The Barker Team Adds Another Talented New Agent

 The Barker Team is proud to announce the addition of a new agent to their team, Dimitrios Pantelas.

Dimitrios was born and raised in Crete, Greece, and moved to North America as a teenager. After gaining valuable experience in customer service and sales, he joined the US Navy. Following his service in the military, Dimitrios decided to pursue his passion for real estate. He obtained his Realtor license and began dedicating himself to helping individuals find their dream homes.

With a multicultural background and a commitment to excellence, Dimitrios strives to provide exceptional service and build lasting relationships with his clients, always seeking new adventures and opportunities for growth.

When he is not hard at work, Dimitrios enjoys seeking out new restaurants, going on road trips, and hiking in one of Arizona’s many amazing parks.

“We are excited to have this new addition to our team,” remarked Rich Barker, owner of The Barker Team.

About Rich Barker and The Barker Team/Keller Williams Arizona Realty
The Barker Team is the top choice for Real Estate in the Valley of Sun, year after year. From progressive thinking to a robust history of knowledge and experience, their Realtors are here to make your next transaction run smoothly with positive results guaranteed every time.

Rich Barker, with over 10 years of experience in the Real Estate industry, has taken his career to new heights. He has successfully assembled The Barker Team – a dynamic group of Arizona’s top Realtors that are dedicated to assisting buyers, sellers and investors achieve their real estate goals. Since 2010 this formidable squad has played an integral part in millions of dollars’ worth of home sales.

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Hop In For Another Ride With John Herold’s Book “The One-Legged Cowboy”

The One-Legged Cowboy, a story by John Herold, unveils the struggles of the not-so-glamorous lives of cowboys every day. This is a book of tales about hardship, the desire to roam, and the absolute devotion of real heroes from the Old West.

San Diego, California – WEBWIRE

Check out the book now for more authentic stories of cowboy folks and stories of the lives they once lived.

The One-Legged Cowboy by John Herold tells the story of the daily lives of cowboys from the Old West and how their lives are not as glamorous as people picture them to be. The book shows different facets of a cowboys life from when they wake up until the break of day. Extreme devotion to each other and dedication to their work made these cowboys real-life heroes.

John Herold desires to open the readers to a side of cowboys theyve never seen before. The author brings to light the long, hard labor of these human beings striving to survive another day. He wants to let everyone know that they may not have finished college and that what they do may not be much, but its honest work.

For more exciting tales of the Old West, get a copy of The One-Legged Cowboy by John Herold on ReadersMagnet.

The One-Legged Cowboy
Author | John Herold
Price | N/A
Publisher | ReadersMagnet
Published date | September 30, 2022

John Herold was a senior mechanical designer for various defense contractors in Silicon Valley, California. He used to work on aircraft, submarines, tanks, and other related heavy equipment. John also makes art as a side hobby, painting and displaying watercolor artworks in retirement homes and various art shows. He is now a retired man with two daughters, living in his home state where a baby deer comes by his backyard.

Another strong year ahead for Private Equity, according to City specialists, HULT Private Capital

HULT Private Capital are optimistic that 2022 will offer prosperous opportunity for private equity investors.

CHELSEA, U.K.Jan. 10, 2022PRLog — Several recent headlines are talking about how Britain is the centre of a global Private Equity buying spree. This activity is either a worry for some or an opportunity for others. The year’s record-setting buying spree is causing politicians, trade unions, and uneducated investors to worry about potential job losses and increased debt levels. However, the savvy investor can realise the opportunity for what it is and knows the great potential.

Since the start of the year, a flurry of bids for companies post Brexit and the Covid-19 pandemic left London-listed companies trading with cheap valuations and, thus, vulnerable to takeovers. These takeovers are being orchestrated by Private Equity buyout firms such as HULT Private Capital, which use debt to quickly acquire businesses that they will typically own for between three and five years, maximising the value contained within the organisation before selling them for a profit.

The most recent large takeover bid is one for $9.5 billion by Fortress Investment Group to purchase the British grocery chain Morrisons. The Fortress offer is just the most recent private equity acquisition attempt, which, Lazard Asset Management states, accounts for 85% of taking-private British deals this year. A stock market with undervalued companies has resulted in Private Equity’s willingness to spend $45 billion to purchase British companies in the first half of 2021. Refinitiv data illustrates this increase, more than double the next best first half-year on record and accounting for almost 10% of the total $547 billion which PE has spent globally.

