“Blind Journey: Journalist’s Memoirs,” a New Book by Jack Hawn, Tells the Story of Journalism at Its Peak

Jack Hawn, author of “Blind Journey: A Journalist’s Memoirs” (Strategic Book Group; 2011), shares the memoir of a journalist’s 43-year career. The story begins with the author’s uncharted and inescapable career of becoming a journalist and how Jack Hawn’s career just happened.

Jack never studied journalism and never aspired to be a writer. In fact, he faced civilian life with a wife, baby daughter, wild ambition, overflowing optimism, unshakeable confidence—and no job after nearly four years in the army’s public information offices.


Eventually, he found work as a copy boy at a Hollywood newspaper and rose through the ranks, eventually landing a job at the Los Angeles Times, where he worked in sports and entertainment. Until his retirement in 1991, Jack Hawn covered Muhammad Ali’s title fights, boxing at the 1984 Olympics, Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr., and other celebrities during his incredible 43-year career.


This was indeed a “blind journey” for Jack because he didn’t set out to be a journalist, but it turned out to be a wonderful lifelong career. “Blind Journey: A Journalist’s Memoirs” is a work you’ll keep pulling off your bookshelf to read time and time again, whether you’re an aspiring or veteran journalist or just want a book filled with aspiration and adventure.


According to Fiona I. for Readers Favorite, “…from the old newspaper days of cut-and-paste (with scissors and glue) to Lucky Strike and Camel and now-classic cars, Hawn’s book evokes memories of bygone eras, and a sense of nostalgia for times past, both good and bad.”


It captures that special time in the L.A. journalistic jungle with the author’s clear and insightful eyes that readers would be interested in reading about the early days of televised sports, journalists’ lives, people like the Andrew Sisters and boxers, readers would swoon over to read.

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No Limits, No Blind Obedience, COEE Speaks for Generation Z

The new e-cigarette brand COEE announces that it will hold a brand launch conference and a cornerstone customer signing ceremony in Shenzhen on April 8, which has aroused the attention of the industry. As a new player in the industry, COEE has emerged as a leading brand in the fast-changing market environment. The COEE brand has also successfully won the favor of the younger Generation Z.
Full of vitality and positive energy, COEE speaks for the Gen Z

COEE recently disassembled and interpreted the connotation of his LOGO through its official announcement poster. We can find the meanings of C (Confidence), O (Optimist), E (Ego), and E (Excellence) in “COEE”.

“Confidence, Optimism, Ego, Excellence” advocates a life attitude of “confidence and optimism, I am who I am”. Advocating to be unique and full of personality, refuse to be the same, dare to say no to mediocrity, compete with oneself, confront setbacks, and show self and individuality.

COEE speaks for the young generation Z, advocating the new brand concept of self-confidence, optimism, self and excellence, and hopes to create a brand that can better express their own personality, be more favored by young users, and a newer lifestyle.

Confidence and Ego: everything is possible, live for yourself

The C and E in COEE are not only the abbreviations of the COEE brand name, but also interpret the brand spirit of Confidence and Ego. It is hoped that every young consumer group will stick to self-assertion and show a confident attitude like COEE.

In addition, the COEE brand advocates Everything Can Be COEE, which means “Every thing can be okay”, which embodies a feeling that everything is possible, and conforms to the personality characteristics of young people who are optimistic and confident, like to explore, and live for themselves.

Optimist: Don’t bow to life.

The O in COEE represents the brand’s “Optimist” spirit, which means “positive and upward”.
As society develops faster and faster, young consumer groups will always face a lot of pressure and dissatisfaction in life and work, but no matter when, there is one thing that no one but themselves can decide, that’s the mood. COEE’s vision is to let every consumer group feel the positive and optimistic spirit of COEE when they “interact” with COEE and its products, and not bow to life.

Excellence: is an attitude to life

The other E in COEE refers to “Excellence”. Excellence is an attitude towards life, and success is an inevitable result of this attitude. COEE upholds the spirit of craftsmanship and uses the power of technology to create higher-quality, higher-value products, and create healthier and more fashionable products and experiences for young users around the world. In addition, COEE electronic atomizer is not only a cold technology product, but also injects temperature and attitude into the product, encouraging the current young people, as long as they are firm in their hearts, they will reach the top one day.

The young generation Z who advocating individuality and curious exploration is becoming the main consumer in all countries. The new generation who loves individuality and pursues pleasant consumption are the main audiences of emerging consumer products such as e-cigarettes. They are exposed to diverse cultures, pursue individuality and express themselves, and are more willing consume for emotional needs and self-pleasure behavior. COEE’s brand spirit of “confidence, optimism, ego, excellence” is in line with the emotional needs of Gen Z’s pursuit of individuality and self-expression, and it is bound to become a trendy brand with attitude and personality that is widely loved by young consumers. In the future, we will wait and see what brilliant achievement COEE will create in the future.

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