Beyond Imagination’s New Humanoid Robot Will Connect People Coast to Coast Physically

Beyond Imagination, Inc. is building humanoid robots to solve the world’s labor crisis by expanding access to jobs around the globe.

This week, the Beomni robot will appear at Explorers Club Headquarters and at the annual dinner on Saturday April 23rd in New York City. At the same time, across the country in Beverly Hills, CA, attendees at the Abundance360 Annual Summit will be able to remotely pilot the robot from 2,800 miles away.

Beomni is the world’s most sophisticated general-purpose humanoid robot, capable of performing an almost unlimited number of tasks. Beomni’s AI Brain learns from its human pilots and becomes increasingly autonomous over time.

Beomni will help solve the labor crisis by creating a global elastic labor force, lifting millions of people out of poverty by giving them access to jobs around the world. For example, the International Labour Organization (ILO) reports that “More than 2.3 million workers die every year as a result of occupational accidents or work-related diseases.” With Beomni, dangerous work will become completely safe because the robot will be the one taking the risks.

Elder Care is a $932B market today. We will help solve the elder crisis by enabling families to care for their own regardless of the distance between them and by multiplying the effectiveness of existing health care workers.

CEO and Founder Dr. Harry Kloor says, “We are thrilled to have been invited to demonstrate the advances we’ve made in Beomni’s development at the Explorers Club. Beomni will be a great vehicle for explorers on earth and beyond! We share the spirit of exploration and discovery that is the hallmark of the Explorers Club.”

Astronaut and Explorers Club President Richard Garriott adds, “For the last decade, I have been a power USER of early telepresence robotics devices, so I deeply appreciate the advancements in Beomni. We welcome the opportunity to showcase Dr. Kloor’s creation alongside other world-changing technologies at our event. Smart technologies like Beomni will play an important part in helping solve the challenges the world is facing. On Earth, in space and on planets beyond Earth, robots like Beomni will play an essential role!”

The robot will be on display all week at the Explorers Club headquarters so members can have an opportunity to pilot it. On Saturday, Beomni will move to The Glass House, where the annual dinner is being held. Beomni will be serving drinks and hors d’oeuvres at the reception, and at the afterparty guests will also have the opportunity to pilot the robot.

Meanwhile, across the country in Beverly Hills, a second Beyond Imagination team will be set up at the Abundance360 Annual Summit. From there, Beomni will be operated from coast to coast. Members in attendance at the A360 Summit will be able to perform tasks, pick up and examine objects and even shake someone’s hand across the country.

Abundance360 Founder, Peter Diamandis remarked, “Beyond Imagination dramatically changes the paradigm of how companies will provide services in the future, how and where you will receive healthcare, where you work and play.”

About Beyond Imagination, Inc.

Beyond Imagination is a robotics and AI platform company that is focused on bringing humanoid robots to market rapidly. By partnering a human pilot with an evolving AI Brain, we will soon be able to deploy our Beomni Robotics platform across a wide range of commercial applications. Our practical, real-world approach is closer to that of Tesla, which released its vehicles and then built AI from the data that they collected, rather than that of other companies that are focused on narrow R&D domains.

Founded by leading innovators in AI and robotics, and strengthened by a solid patent portfolio, Beyond Imagination, Inc. is poised to revolutionize life and fundamentally change the way we work, travel and engage with others around the world.

Beyond Imagination is actively seeking business partners and investors for its Series A round. Details will be provided to qualified investors upon request. In-person demos are available by appointment for media and investors. Beyond Imagination is also seeking additional partners for pilot studies in medicine and beyond.

About The Explorers Club

Since its inception in 1904, members of the Club have traversed the earth, the seas, the skies, and even the moon, on expeditions. First to the North Pole, first to the South Pole, first to the summit of Mount Everest, first to the deepest point in the ocean and first to the surface of the moon – all accomplished by Explorers Club Members. Notable members include Teddy Roosevelt, Neil Armstrong, Jane Goodall, Edmund Hillary, John Glenn, Sally Ride, Bob Ballard, and more.

