Atlanta Realtors® Association Makes Historic Progress Towards Diversity and Inclusion

The Association Embraces Local Multicultural Realtor® Associations And Establishes Active Voting Rights for All Members

ATLANTAAug. 5, 2022PRLog — The Atlanta REALTORS® Association (ARA) recently enhanced its partnership with select local multicultural real estate organizations by approving voting rights for each through a comprehensive and inclusive memorandum of understanding (MOU). The organizations include: Empire Board of Realtists (local branch of NAREB – National Association of Real Estate Brokers), National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals, Asian American Real Estate Association of America, Women’s Council of REALTORS®, and the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance in response to improving DEI engagement and representation amongst its multicultural membership base.

In late 2020, newly installed National Association of Realtors® (NAR) President Charlie Oppler formally apologized for the association’s past policies that contributed to segregation amongst REALTORS® and racial inequality related to property ownership in America.

In June 2021, in efforts to promote healing and begin reconciliation, the Atlanta REALTORS® Association (ARA) acknowledged their contributions to an exclusionary history and issued a Letter of Apology.

ARA is the largest real estate association in Georgia and is considered one of the strongest and most successful REALTOR® Associations across the nation. They took several steps and established committees dedicated to diversity and inclusion. They pledged to be the voice and driving force of change to ensure all members feel welcomed, supported, heard and valued.

With a historical appointment in 2022 as the first Black woman President of ARA, Karen Hatcher, CPM®, and the first Black-owned brokerage to hold the office, pledged to continue the ‘dance’ from diversity initiatives to making intentional inclusion part of the DNA of the association.

In Hatcher’s inaugural “Let’s Dance” speech, she declared the first order of business was to create “seats at the table” and launched her presidency by creating a task force to explore and create a more comprehensive and inclusive MOU between ARA and local multicultural associations.

“Within the first six months of my presidency, ARA has began to make historical strides towards its promise on inclusion.” Hatcher states. “We are doing the work. It’s not easy, and there are many layers. But, our association and leadership team is committed to progress and ensuring all members have a seat at the table.”

The Empire Board of Realtists, Inc. (EBR) President Bilal Shareef states, “EBR is pleased to now have a voting seat on the Atlanta Realtors Association (ARA) Board of Directors for the first time in its 112-year history. I’m optimistic that ARA will continue to expand diversity in leadership and advocate for actionable policies and legislation that will continue to positively impact the rate of minority homeownership.”

ARA hired its first-ever Community Engagement and Diversity Director, Geilia Taylor, in December 2021. “Having worked in the diversity field for over twenty years, I knew how difficult it would be to implement new policies into an existing system.” Taylor continues, “Convinced of their sincerity and commitment to doing the work necessary to achieve their goals, I was pleased to join the ARA team.”

“This executive role ensures that DEI is a part of our culture and not just a trend,” Karen says. “As presidents’ platforms change from year to year, DEI will remain part of ARA’s DNA.”

Hatcher notes the most impactful change to date was converting the non-voting seats of Multicultural Association representatives on ARA’s Board of Directors to voting seats. This allows the underrepresented constituents a true and full seat at the table on issues impacting communities today, such as housing affordability, equity, and inclusion.

Another recent policy change ensures that all ARA members who actively participate on committees can impact decisions by having a vote. “ARA committees will no longer have voting and non-voting members. All committee members will have the right to vote as long as they meet the attendance guidelines. Motions pass by majority vote,” Karen explains.

“AREAA commends the Atlanta Realtors Association for their commitment towards ensuring that underrepresented groups have a seat at the table,” shares Asian American Real Estate Association of America Metro Atlanta Chapter President Dan Park. “We look forward to working together as industry leaders in DEI.”

Other voices of the multicultural association echo that sentiment; Eboni Killian, President of the Women’s Council of REALTORS®️ Atlanta Network and Sebastian Riveros, President of the National Association of Hispanic Real Estate Professionals Metro Atlanta Chapter, applaud these efforts.

Riveros explains, “NAHREP Atlanta is very proud to join forces with ARA in promoting diversity and inclusion, not only with our clients but also within the real estate industry. Thanks to the vision of President Karen Hatcher, our mission has expanded, and our voices have been magnified throughout Atlanta Realtors Associations.”

“We are excited to be included in ARA’s steps to enhancing diversity and inclusion within the association – working together to achieve our goal to be an inclusive association where all of our members feel welcomed,” shares Killian.

Justin Ziegler, President of the LGBTQ+ Real Estate Alliance Atlanta Chapter, also shares, “I commend the leadership of ARA. By creating board positions for members of the multicultural organizations, they are not only practicing inclusion but ensuring the voices of our diverse membership are heard and are part of the decision-making that guides the direction of the organization.”

