA, Mumbai, India, September 16

Carnegie Hall, Friday, November 18

Weekly Sunday Jamz TV show on OUR TV Network on Sundays at 12:30 p.m. EST

Quadrant Two PR

JM de Jesus

(646) 234-7196

Charu Suri




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Chelsea Investments Reports – 3 American Tech Companies’ Stocks That You Can Buy In June 2021

London, 9 June 2021, ZEXPRWIRE, Nobody is oblivious to the dangers and threats associated with sticks for a long time. Particularly after the pandemic, we saw the stocks markets around the globe undergoing a turbulent phase but now we see many stocks are getting back in favour. 

The Chelsea Investments Analyst says that it has been observed that currently, it is the tech companies that are making it to the top of the best stocks list so investors should look into these more closely. He says that some of these stocks are promising to an extent that they won’t only lead you to higher gains but will also help you add to your portfolio. 

Keeping this in mind we looked into some of the top of the line tech stocks and we have picked three American based hyper growth stocks. According to the quarterly reports of all three, these firms have shown massive increases in revenue generated and they don’t seem to do any less in the following quarters. Let us have a closer look at three of them so that by the end you can easily figure out which one you would like to give a shot.

Cloudflare, which is another American based company that deals in web security and web infrastructure. The company provides services to facilitate content daily network services, internet security, DDoS mitigation, and distributed domain name server services. The company has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, United States. It was founded in the year 2009 in the month of July and has around 1800 individuals employed. The wellness of the firm can be seen from the fact that in the year 2020, the firm made a revenue worth 431 million US Dollars also, it has around five subsidiary companies which include Jaal, LLC, Neumob Inc., Linc Global and Eager Platform Co. 

According to the first quarter revenue report, the firm’s revenue this year was 51% higher than the previous year which was worth 138.1 million US Dollars.  If we look at Content Delivery Network separately then it has been reported that this sector has seen a large growth in their customer base with a record addition of around 120 large clients in this quarter only. These figures suggest that the company is rapidly paving paths for providing customers with enhanced and improved cybersecurity and is simultaneously working efficiently towards making the internet user experience better. The above-discussed trends and advances clearly make the stock another good buy. 


The favourite social media app of many aesthetic users is another American based company that was created in December of 2009 by Ben Silbermann and launched in the year 2010 in the month of January. The platform is an image sharing portal that has been put forth in a manner that users can easily search, discover and share useful information in the form of pinboards. Currently, the platform can be accessed in multiple languages apart from English such as Thai, Hindi, Vietnamese and Hungarian. It is reported that the company has around 478 million active monthly users. 

According to the first quarterly report, the total revenue of the firm soared to a percentage of 78.3% which was worth 485 million US Dollars. While in quarantine, a Suge in the use of social media apps was seen and hence the active users’ number rose by 30% while the revenue let users rose by 34%. Reportedly, the firm is actively working towards engaging and bringing onboard more content creators to ensure long term user engagement. In the light of the above discussion, it is clear that the stock of Pinterest can be a great buy. 

DocuSign Inc.

DocuSign Inc. is a company which is based in America, San Francisco. This firm provides services that facilitate the management of electric agreements. The firm was founded in 2003 by Tom Gonser, Eric Randy and Court Lorenzini. Currently, there are more than six subsidiaries of the company which include SpringCM, Cartavi Inc., New Century Title Co, ARX, Informatica S.A. and LiveOak Technologies Inc. In the year 2020, they had a total of 6200 employees and around 20 locations. The firm has more than 500K customers and operates in over 180 countries. DocuSign is the pioneer in the development of e signature technology. Last year the company had total revenue of 974 million US Dollars.  

According to the recent quarterly report, the revenue has increased by 58% which is worth 469.1 million US Dollars. The operating cash flow rose to 129% while the free cash flow rose to 275%. Our expert says that the progress of the firm which is indicated from the reported facts and the increasing digital transformation wave together make it clear that the stocks can be a great buy for the ones who are into the business software industry. 

Disclaimer: Our content is intended to be used for informational purposes only.

It is very important to do your own research before making any investment based on your own personal circumstances.

You should take independent financial advice from a professional in connection with, or independently research and verify, any information that you find on this article and wish to rely upon, whether for the purpose of making an investment decision or otherwise.

Source – Chelsea Investments