Orchard Audio to Present at Speakerfest in Phoenix, AZ on 08/27/2022

 Orchard Audio, LLC (www.orchardaudio.com) is proud to announce that it will be present at the 2022 Speakerfest in Phoenix, AZ.

Orchard Audio will have three audio demo setups at the event.

(1) Floor standing speakers (ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UFR52), driven by the Starkrimson® Stereo Ultra amplifier with the PecanPi® Streamer as the source.

(2) Bookshelf speakers (ELAC Uni-Fi Reference UBR62), driven by the Starkrimson® Mono amplifiers with the PecanPi Streamer as the source.

(3) Headphone listening station with the PecanPi® Streamer as both headphone amp and the source. Attendees may bring their headphones to use.

Starkrimson amps are fully analog state-of-the-art gallium nitride (GaN) audio power amplifiers that were conceptualized to provide the listener with a truly life-like musical experience, presented with every significant detail intact. GaN technology enables has the following benefits, less harshness, cleaner highs, better transparency, and higher detail. In addition to using GaN transistors, Starkrimson amps use my proprietary dual feedback modulator keeping the amplifier fully balanced from input to output.

The PecanPi Steamer is an ultra-high performance networked music player that combines a streamer, DAC, and headphone amplifier into a single device. The PecanPi DAC brings studio-quality sound to your home. It can be connected to any existing stereo amplifier, preamplifier, receiver as well as headphones.

Speakerfest is hosted by the Arizona Audio Video Club and takes place at:

Fountain Hill Community Center

13001 N La Montana Dr.

Fountain Hills, AZ 85268

Time: 10am to 4pm.

Orchard Audio will be set up in the Computer room.

RSVP on the event’s FB page here: https://www.facebook.com/events/823742181943446/

ELAC is proud to support Arizona AVClub.

About Orchard Audio, LLC

Orchard Audio believes that listening should be an experience. With a range of expertly designed, high-performance DACs, streamers, and amplifiers, customers can elevate the sound in their home theater, listening room, or recording studio. As passionate music lovers, we know how important your music is to you — that’s why each of our products is handcrafted in the US with you in mind.





Orchard Audio

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WPS Begins Audio System Renovations at Michigan State’s Spartan Stadium

 WPS | Washington Professional Systems, a nationally-recognized audiovisual technology integrator, has begun audio renovations on Michigan State University’s Spartan Stadium in East Lansing, Michigan. In its place, a state-of-the-art audio system utilizing a series of Fulcrum Acoustic loudspeakers designed by Anthony James Partners and engineered by WPS, will be installed throughout the stadium. WPS will complete the installations by the end of August, in time for Michigan State’s first home game at Spartan Stadium against Western Michigan University on September 2nd.

Nicknamed “The Woodshed,” Spartan Stadium originally opened in 1923, but has been continuously expanded and upgraded during its near 100 year history, but in 2019, Michigan State University’s Athletic department commissioned a master plan study to determine the overall condition of Spartan Stadium, including opportunities to improve energy efficiency and improve the fan experience. The audio upgrades are part of a $4.1 million capital investment into Spartan Stadium from recommendations of the 2019 study that ensures the facility continues to meet changing building code requirements and maintains an exceptional experience for fans. Additional renovations include new waterproofing and expansion joints for the north and east sections, repairing handrails, and replacing floor drains.

“We’re excited to begin working on such a recognized national landmark like Spartan Stadium at Michigan State,” said Keith Neubert, Executive Director of Engineered Systems at WPS. “The new audio system renovations have been designed and engineered to deliver an immersive and thrilling experience for every fan in every seat of the stadium.”

About WPS

WPS | Washington Professional Systems is a family-owned and operated commercial audio-video technology integrator. For over 35 years, WPS has specialized in the design, engineering, and integration of sound reinforcement, studio recording, conferencing systems, classroom and training facilities, command & control, and broadcast video systems for some of the world’s most recognizable organizations. Our dedicated team brings a depth of knowledge and experience necessary to achieve and exceed project goals, while building the next generation of world-class venues.

WPS | Washington Professional Systems

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Doki Doki Inc. Drops Interactive Audio NFTs in the Audio Metaverse

Doki Doki Inc. has announced their first audio NFT collection in the Audio Metaverse – Crypto Fuzzy. This collection is compatible with the metaverse, where people can interact with the creatures in an augmented audio space known as a Cube.

This generative collection from Doki Doki Inc. comprises 1000 collectible, interactive audio creatures, each of which has their own Crypto Fuzzy name. To round out the collection, Doki Doki Inc. has included 30 rare Crypto Fuzzies.

“Crypto Fuzzies are only the first of many audio NFT projects that we plan to launch on the Audio Metaverse,” says Doki Doki CEO Takahito Iguchi. “These NFT collections will help us showcase the work of talented artists and give people who visit the Audio Metaverse more interactive features to enjoy.”

Each Crypto Fuzzy comes with a unique appearance and voice. Once each Crypto Fuzzy is minted, the owner gets an augmented audio space where they can interact with their Crypto Fuzzy in the Audio Metaverse. As the first works of art in the Audio Metaverse, the Crypto Fuzzies are taking audio to an immersive level.

In order to realize this project, Doki Doki Inc. teamed up with producer Daichi Hayakawa, who has been an engineer and music producer for over 15 years. Hayakawa is currently focusing on creating an AI that can write music on its own with deep learning. Doki Doki Inc. and Hayakawa have applied this experience to creating the generative Crypto Fuzzy NFTs for the Audio Metaverse.

Cubemint platform for creators

Crypto Fuzzy is just one of the projects Doki Doki Inc. is launching in the Audio Metaverse. Through the Cubemint marketplace that is set to launch in February 2022, Doki Doki Inc. aims to give creators the opportunity to create, mint and sell audio NFTs that can be used in the Audio Metaverse.

About Doki Doki Inc.

With offices in San Francisco and Kyoto, Doki Doki has been developing voice-based social platforms since 2016. In 2017, Doki Doki released the apps Baby and Ball, which were both early voice social networks. The next app they released in the U.S. is Dabel, a social audio app. On this platform, over 80,000 users have connected with other users they just met in live conversations. The team also has a strong focus on app accessibility, making sure users with visual impairments can enjoy the platform as well.

Doki Doki was founded by Takahito Iguchi, who has been a leader in the XR (Cross Reality) field. He developed the augmented reality app Sekai Camera and, later in 2013, the Telepathy wearable device. In 2019, Iguchi led Doki Doki in creating Dabel, before shifting the team to focus on the Audio Metaverse.