In His Book “The New Arrival,“ Donald Claros Describes the Joy and Difficulties of Introducing a New Baby into the Family

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About the Author

Donald Claros is a retired Veteran. He has triplet brothers who also served. He has a younger brother and sister. After serving 20 years, he decided to retire and venture into a new way to serve; writing children’s stories depicting growth and learning. He resides in Arizona with his family. Join and explore his new Book: “The New Arrival.”

Arrival of Prime Minister to Lumbini, Nepal on an official visit

Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi arrived in Lumbini, Nepal this morning on an official visit, coinciding with the auspicious occasion of Buddha Jayanti.

On arrival at Lumbini, Prime Minister was warmly received by the Prime Minister of Nepal, Rt. Hon’ble Sher Bahadur Deuba, his spouse Dr. Arzu Rana Deuba, and several Ministers from the Government of Nepal.

As Prime Minister, this is his fifth visit to Nepal and first to Lumbini.



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Hong Kong – SFH welcomes arrival of Mainland medical support team in Hong Kong (with photos/video)

SFH welcomes arrival of Mainland medical support team in Hong Kong (with photos/video)


     Members of the Mainland medical support team arrived in Hong Kong today (March 14). They were welcomed by the Deputy Director of the Liaison Office of the Central People’s Government in the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (LOCPG), Mr Yin Zonghua; the Director-General, the Coordination Department of the LOCPG, Mr Zhu Wen; the Under Secretary for Food and Health, Dr Chui Tak-yi; the Chairman of the Hospital Authority (HA), Mr Henry Fan; and the Chief Executive of the HA, Dr Tony Ko at the Shenzhen Bay Port.


     The Mainland medical support team comprises healthcare professionals from different disciplines. Initially, they will assist the HA in providing appropriate treatment for confirmed COVID-19 patients at the community treatment facility at the AsiaWorld-Expo. With the assistance of the support team, the service scale of the community treatment facility will be strengthened, thus speeding up the overall patient flow, and allowing the HA to concentrate its manpower on patients with more serious clinical conditions in public hospitals.


     The Secretary for Food and Health, Professor Sophia Chan said, “Focusing medical resources on reducing the number of severe cases and deaths is the current priority of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region Government in coping with the fifth wave of the epidemic. Under the arrangement of multi-tiered approach in providing treatment, patients with more serious clinical conditions will be triaged to hospitals for treatment, while those with relatively milder conditions will be triaged to community treatment or isolation facilities, etc. In light of the rising number of confirmed cases, the HA is facing many challenges in patient triage and treatment due to the limited hospital beds and manpower shortage in the public healthcare system. The assistance of the support team will help more patients in need to receive timely and appropriate treatment.


     “The Government has at the same time been actively co-ordinating different sectors to join hands and ease the pressure on the public healthcare system, including requesting private hospitals to assist in receiving non-COVID-19 patients from the HA, and inviting healthcare professional bodies, medical and nursing schools of tertiary institutions, medical organisations, healthcare institutions and non-governmental organisations to provide medical support such as providing medical services in community isolation facilities and holding centres, setting up medical posts, providing telehealth services and hotlines.


     “I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to the Central Government and the Guangdong Provincial Government for recruiting experienced Mainland healthcare workers to come to Hong Kong within a short period of time and assist us in fighting the epidemic. It is a great boost for our anti-epidemic efforts in tackling the fifth wave of the epidemic.”


     Other members of the support team will arrive in Hong Kong progressively.

Hong Kong – Smooth arrival of second batch of Sinovac vaccines in Hong Kong

     ​The second batch of about one million doses of the Sinovac vaccine is delivered smoothly to Hong Kong from Beijing this afternoon (March 25). Together with the one million doses delivered to Hong Kong in February, a total of about two million doses of the Sinovac vaccine has arrived in Hong Kong. 

     Soon after the arrival of the Sinovac vaccine in Hong Kong today, working staff immediately carried out stringent checking and inspection on the vaccines to ensure that they comply with the product specifications and their transportation process follows the cold-chain requirements.

     People belonging to the priority groups for vaccination may make appointments online to receive the Sinovac vaccine for free at Community Vaccination Centres (CVCs) and the general out-patient clinics of the Hospital Authority.

     Moreover, members of the public can choose and make an appointment for vaccination direct with a private doctor or clinic under the programme, without going through the Government online booking system. When going for vaccination, one need to bring the identity document and proof for priority group.  The public can also read the fact sheet for CoronaVac and other relevant information on the designated webpage (
     The government appeals to members of the public to participate in the COVID-19 Vaccination Programme as early as possible, with a view to safeguarding public health in the community. For details please visit the thematic website (