ARA hopes these changes will increase membership engagement and opportunities for all members to have a voice, feel welcomed, respected, reflected, and expected to be an active part of ARA.

To read the ARA apology letter, click here (…). To become a member of the Atlanta REALTORS® Association, click here (

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Atlanta, GA Author Publishes Post-Apocalyptic Survival Novel

WatchDogs: Abnormal Beginnings: Book 1, a new book by Mike L. Junior, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

The Apocalypse has come and gone. 99% of the world’s population has died. The survivors regroup in Georgia but as the years become decades, the people become less united by tragedy and more divided by self-interests. Those who remain succeed into 5 new nations. That 1% soon begins to expand with time; it also evolves. Their ancestors who survived the Apocalypse only did so because of their mutated genes and those genes only multiplied with each generation, until today’s descendants begin showing signs of abnormalities. These abnormalities give people ungodly abilities, abilities that are discriminated by the masses, so much so that Abnormals have to form guilds to have a sense of family.

In WatchDogs: Abnormal Beginnings: Book 1, we join Cole as his guild has been stripped from him, and he has been left for dead. Who is the culprit of such a heinous crime? His brother. Join Cole on his epic journey of vengeance as he crosses a wasteland of a planet to get revenge from the man he trusted most. What lies ahead? Will Cole get his revenge? Can he get back what he lost? Is his journey as simple as it seems? Find out in WatchDogs: Abnormal Beginnings.

About the Author
Mike L. Junior has always wanted to be a writer, but it seemed like a daunting task. He wasn’t sure he would be a talented writer or storyteller until his senior year of high school, during which his class was asked to make senior memoirs in which they were to recall stories from every year of their school journeys up until that point. Anyone who knows him knows his memory isn’t the best, so he found himself making up stories for the assignment and not only was his teacher pleased, but he found himself having a great time weaving a fable together. Now that he knew he had an interest, he still wasn’t sure he could do it as up until that point the most he wrote was about 20-30 pages for the assignment he was given over a month to complete. He was nervous but all the comics, anime, and superhero cartoons he’d watched over the years had him bubbling with ideas for stories.

WatchDogs is one of the first incomplete ideas Mike had about a decade ago. After a little inspiration from a friend to pursue his dreams and a bit of early approval from his parents, who at that point had never read anything he’d written, he was ready to follow his dreams. He did outline after outline and the story changed drastically, and after a while he realized he was just procrastinating, so from there he took the leap, and while he had to write inbetween his everyday work he managed to finish his first book and he is so proud of the result.

WatchDogs: Abnormal Beginnings: Book 1 is a 304-page paperback with a retail price of $20.00 (eBook $15.00). The ISBN is 978-1-6386-7061-2. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For members of the press, to request a review copy, visit our virtual pressroom at or to buy the book visit our online bookstore at

Heat Up Your October with The Atlanta Chili Cook Off ​

 The Atlanta Chili Cook Off is a fun filled afternoon of family and healthy competition. We are not sure who enjoys this event more, the competitors dressing up to serve ticket goers as they compete for the most spirited team or the diehard chefs wanting to take home one of the coveted trophies. One thing is for sure. It’s a good time for all.

Date & Time: Saturday, October 23, 2021 (12:00 PM – 5:00 PM)

Location: Brook Run Park – 4770 N Peachtree Rd, Dunwoody, GA 30338

Come sample some of the best chili the region has to offer on Saturday, October 23, 2021 at Brook Run Park in Dunwoody, Georgia. Over 75+ restaurants, caterers, amateur cooks and junior chefs competition teams will be vying for bragging rights and $5,000.00 in cash and prizes.

Want to Cook and Compete? Registration ends for competitors and businesses on September 15, 2021, so sign up your team today.

General admission & VIP tickets are on sale now if you just want to attend and try some of the amazing chili. This year a VIP ticket is available which gets a limited number of guests into the cook off one hour early starting at noon while general admission opens at 1:00 P.M. A portion of proceeds benefit Atlanta Fundraising Foundation. Please visit the website for more information on VIP & General admission packages.

Atlanta Chili Cook Off 2021



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Atlanta, GA Author Publishes Romance Novel

Glass Houses of the ATL, a new book by Symoan Nicole, has been released by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc.

Glass Houses of the ATL is an urban tale that has a lot of twists and turns, suspense, and steamy sex-a page-turner from beginning to the end. The characters in this book are everyday people that the reader can relate to and identify with, everyone who wants to find that one true love but it seems to always end up with the wrong person.

Will Stefan finally find a true love of his own or continue to chase after a thug named Deep, who is a drug lord in the ATL, on the downlow and married? Readers will learn that we all are human and make many mistakes on our journey of life, and at the end of the day everyone wants to be respected, loved, and understood without judgments or a closed mind.