In most cases, the Private Equity buyout model is a positive for the target companies usually in need of a managerial and strategic shakeup or injection of financing. Critics tend to point to some prominent downfalls like the Debenhams department store group, which was laboured under a significant debt burden when their private equity owners had moved on. Looking at Debenhams on an economic level, Debenhams group had extensive financial issues before their PE takeover, and benefiting from the cash injections it saw likely kept it afloat longer than it would have without the takeover.

July data from Peel Hunt ( showed 38 London-listed companies were either already acquired by Private Equity or were in the process of being acquired this year. Besides the Morrisons deal, included in the list are Dubilier & Rice and KKR’s acquisition of John Laing Group, an infrastructure firm, as well as Advent-owned defence firm Cobham, agreeing to a $3.6 billion takeover of Ultra Electronics just this past week, on top of CVC and the London-listed Stock Spirits announcement of an approximately $1 billion deal the week prior.

JPMorgan Private Bank’s head of investment strategy for EMEA, Grace Peters, called private equity interest in UK companies an excellent thing, saying that with equity investment, “you want to know there is an incremental buyer.”

The British attraction for cash-rich private Equity is obvious. Since 2018 the US and European stock indexes have gained 65% and 25%, respectively, while the FTSE 100 is down 8% over the same period, trading at only 12.6 times future earnings. The US and Euro benchmarks currently sit at 21 times and 16.3 times future earnings, respectively; British stocks are discounted to their global peers at the deepest levels in over three decades.

The reasons for this discount are many; Brexit is first on the list, with COVID right behind it. A quote from HULT Private Capital’s ( Senior Management Team member, Amrit Singh “typical FTSE-100 banking, energy, and mining shares, have cheaper valuations than the tech sector, as their performance relies on a positive growth outlook; however, smaller British stocks are only trading at 13.2 times future earnings, behind US midcaps with an average 17.6 times. This difference provides HULT with a plethora of acquisition opportunities, of good British companies for our Private Equity group.”

Janus Henderson, a portfolio manager at Tom O’Hara, goes even further, saying that UK valuations are often unjustifiably cheap, even when these companies are hugely cash-generative, adding that “UK for sale” is an ongoing theme and will remain so until the market is better value. While the market refuses appropriate market valuations, Private Equity is happy to come and take these great companies “on the cheap.”

This generous price premium also benefits the average investor by raising asset managers’ higher share prices expectations for the London stock market after its years of underperformance. According to Peel Hunt analysis, Morrison’s shareholders will reap a 40%-plus premium assuming the buyout proceeds at 270 pence/share, in line with this year’s average premium offered by private equity firms.

This market of opportunity is excellent for HULT Private Capital to find good deals among undervalued firms on the London Exchange. There are now several arbitrage opportunities between public and private markets that our investors can gain from while taking advantage of low lending rates to purchase identified potential takeover targets. With low price-to-earnings ratios staying attractive, we see nearly unlimited upside for buyouts of British companies. We will continue to offer opportunities for investment in our HULT Private Equity takeovers to accredited investors and High Net Worth Individuals who wish to see superior returns not possible with traditional capital markets. Private Equity will continue to be a hot topic while the opportunity to profit remains.

Nano Labs Completed Another Round of Equity Financing Raising Tens of Millions of US

Nano Labs Ltd, chip designer firm, completed another round of equity financing raising tens of millions of US. This round of financing was led by Yongwan Capital, followed by Hashkey and several other investors.

Nano Labs is committed to provid infrastructure solutions for Metaverse. The company develops high-efficiency memory chips, high-performance computing chips, and distributed computing solutions. Those products can be applied to data centers, supercomputing, AI, and other fields. The company verified HBM2D memory technology and developed its unique storage-computing integrated FPU chip architecture in 2019 and successfully mass-produced Cuckoo 1.0 chips in 2020.

Currently, the company continues to evolve and expand, provides high-bandwidth, high-performance dedicated processor chips and solutions for modular computing, core networks, artificial intelligence, high-performance computing, and video encoding and decoding to build a Metaverse ecosystem.

Through this round of financing, Nano Labs hopes to derive new product lines for Metaverse. Under the current trend of rapid evolution from the traditional world to intelligence and digitization, Nano Labs will continue to help Metaverse with its accumulated profound industry insights and professional technical capabilities.

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Contact: Jason Lee, IR Director