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“Beyond the Scale,” Will Be Free on Amazon Tomorrow (03/28/22)

United States – WEBWIRE

Best Seller Publishing announces the release of Debra Moss’s new book, “Beyond the Scale: Emotional Healing from Food Addiction.” It will be available for free download in the Amazon Kindle Store from tomorrow, March 28th through Friday, April 1st.

Debra wrote Beyond the Scale to help women just like you leave the frustration, overwhelm and stress of weight loss behind. This book outlines specific steps that when implemented and practiced consistently will put you in control of your beautiful life.

Debra understands stress and what it can do to the body, mind and spirit. Unlike many other health coaches, she addresses the whole person during the weight loss process not just the body.

Debra Moss is a Certified International Health Coach, wife, entrepreneur, guest speaker, and author. She will help you learn how to feel confident, eat better and live a healthier life while losing weight.

“Beyond the Scale,” by Debra Moss will be free and available for download on Amazon for 5 days (03/28/22 – 04/01/2022) at:

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Best Seller Publishing is a Los Angeles Publishing Company dedicated to helping business owners and entrepreneurs become “the hunted” with their best-selling books.

About the Author:

Debra is a Certified International Health Coach, Bible teacher, speaker, and writer based in North Carolina. She helps women take back their health – mentally, physically, and spiritually. Debra struggled with emotional eating, self-worth, and self-sabotage for years. She overcame them all and created a successful faith-based solution to help others bring lasting health, hope, healing, and freedom in their lives.

Beyond the Badge: Former Black, Female Law Enforcement Executive Releases Inspiring Memoir

Retired Black, Female Assistant Chief of CHP Pens Personal Story of Triumph.

SACRAMENTO, Calif.Oct. 26, 2021PRLog — Jonni Redick, former Assistant Chief of the California Highway Patrol, debuts memoir Black, White, and Blue, Surviving the Sifting, highlighting her personal journey from clerical worker to Assistant Chief of one of the nation’s largest state police agencies in her 29-year career. Following an interview on the lack of equity for African American women in law enforcement, she realized how relevant her story was to more than just herself. Within the pages, Redick accounts moments of trial and triumph in hopes to encourage women to rise.

“Looking at my life, I never could have seen this trajectory for myself,” author Redick shares. “We all have choices, and those choices create pathways to our potential. The beauty of life is that we can all rise, regardless of where we start.”

In a period ripe with racial tensions and strayed relationships between civilians and law enforcement, Black, White and Blue, Surviving the Sifting, Jonni Redick shares her personal story of rising through the ranks from county clerical worker to breaking through the “less-than-one-percent” ceiling for women of color in executive leadership in law enforcement.

“Not many folks choose to don a police officer’s uniform every day to go out and face uncertainty veiled within the lines of humanity. We are people just like those we encounter. There is no perfection in policing. There is only the space between discernment and discretion – individually and collectively in any given moment.” (Excerpt)

Having not seen many Black or female officers rise through the ranks as often as their counterparts, her struggle with personal identity as mixed race followed her from childhood throughout her career. She recalls, with honest yet humorous prose, the struggles she endured with her own racial identity and the battle of being a black woman within law enforcement. Her exposure to other minority women in law enforcement, or “unicorns” as she refers to them, gave her a budding strength that grew over time and helped her to push herself further in her career.

As a woman of faith, Redick leans into her personal relationship with building her faith and openly shares how God helped her through times of turmoil both in her personal life and on the job. She explains how she was sifted, built up and renewed, and how her faith carried her through. Redick writes, “What I now know is how God was sifting me, cultivating a new me in the journey and as God was teaching, in the classroom and in my life, I was becoming more spiritually mature and finding my place in the world, in my organization, in my leadership.”