About the Author
Symoan Nicole is a nursing student, a writer, and a survivor of life. She has learned that “No matter what hardship life hurdles your way, keep pushing until you see the light.” She has had a lot of setbacks upon trying to write her book but she did not give up; she kept trying even on days she wanted to quit. There were days she even doubted herself but with constant motivation from her family, friends, and the love of her life Mr. C. K Franklin who is the one who planted the idea that she can do anything she puts her mind to and to just stay focused, with these words of encouragement she was able to block out the negative energy of the haters. Symoan Nicole started from the bottom now she’s here and the view is amazing.

Glass Houses of the ATL is a 90-page paperback with a retail price of $12.00 (eBook $7.00). The ISBN is 978-1-6480-4240-9. It was published by Dorrance Publishing Co., Inc of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. For members of the press, to request a review copy, visit our virtual pressroom at or to buy the book visit our online bookstore at

The Atlanta showroom ceo Showbiz raises the bar

Showbiz The Ceo

Showbiz The Ceo

MCDONOUGH, Ga.July 5, 2021PRLog — Nationally Renown for Bringing the “SHOW” to Show Business, David “Showbiz” Rosario has been putting his array of clientele in the spotlight for over 25 Years. Beginning his career in the Entertainment Industry, he was involved in creating and executing many grassroots promotional campaigns for Music Labels and Fashion Brands in New York City. During the “Pre-Digital Era” when social media wasn’t an option, promotions was driven by a boot on the ground approach. The passion for his craft showed in his work ethic and creativity, from gaining visibility for new Artists in the market by utilizing “Guerrilla Marketing” tactics and Consumer Engagement, to designing and building window displays and “Point of Purchase” Product in Major Retail Platforms. While working his way up the ranks he became a valuable asset to such brands and artists such as Tommy Boy Records, Digital Underground, Boyz II Men, Naughty by Nature, Virgin, Motown Records, Loud/RCA, Universal Music Group, Sony Music as well as others.

Showbiz Created “Showbiz Ent” and built a national team of likeminded enthusiastic teammates and began to gain National exposure as a “key influencer & record breaker” in the music marketing arena. It was then his performance and reputation gained him notoriety by Corporate Brands and marketing agencies outside of the Music Industry to Include Fashion, Film and Consumer goods. By him being directly in-tuned to the climate of the market, and Utilizing the same grassroots tactics for these industries, it quickly excelled him as an “In Demand” asset as he began landing accounts with major brands such as New Line Cinema, HBO, EA Sports, Fubu / Willie Esco, Akademiks, Sean John, Adidas to RedBull as a Lifestyle / Street marketing specialist, allowing him to travel to other markets to create Hype and fan fair for new releases and products. The industry was changing and the “pulse of the business moved south as Atlanta was becoming the new “Hollywood”, The Decision was made and so was the move.

Atlanta welcomed Showbiz and he began to network and connect with industry associates and clients in the Atlanta market. Realizing there was a need for his service, He decided to go with an “Old School” approach and took it to the streets. His High Impact Visual presentations were so powerful it was something the city was not used to, and it opened the eyes of some of Atlanta’s entertainment elite. Showbiz is instrumental in the careers of some of the biggest names in music, from Urban, Pop, to Country as well as TV & Film companies. Providing marketing services, Consultation, Tour management, Brand Management, to Creative Direction such as Campaign creatives, Stage / Set Design and more.  Showbiz is recognized as a pioneer of sorts, very innovative and always ahead of the curve, while always remaining as cool as they come… Chances are If you see a Fleet of Wrapped trucks, Human Billboards, Video Vest Monitors, Jumbo Video Truck on the interstate, a team painting the streets with promo, a huge display at a Red-Carpet Event, Premier, to Epic Trailers and Ad’s…. most Likely SHOWBIZ is involved!

With all that Showbiz have under his belt it was only right to expand the business. The new Showroom Atlanta is fully equipped with 17,000 square feet with central air three equipment loading docks extra-large video production stage and a pre-lit Cyclorama Green, white and black screen with a high-tech Recording studio. The posh location also includes a photography studio, podcast studio, print shop, prop shop, conference/meeting room, rehearsal space with product Showroom, dressing rooms and production offices with secured parking. Showbiz stepped into the world of film/ television and he’s taking the bull by the horns. Showbiz is currently the Executive Producer for “THE PULL UP SHO” a talk show that is based around celebrity talent and entrepreneurship that is produced in “Showroom Atlanta” with an amazing eye-catching set. As the growth continues to excel within the “Showbiz” brand so does his dedication and labor to building more opportunities. The Executive Producer hat fits “Showbiz” well and with three (3) other television shows in incubation stage just sets “Showbiz” in a class of the successful.

For more information on “Showbiz” visit

Social media: