Retirement Plan Advisors Announces Participant Advice Solutions

 Retirement Plan Advisors, LLC (RPA) is expanding PortfolioPlus, its proprietary participant managed account solution, to include recordkeeper Advisor Managed Account (AMA) platforms. This expansion will bring customized investment advice solutions to even more public sector deferred compensation / defined contribution plans and their employees.

RPA brings decades of portfolio construction and public sector expertise to its PortfolioPlus AMA program. The ultimate goal is to help public sector employees replace – for life – the income they made while working.

A managed account program provides customized investment solutions to retirement plan participants. As a person approaches retirement, their unique circumstances meaningfully impact their optimal investment strategy and allocation. Further, public sector employees frequently participate in defined benefit programs, fundamentally changing their retirement outlook. PortfolioPlus, designed specifically for public sector employees, incorporates these factors.

Per RPA President Josh Schwartz: “Financial markets are volatile and uncertain, and behavioral science demonstrates that investors don’t manage their assets well on their own. Moreover, while target date funds are great for younger employees – who should invest largely in equities and ride the ups and downs – as plan participants near retirement age, custom solutions often are better.”

“We intend to launch AMA programs on two recordkeeper platforms in March 2022, and with several others by year end, bringing needed independent advice solutions to working Americans.”

About Retirement Plan Advisors (RPA)

RPA is an independent federally registered investment adviser specializing in providing customized investment solutions to public sector retirement plans, helping their employees retire better. The firm has been providing managed account solutions since 2005, and provides plan and participant investment advisory and fiduciary services to employers of all sizes. Today RPA proudly serves more than 520 public sector employers with 71,000+ participants and $6 billion in assets under advisement.

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Blue Sky Capital Advisors Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary as Dominick Prevete Achieves $50 Million in Annual Loan Production

 Blue Sky Capital Advisors, a Nationwide commercial mortgage advisory firm, has celebrated its 3rd year of operations this month. The company arranges commercial financing for residential investment properties, most commercial property types and multifamily properties.

Blue Sky Capital Advisors was founded by Dominick Prevete, who serves as the company’s lead originator. Mr. Prevete has forged relationships with 100+ commercial banks nationwide and has affiliate agreements with dozens of institutional private lenders. Blue Sky’s client base is diverse and consists of first time real estate investors, small business owners and seasoned real estate investors – all looking for access to capital for real estate transactions.

Blue Sky Capital has also announced this month that Mr. Prevete’s personal production for 2021 has exceeded $50 million in real estate loan proceeds as of November 15th.

About Blue Sky Capital Advisors: Blue Sky Capital Advisors is a commercial mortgage advisory firm arranging financing for real estate investors. BSCA has access to capital for residential and commercial real estate in most states in the US.

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