London ETO celebrates Dragon Boat Festival in Copenhagen and Manchester (with photos)


     With the support of the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, London (London ETO), the Copenhagen Dragon Boat Festival 2024 was held June 22 and 23 (Copenhagen time) in Copenhagen, Denmark; and the 2024 UK Chinese Dragon Boat Festival was held June 8 and 9 (London time) in Manchester, United Kingdom (UK).

     At the Copenhagen Dragon Boat Festival 2024, around 30 teams from the Danish community competed in over two days of racing. Beyond the thrilling on-water competition, sports enthusiasts and families enjoyed music performances and immersed themselves in a variety of cultural experiences along the shores of Copenhagen. The event was graced by the Lord Mayor of Copenhagen, Ms Sophie Hæstorp Andersen, and other esteemed guests.

     Speaking at the opening ceremony of the Copenhagen Dragon Boat Festival 2024, the Director-General of the London ETO, Mr Gilford Law, encouraged the audience to visit Hong Kong and experience the dynamic atmosphere of the city. “The Dragon Boat Festival is widely celebrated in Hong Kong, showcasing our city’s energy and vibrancy, as well as our deep Chinese cultural heritage. In particular, the Hong Kong International Dragon Boat Races at Hong Kong’s iconic Victoria Harbour vividly demonstrates the city as a dynamic hub with a unique fusion of tradition and modernity where we celebrate Eastern and Western festivals with equal enthusiasm,” he added.

     The festival was also celebrated in Manchester, UK, where over 80 teams participated in races of various categories during the two-day 2024 UK Chinese Dragon Boat Festival. Martial arts, lion dance and dragon dance performances were staged alongside the exhilarating dragon boat races.