“What a motivating story… it is relatable to all in that it speaks to being different, having a difficult upbringing, faith, and facing obstacles,” shares Dr. Shebrena Hanna, Federal Agent with the Department of Homeland Security.

Black, White, and Blue, Surviving the Sifting is 272 pages and is now available on Amazon. It is a balanced autobiography and personal memoir with traces of personal growth, law enforcement, cultural truths, and Christian faith. This is Redick’s first publication with Curry Brothers Publishing.


Jonni Redick retired as an Assistant Chief after a 29-year career with the California Highway Patrol (CHP). She went from country clerical worker to being responsible for a large multi-billion-dollar state agency with over 7,000 sworn members and, collectively, over 11,000 total employees. Redick now focuses on coaching, public speaking, and her consulting company, JLConsulting Solutions, in effort to help individuals and businesses transform into authentic and compassionate leaders. To learn more or schedule an interview with Author Jonni Redick, visit

Beyond Indigenous Peoples’ Day SFBATCO’s New Roots Theatre Festival Gives Voice to BIPOC Artists

1 of 8 Shows @ New Roots Theatre Fest in SF

1 of 8 Shows @ New Roots Theatre Fest in SF



A significant end to the week encompassing “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” is the beginning of something new, San Francisco Bay Area Theatre Company’s (SFBATCO) two-day BIPOC  themed “New Roots Theatre Festival.” Presented at Brava Theater Center in the historic Mission District, October 16-17, 2021, it will consist of eight performances for theatre audiences to enjoy in adherence to San Francisco’s Coronavirus safety protocols.

With theater venues shut down world-wide for more than a year due to the deadly pandemic, SFBATCO co-founders Rodney Earl Jackson Jr. and Marcelo Javier have mounted a lively creative comeback. The New Roots Theatre Festival invites legacy theatre organizations and emerging artists to give voice to BIPOC creativity, bringing to life resilience, joy, diversity and stories with BIPOC POVs that are relatable to everyone.

“The whole world is a stage, but for more than a year the world of theater has been shuttered. It’s great to work in unity with these amazing arts organizations to give voice to the stories of communities that have been hit hardest by the pandemic,” said Marcelo Javier.”  The two-day festival serves as a multicultural performing arts incubator amplifying artists in the Bay Area that the world is invited to see and hear the voices of Black, Indigenous, People of Color (BIPOC).”

The projects representing the “new” in ‘New Roots Theatre Festival’ is first and foremost the festival itself along with Jamie Zimmer, Joanna Haigood and Laura Elaine mounting Sign My Name to Freedom: The Unheard Songs of Betty Reid Soskin (The Oldest Living National Park Ranger turned 100 on September 22, 2021 (; SFBATCO South Asian American playwright Aidaa Peerzada’s “Shining,” a reimagined Afro-futurist take on the Greek myth of Phaeton, and  SFBATCO’s own Othello Jefferson,  Jamie Yuen-Shore, and  Christine Chung and the revival of  “I,Too, Sing America.”

The “roots” of the festival are represented by performances from the Cuicacalli Ballet Folklórico that infuses Indigenous, Folkloric, and Contemporary dance styles; The Lorraine Hansberry Theatre; AfroSolo; PUSH Dance; and the African-American Shakespeare Company. And the “roots” of the festival, also have new works such as The Lorraine Hansberry Theatre’s “In the Evening by the Moonlight” written by the theatre’s Artistic Director Margo Hall and Chicago-based writer Traci Tolmaire.  It is about civil rights activists and artists Lorraine Hansberry, James Baldwin, and Nina Simone, who were friends.

“It is a thrill to bring together so many talented actors and arts organizations under one roof at the Brava Theater Center in our diverse and historic Mission District of San Francisco,” said Rodney Earl Jackson Jr., co-founder of SFBATCO.  “The New Roots Festival is the perfect exclamation point for our company that began seven years ago in September 2014.  This collaboration is kind of like our country’s motto, ‘E pluribus unum’: out of the many, one.”



South Asian Female Playwright

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