The One-Legged Cowboy, a story by John Herold, unveils the struggles of the not-so-glamorous lives of cowboys every day. This is a book of tales about hardship, the desire to roam, and the absolute devotion of real heroes from the Old West.

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The One-Legged Cowboy by John Herold tells the story of the daily lives of cowboys from the Old West and how their lives are not as glamorous as people picture them to be. The book shows different facets of a cowboys life from when they wake up until the break of day. Extreme devotion to each other and dedication to their work made these cowboys real-life heroes.

John Herold desires to open the readers to a side of cowboys theyve never seen before. The author brings to light the long, hard labor of these human beings striving to survive another day. He wants to let everyone know that they may not have finished college and that what they do may not be much, but its honest work.

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The One-Legged Cowboy
Author | John Herold
Price | N/A
Publisher | ReadersMagnet
Published date | September 30, 2022

John Herold was a senior mechanical designer for various defense contractors in Silicon Valley, California. He used to work on aircraft, submarines, tanks, and other related heavy equipment. John also makes art as a side hobby, painting and displaying watercolor artworks in retirement homes and various art shows. He is now a retired man with two daughters, living in his home state where a baby deer comes by his backyard.